missshyanne said: //These anons… I wish I knew who it was. I’d tease them relentlessly… They do sometimes present funny ass stuff. Other times, strictly annoying//


//I LOVE these anons! They are brilliant at pestering my character and I’m having just so much fun with his sassy answers xD As far as mun is concerned, they can come and pester us like that everyday <3333

  1. missshyanne said: //part of me automatically screamed, honey badger. But, I’d like to think a wolf. Something prideful, strong, loyal and vicious. //

I thought about wolf too… But honey badger is an interesting option xD

  1. doegred-main answered: // The marlin? Somehow it is fitting. It has a spike, it is crazily devoted to his mate and pretty fierce.

It’s extremely fitting! Wow, really! I was thinking about some sea creatures too, like narwhals but merlin is much better!

  1. chilliberry answered: An otter maybe?

Mmm, otter is a good call too… they are funny, loving and very much water liking creatures :D

  1. ashnazgtheonering answered: Marmoset.

well… no xd


But now I still can’t decide xD Thanks for awesome suggestions though! :D

missshyanne said: // Oh….OH. /laughing/ You never cease to make me laugh. I’m not sure what I’m more giggling about. The fact some one posted this or the fact I’ve once again woken up to a set of wonderful gifs.//


as always - my pleasure! <333333333333333