Existing transformers games:

-you punch and kill some things

Games fans want:

-gay robot dating sim

-collect rodimus stars through increasingly stupid and bizarre tasks

-incompetent robot doctor sim

-rhythm game ala kinnect star wars dance game but with giant robots

-undercover cybertronian is forced to work office job via holoform while also going on missons. Bonus if the player character is markedly bad at pretending to be human. Triple bonus if other office workers are also aliens of various species but the player must spy on them while pretending not to notice they’re aliens

-literally anything with lost light shenanigans

-two player game where you each play as components of a headmaster and have to coordinate your controller movements and maintain drift compatibility while fighting

-minicon guerilla warfare

-a game where you play as soundwave and your only goal is to adopt every smaller robot you come across

-a game in which you play as whirl and hes whirl and its gr8

-a game entirely dedicated to jet judo

-transformers dress up/doll maker

-optimus prime is the player character but except instead of fighting your only goal is to avoid ratchet as he tries to bring you in for a physical. Bonus if its a two player and the other person plays ratchet

-prowl flipping tables: the game

The Vanguard and their Fireteams

  • Zavala’s fireteam is prepared: decked out in their best gear and weapons, and all using subclasses and abilities they’re most familiar and experienced with. They go in strong, sticking together and plowing their way through enemy forces like a wrecking ball, no enemy left standing and no fortress unbroken by their combined might. His squad’s unity is its strength, and its inspiration- there is no backing down, no falling back, and neither is necessary as they steadily make their way toward the goal. The Commander leads the charge, being the strongest among them, able to absorb as much damage as he gives- which is to say, a lot. When they defeat the boss, it’s a solid and well-earned victory for the team, each feeling as though they were a part of something greater. Later, they’re all hitting up the brewery to celebrate, and the Commander has a few toasts to make to his team.
  • Ikora’s team is perfect and impenetrable by design. Each member is tasked will filling a certain role, and employ specific abilities to best suit the task at hand. If a guardian has an ability that will prove useful in the coming fight, they are expected to use it- even if it challenges them. As a result, her team moves fast and with fury- blazing a trail to the objective with little to stand in their way- able to counter every encounter they come across with ease. Ikora herself stays towards the back of her group, so that she can order guardians to key areas, and keep an eye on all of their movements, for the highest degree of tactical coordination. When the boss falls and the chests are opened, there are obvious heroes among the bunch; those who dealt the most damage are praised, those who revived the most guardians are honored, and the team goes home tired and accomplished… each with a newfound respect for one another, and the praise of their leader.
  • Cayde’s team knows no limits. With these guardians, no tactic is too absurd, no idea unimaginable, no objective not worth pursuing… And for his plan to work, those are exactly the kind of fireteam members Cayde needs. As soon as they enter the fray, it’s pure chaos. Someone has already gotten themselves blown up, while two guardians are on sparrows, launching over a gap. Another has commandeered an interceptor, and is using it to ram a line of fuel tanks. Cayde seems to be everywhere at once, whether he’s on a ledge giving an enemy a good old-fashioned spartan kick over the lip, or throwing one of his guardians over a wall like a catapult. With all of this madness, the operation seems doomed for failure. And yet, his team still manages to defeat the boss and get their treasured loot in record timing. Was there a method to the madness? Was it pure luck? Who truly knows. Meanwhile, the fireteam leader himself is crowdsurfing on top of his exuberant team members, they’re going to party hard tonight.

This colorful view of Mercury was produced by using images from the color base map imaging campaign during MESSENGER’s primary mission. These colors are not what Mercury would look like to the human eye, but rather the colors enhance the chemical, mineralogical, and physical differences between the rocks that make up Mercury’s surface. 

Credit: NASA/JPL Caltech

One Year Later

On March 1, 2016, veteran astronaut Scott Kelly returned from his Year in Space mission. In many ways, the adventure was just beginning.

The spaceflight part of the One Year Misson to the International Space Station ended a year ago today, but the science behind it is still moving. Astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko continue to provide samples for the data collection from their ground-breaking mission. Results are expected to to start coming later in 2017, which will help launch humanity on deep space missions.

Kelly not only commanded the International Space Station’s Expedition 46, he participated in spacewalks like this one on Dec. 21, 2015, in which Kelly and astronaut Tim Kopra successfully moved the Space Station’s mobile transporter rail car ahead of the docking of a Russian cargo supply spacecraft.

On the station in 2015, Kelly showed off his home away from home. Scott tweeted this image out with the comment: “My #bedroom aboard #ISS. All the comforts of #home. Well, most of them. #YearInSpace." 

Why was the Year In Space important? As we work to extend our reach beyond low-Earth orbit, how the human body reacts to microgravity for extended periods is of paramount importance. Not only were Kelly and his Russian counterpart monitored throughout the mission, they both continue to submit to tests and monitoring one year later to see if there are any lasting effects from their voyage aboard the station. 

Scott Kelly also a human control here on Earth, his identical twin brother and fellow astronaut Mark Kelly. Both brothers have served aboard the International Space Station, but Scott’s stay was almost twice as long as typical U.S. missions. The continuing investigations are yielding beneficial knowledge on the medical, psychological and biomedical challenges faced by astronauts during long-duration spaceflight.

Lapidot: The Garnet Parallel

Once upon a time, there were two very different Gems…

One was a small Gem who had a bit of a bad temper.  She was one of very many Gems of the same type as her, and she was relatively low in Homeworld’s caste system.

The other was an elegant blue Gem, who was a member of Blue Diamond’s court - she was presumed to be a rarer Gem, and posessed a special ability rather than a summonable weapon.

One day, these two Gems were assigned to each other as part of a misson for one of the Diamonds.

But it all went very wrong, thanks to the Crystal Gems.

And they both ended up stuck on Earth.

But in the end, maybe that wasn’t so bad.  They could discover the place together, after all.

Who knows how they’d one day end up seeing each other…

…And maybe they’d even find a new place to truly call “home” together.