ok so I’ve known this guy for about 6 months ish. he’s my sisters boyfriends mums ex-boyfriend/father to my sisters boyfriends little brother.

anyway his names jim. and he’s a 31yro sagittarius. and also has another little daughter to a woman 7 years ago.

so I’ve thought he has hot since I met him and being a horny 18 year old, I wanna shag him.

anyway. we spoke on Facebook one night and I found out he likes meee. so he came over and we got pretty freaken baked and then had non-stop 5 hour romantic incredible sex.

no words…

and knowing how naughty it was, made it waaaay intense.

it happened again a couple more times.

and he’s telling me he’s falling for me and I can’t date someone who’s 14 years older. and has 2 children and talks about his ex’s (kids mums) every day. nooo.

my intuition is screaming at me