missouri landscape photo

A Touch of Bloom Over the Pond. In Gratitude. July 2016.

Shawnee Trail Conservation Area, Missouri, USA.

Reminded to count my blessings, how remiss I’ve been when I realized that I’ve never thanked you for supporting my photography.

For all who placed a heart on or re-blogged one of my photos or sent me a supportive message, I am grateful.

For those who’ve answered my rookie questions, I appreciate your generosity of time and talent, patience, and kindness.

Thank you.

Where the Bass Were Biting. Shawnee Trail Conservation Area, Missouri, USA. July 2016.

Found our favorite fishing pond–as soon as we cast out, the bass hit. All were thanked for their cooperation before safely returned to their home. See the fishing line starting on the right side? It’s stuck in the branches in the water. Bass karma.

Framing the Lily-Padded Pond. July 2016.

This is the same pond, except one month later, as in “Reflection on Someone’s Lily-Padded Pond” and “Someone’s Lily-Padded Pond.” This angle captured the dead tree limbs framing the photo of the lily pads and trees with their reflection.

Someone’s Lily-Padded Pond. June 2016.

So focused on pond #23 at the Shawnee Trail Conservation Area that my husband had to physically turn me 180 degrees north to notice this lovely sight. Lesson re-learned–always turn 360 degrees to study the surroundings.