I am so creepy:

  • ironmonk3y (Tahm loves Kamal & Pizza.)
  • conciliati0n (Kamal loves music & Confident Bitches, a.k.a. Tahm)
  • unf-f-f (Boys. Fur Boots. Bein a Ho<3 :] )
  • pooleeredman (Poolee, nuff said.)
  • missmammas (My ‘Billy inspiration)
  • privatepfaff (She is so wrong, but so right….)
  • otaku-kj (KJ is my Mentor :D )
  • technomancers (Awesome guy)
  • meetthecreeper (OMFG I creep on her blog so much. I used to go to school with her and I creeped from afar for a long time, then I sat at her table. Is it weird that I fangirled her irl? Oh well I wasn’t to creepy, she didn’t seem to notice..lmao :] )