missouri photos

_Ringo Starr; United States/Estados Unidos; Missouri; Alton; Ozark Mountains/Montes Ozark; Reed Pigman’s Ranch/Rancho do Reed Pigman; September 19th 1964/19 de setembro de 1964.

_Photo/Foto: Curt Gunther.

_Source/Fonte: Solo Beatles Photos Forum.

_Please, don’t play with guns/Por favor, não brinque com armas.

Upper Missouri Breaks National Monument in Montana remains largely unchanged in the nearly 200 years since Meriwether Lewis and William Clark traveled through this area on their epic journey. What’s more, the first skeletal remains of dinosaurs ever discovered in North America were found right here. The monument offers natural beauty in a remote setting and plenty of opportunities to explore by hiking, fishing, or floating along the National Wild and Scenic River portion of the Missouri River. Photo by Bob Wick, @mypubliclands


Shadow of the Grand Canyon by Joe McMillan
Via Flickr:
Santa Fe Train #23, Revere, Missouri, October 21, 1969, Photo by Joe McMillan.