missouri house


July 5, 2010 || Springfield, Missouri @ Palen Music Center
House of Heroes from :50 - 1:30

04.01.17. // Drinking tea at the Air B&B. I really wish I could spend more time in a place like this! I think studying and planning my life and just living in an old house drinking tea and staring out old windows would be really nice… <3

(Got really behind on posting photos but whatever I’m posting them anyway!)

if you guys live in the St. Louis/House Springs Missouri area and like metal/metalcore

then you should check out a band called Unimagined. they sort of like The Funeral Portrait if you have ever hear of those guys. my friend’s boyfriend is the lead guitarist and they’re trying to get some recognization. they’ve recorded some stuff but it’s not quite done yet. they’re gonna be at Fubar St. Louis on June 10 and tickets range from $10-13 if you wanna go see them. they can use all the fans they can get. they have a facebook page too if you wanna check it out