Yikes. This was unexpected.

All she’d wanted to do was stock up on snacks and return to her room without trouble, but apparently that wasn’t allowed by the students of this school, was it? Shitai had only been skulking back to her room, pockets filled to the brim with all kinds of unhealthy foods, when she’d bumped into someone, and instantly gotten an extreme dislike for them– especially since now she was cornered, and she was hurling insults at them like there was no tomorrow whilst the other continued to provoke her.

One couldn’t be sure of what was going on, or if they needed to intervene, but it didn’t matter, seeing as she’d floored the person in question during the moments of one’s thought processes. And that she was also walking towards another who’d witnessed the scene, grabbing them by the collar roughly and whispered in a deathly quiet voice, “You didn’t see anything, got it?”


“Oh, Hello! Wo-would anyone like some Manjū? I’ve made them.. hehe.. Th-They look like small cute animals. Let’s have tea and.. eat them together!! We can be friends and.. tell stories and stuff!”

OH...11 People has Entered the Art Room!

“…..” Well, this was something new, watching the whole crowd with an surprised face, it was definitely the first time she see’s this much people coming to look around…of course she shakes her head as she smiled a bit at them, trying to calm herself down with all these people coming in.

“Ah..G-Good day to all of you!, it is a pleasure to meet everyone..!, my name is Cateline Dunois…the Super High School Level Painter, and it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance…” She spoke as she kept staying still from where she stood, as with a hand, she started to rub her green brooch.