New Blog: Just for questions

I have started a new blog just for answering questions relating to depression, eating disorders, anxiety, self harm and suicide:

MissPixNMix Answers

This will replace my usual answering of such questions on this blog. For the time being, I’m leaving anonymous questions open on my primary blog, but will transfer the answers to any questions I receive onto the new blog. So if you ask a question and are looking for your answer, head on over to MissPixNMix Answers

MissPixNMix will remain as the blog on which I post my comics, artwork, and the majority of reblogging. Feel free to follow or unfollow either blog as you see fit. I’ll make sure to repost this message a few times to ensure anyone looking for support knows where to go. Asks will still be tagged with #askmisspixnmix. 

I hope this will result in a more streamlined process of handling support on my blogs vs posting original content, and will also promote the creation of a safer space for asks of a delicate nature. 

As always, asks that are not anonymous will be answered privately if they contain any sensitive information, such as reference to mental illness or negative coping strategies. Anonymous asks are enabled to ensure people who don’t feel comfortable identifying themselves still have access to support. 

Please be patient with me as I get used to working with two blogs on my dash (these things do not come instinctively to me). I am still here for support, just at a slightly different address. 

All my love, 

Khale xox

Misspixnmix Answers

Casual reminder: I have another blog here which is dedicated to answering asks relating to EDs, depression, anxiety, self harm and suicide. Feel free to write any time with your questions, or if you’re not sure what you want to say, try reading through some of the previous asks (all tagged as ‘ask misspixnmix’) and see if you can find some words of comfort there. 

I leave anonymous asks on as often the nature of the asks I get is very personal, and I understand that some people are not comfortable identifying themselves. If you choose to ask a question under your blog name, I will answer privately, unless you expressly state that you don’t mind me posting your answer privately. The exception to this rule is if your ask doesn’t contain any sensitive information, for example, a question about me personally or my art. 

I still do my best to check Tumblr regularly to ensure I am offering support wherever I can, but remember, if you are ever in trouble and don’t get a response from me quickly, call a helpline. It’s OK to ask for support when you need it. 

Take care of yourselves, beautiful people <3

All my love, 

Khale xox