Small Town Main Street. July 2016.

Main street to “A Golden Water Tower”–it’s the only non-residential street in this small town. Enjoyed an early supper at Cooky’s Café (red sign on right)–best fried chicken around. Opened since the 1940s, the family diner offers every drool-worthy homemade pie imaginable.

yall march 15th is a make or break day for sanders so if you support him, make sure to vote for him!

march 15th primary states:  florida, illinois, missouri, north carolina, ohio

ohioan 17 year olds: bernie fought for your right to vote in presidential primaries, so make sure you use it!

also people who want to help out but are not old enough, not in a primary state, etc: you can can phonebank for bernie! this is a tried and true method to rock the vote, it worked in michigan and it will work for march 15th states as well! more info here!

College Confession #17

Less than two months into the semester, one of the fraternities on campus brought puppies to the quad in order to reduce stress and to help support the shelter the dogs were from.

Sadly, this event was being held during my composition class, and so I was forced by my mates in the class to ask the professor if we could go play with the puppies instead of regular class.

Quietly, our professor looked around the room at all of us, and then, with an absolutely straight face, she said, “Fuck it, let’s go look at puppies.”

She is still, to this day, my favorite person on this campus.

- University of Missouri St. Louis

There’s a Kansas City, MO, eatery where volunteers show diners to their tables, provide a menu of healthy items, then take their orders. The various dishes can be tailored to specific needs, and diners can review and request new items. It seems like an ordinary restaurant, but it’s actually a community soup kitchen.

“They’re treating me good, like they don’t know I’m homeless.”

Not only do they feed the homeless, they’re also a specialized training program for culinary students.

The program provides hands-on experience to people who are interested in the culinary industry, but are also dealing with issues that prevent them from enrolling in a traditional program.

Also, people from all walks of life are encouraged to eat at Kansas City’s Community Kitchen. Everyone is welcome: students, police officers, doctors, volunteers, and more - because after all, it is a COMMUNITY kitchen. You don’t have to be unable to afford food to enjoy a meal or volunteer your services.

It’s both an educational and supportive way to bring different parts of the community together in one place. 


The Valentine’s gifts that Kentucky Googles more frequently than other states are ‘couples tattoos’ and 'songs to f___ to.' 

Honorable mentions:

Mississippi:  'pearl necklace’ and 'mixtape’

Texas: ‘discount sex toys’ and ‘plus-size lingerie’

California:  ‘ heart-shaped sunglasses’ and ‘bondage kit’

Missouri:  ‘ Hallmark cards’ and ‘vejazzling’

Iowa: ‘tandem bicycle’

Wyoming: ‘vibrator,’ ‘mail-order bride’ O_O



Activism works. 

Something really incredible happened at the University of Missouri today. After months of protests, including a hunger strike by a black graduate student named Jonathan Butler and a refusal to play by black players on the Mizzou football team, university President Tim Wolfe stepped down. This comes after students called for his resignation due to his inaction on various incidents of racism on the campus since he became president in 2012. 

This is an extraordinary moment for Missouri students and students across all campuses who are underrepresented and marginalized. 

Keep fighting. 

#ConcernedStudent1950 #MizzouHungerStrike