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In your mind who are the five most beautiful women you can think of?

While I believe that all women are beautiful if I honestly had to pick five to consider the most beautiful in my mind it would have to be the following five.

Ariane Saint Amour

Rii Levesque



Mandy Morbid

While there are others who I would have loved to have listed you asked for my top five so I had to narrow it down and it was really hard to decide! XD

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I know in the past you listed your top five most beautiful women but I would like you to expand to your top 10 can you do it?

I am starting to suspect my followers are trying to kill me. Alright here goes!

First we have the ones from the first time I was asked this type of question anyone who has followed me for any length of time should know these ones already.

Ariane Saint Amour

Rii Levesque Her Tumblr

Misssiren ”Aka Brenda”

Molotowcocktease ”Aka Carina”

Mandy Morbid

Now for the Next five to add to this list! Though I say this to you Anonymous! Like the previous five these ones are in no particular order as they are all equally beautiful and deserve respect so anyone who sends hate mail to any of the girls in this post will be hunted down and tazed by me got it?

Goth-Waffles ”Aka Dillon”

Felicia Day

Winkingdaisys ”Aka Mara’

l3xkitten “Aka Alexis”

Jessie Minx

There are you happy Anonymous? I have answered your question now lets see how much hate mail I get. XD

Top 10 video games in no particular order:

Tagged by Deathowler Note I will have my vengeance later.

1. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines
2. Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
3. Resident Evil (Gamecube remake)
4. Final Fantasy 8
5. Final Fantasy 7
6. Final Fantasy 11 (seeing a pattern here?)
7. Phantasy Star Onlne (Gamecube version)
8. Spiderman Web of Shadows
9. City of Heroes (You will be missed Y.Y)
10 Legend of Legaia

I tag misssiren, winkingdaisys, and my-personal-bitch-kitten!