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Kankri recalling Cronus's Wizard days after finding an old Wizard hat and laughing because Cronus was so cute and they started dating back then

Sorry it took a bit, Anon, I hope you like it anyway! ^u^


Be Kankri:


            You huff as you dig yet another box out of the closet. Cronus had been of no help whatsoever, now you were stuck cleaning your shared closet out by yourself. Most of the boxes hadn’t held anything of importance, and you doubted this one did either. You pull the box open regardless and start sorting. By the time you’re almost done, there’s a pile of old, tattered sheet music beside you and a few still decent sweaters in a clump behind you. Something crumpled and purple catches your eye from the bottom of the box. You dig it out and stare at it in confusion before you realize what it is.


            The sight of the old wizard cap tips the corners of your mouth up until you’re smiling nostalgically. Cronus hadn’t worn this cap since middle school. It would be hard for anyone who never knew him before high school to imagine Cronus with braces and thick glasses, holding onto a plastic wand while wearing a hand made wizard cap. You remember the first time he’d asked you out, both of you had nearly passed out from embarrassment.


Be Cronus:


            You don’t see what Kankri has in his hand until you’re right behind him. You kneel over haphazardly, barely managing not to fall over the clutter as you settle yourself down beside him.


            “Where’d you find this old thing, Chief?” You ask, taking it from your boyfriend’s hands and turning it over. Kankri lays his head on your shoulder, looking at it with you.


            “It was in one of the boxes with your old sheet music, you were so cute back then,” Kankri murmurs into your arm and you lean down to kiss his forehead.


            Your hands tangle and you toss the cap aside, “You were pretty cute yourself back then, doll, always chirping away at somebody’s back about triggers.” Kankri chuckles and squeezes your hand and you squeeze his back.    


A/N: For the two people who sent in prompts for DirkJane, thank you guys so much, I missed getting requests for this pairing.  I hope you guys don’t mind that I combined your requests. Please enjoy! ^u^

Be Dirk:

            That had been way easier than you had originally planned it to be. Jane sits down beside you on the couch and rests her head on your shoulder. You lace your fingers between hers and give her little hand a light squeeze. “See? It wasn’t horrible like you thought it would be,” Jane teases you, kissing your cheek chastely.

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