#115-Kangaskhan, The Parent Pokemon

Kangaskhan is a Pokemon that is usually found in savannahs and grasslands, and in American is found throughout the Southern Great Plains. These protective Pokemon can be found throughout the area, but the herds of these Pokemon most often gather in Western Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska. Do not approach these Pokemon haphazardly, as they will protect their young with their lives. Even if you were meaning no harm, if you approach in a way that might seem threatening, they will immediately charge you.


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Harry during No Control [Narry moment]


Harry Styles, taking down his man bun - Arrowhead Stadium - Kansas City, Missouri - July 28,2015


“Hands down!
Scream if you wanna go faster!
It doesn’t go any faster!
This is not a ride!
Or is iiit?!”


Continuing our series on the Ozarks, this slim volume is from the library of John G. Neihardt and was written by Mary Elizabeth Mahnkey.  Mahnkey was born in 1877 into a family of avid readers and writers.  She and her siblings sought out books and education for themselves even though reading material was scarce in the Ozarks. With support from her parents, Mahnkey completed high school and went on to finish courses in an area teachers’ college and business school.  After getting married, she ran a household, had four children, served as a postmaster, and helped her husband keep a store.  She wrote a monthly column as a rural correspondent to the Springfield newspapers for 18 years. See this article from the local history section of the Springfield-Greene County Library to learn more about her life.

Mahnkey was also a poet, and looking through this little collection, I’m struck by her keen sense of the beauty and tragedy of her Ozark surroundings. In her poems, roadside wildflowers bloom and fall color lights up the hills, but nameless babies also cry in ramshackle cabins, and child-sized coffins are a recurring theme.  Mahnkey’s poems are more complex than they appear to be at first reading.  As John Neihardt notes in his foreword, “here and there throughout the collection, a warm, soft light breaks through, lives briefly in phrase or line, and then is lost.”

Mahnkey, Mary Elizabeth, 1877-1948.  Ozark lyrics / by Mary Elizabeth Mahnkey. [Springfield, Mo.] : [Sunshine Press], [1934]  MU Ellis Special Collections J.G. Neihardt PS3525.A412 O9 1934


Pokemon Mid-Southern League Gym cities and the Leader’s Pokemon

States of the Mid-Southern League and their Cities

Colorado-Rock Type-Denver and Colorado Springs

Kansas-Normal Type-Wichita and Topeka

Oklahoma-Fire Type-Oklahoma City and Tulsa

Texas-Multi type-Houston and  Austin

Louisiana-Poison Type-New Orleans, and Baton Rouge

Arkansas-Bug Type-Little Rock and Fayetteville

Missouri-Ground Type-Kansas City and Jefferson City

Kentucky-Steel Type-Frankfort and Lexington

Tennessee-Dark Type-Nashville and Memphis

Mississippi-Water Type-Jackson and Gulfport

***Note: All parties are for these gym leaders are used against trainers obtaining their 8th or more gym Badge, and weaker parties are available depending on amount of gym badges***

***For information please read The League Rules***