Well my dear person behind the anon mask. I am aware my art may not be liked by certain people. and it may not be as good as others. But if i stop drawing then i’ll never get any better. why do you feel the need to tell me this? has someone hurt you so, you feel the need to make other people sad? and why must you hide under anon? if there is anything i can do for you then do not be afraid to approach me without the anon mask. and please if you say this to other blogs. please stop and remember alot of effort and time is put into everyone’s artwork. and not everyone can be as good as others. please take notice of my words and think to yourself. I hope you’re having a good day. <3 - Missmod

Just an early warning just encase i don’t come on one day. I just got news that im being kicked out of my house and have to move elsewhere by june 1st. Do not worry about me. Im glad im getting kicked out this dumb broken house. Luckily we found a nicer one covered by a friend. So i might be on and off packing for the move downtown. so if im not on for days. or a month being thats when i leave ill have to wait for the cable company to re hook the internet. That will be the hiatus i suppose. Like i said its a maybe but just warning being that i never can whenever i lose the internet <3< Im just looking foward to having hot water and an oven again. Im really hoping things will get better with this move. So wish me luck throughout this and next month. kay? <3