Incapable of not laughing.

General life update

So I have exams coming up in about a week, I am quite certain I’ll fail the majority of them and I think I’ve possibly figured out what I would like to do with the rest of my life. It has got absolutely nothing to do with what I am doing in college. Woo.

Also, I got puked on last night.


A ring which is quite important to me that I thought I’d lost forever in April has just been found.

So that’s me right now. What’s going on with you?

Breathing can be difficult

So I do this thing where I become overly aware of my breathing and as a result I.. forget how to breathe. Yeah. Like I actually struggle to get air to go in and out of my lungs. I just forget how it works. This usually happens when I have headphones on, I just end up walking around, completely unable to breathe and it is just ridiculous. Life is so hard.