missle launcher

SO FOR FO4/OVERWATCH FANS, I decided to make a Junkrat challenge for everyone in case y’all want to give it a shot:


>Start new game
>Make ya trash boi

>STATS ARE AS FOLLOWED: (You can play around w/ this, just make sure low stats isn’t too high compared to what is high )

>Spawn yourself 50 of one kind of bomb (BASICS ONLY no baseball bombs/cap bombs ect)
>Get yourself a standard/sturdy leather chest piece (no heavy) + some pants
>Wear nothing else. No– literally. Nothing. No extra armor. Just that.
>Use your fists (no gloves) if you run out of bombs/ammo or can’t aim right
>No guns allowed except for: Missle Launchers/Fatman/Explosive guns
>Chems are allowed
>Get radiation/demolition perks my friends
>Anything else you find is junk or sellable for caps to you (Guns/hand held weapons/armor/ect)
>Handcrafted/Found traps are allowed (bear traps ect)
>Handcrafted armor/weapons are not allowed unless it involves explosives

BONUS POINTS ( if you can handle it or want a bigger challenge b/c honestly I’m having a hard time being mean in this game, esp to synths )

>Synths = Omnics, treat them piss poorly
>No synth companions (unless story related)
>Strong = Obvious Roadhog replacement
>No swimming perks/Avoid water
>Raid settlements instead of helping

>Every once in a while (set a timer if needed), Junkrat “forgets” where he places something. Roll dice ( 1-7 for inventory to see what you drop be it from Junk to Weapons ) and then find a random number generator and drop whatever you land on:

>If you land on your leather chest piece, you don’t have to drop it.
>If it’s your pants, your call on whether you want to run free with ya bum cheeks out
>No picking it back up unless you cross paths with it again after a while

>If you don’t feel like having a timer for this, don’t do a timer, drop something after every 3rd time you fast travel (BEFORE FAST TRAVELING. Don’t need you finding what you “lost” at the very start of an area)

Tag me in your adventures/stories/ect, I want to know all the stupid/silly mistakes made when throwing bombs everywhere

AAAAAAAAAAND That’s it,, go be a junk person. Blow everything up.

Die a lot.

cgadam  asked:

How about this: companion reaction when the SS makes them all a personalized weapon, complete with unique name? (No I've never done that why would you ask)

I tell you this one time I customized Deacon’s pistol and almost renamed it something so ridiculous, anyway, lovely idea! Here you go:

Cait: For Cait, Sole gives her a pair of modified bladed knuckles, which are even sharper than the originals. They’re called ’Freddy Hands’ ,Cait asks why it has such a bizarre name and Sole explains The Nightmare On Elm Street to Cait, and Cait wonders if she’ll ever get to see it. She thanks sole as a sign of her gratitude.

Codsworth: “I’m no Mr. Gutsy but–” Sole recalls his request to venture into the Wasteland with them, and makes Codsworth the first-ever Mr.Handy/ Mr.Gutsy hybrid! “Oh my! Thank you sir/mum! But however shall I accustom myself to six arms? Oh well!“ 

Deacon: With some help from Tinker Tom, the SS creates something like Deacon, quick, quiet, and dangerous. A modification on a Chinese Officer Sword leads Tom and Sole to creating a lightsaber-like sword that runs on Plasma Cartidges! The SS simply names it the Plasma Sword and Deacon adores it, asking if they could create the same style of weapon with ninja-stars.

Curie: Why nothing other than a modified syringer of course! Named The Pacifier, the SS essentially makes a tranquilizer for Curie, much to her delight.

Danse: Instead of a weapon like everyone else, the SS integrates two quad-barrel missle launchers into the shoulders of his power armor’s torso. Danse thanks them for it and says he will use it most efficiently, it didn’t have a name at first, but the SS and Danse settled on the name The Cavalry.

Piper: Of course, the SS makes Piper a "pipe” weapon, somewhat matching her personality as well as her namesake, the SS creates a revolver pipe rifle that lights it’s bullets on fire. The SS lets her choose a name for it and she calls it “The Firebolt ”, Piper says she thinks she read it in a book somewhere she bought from Myrna, and thanks the SS with “Oh my god! Thanks Blue!”

Strong: The SS was clueless as to what to give Strong without him hating it because he would think it is for the weak, but in the end, Sole gave Strong a long chain to use as a ranged melee weapon, with a mace attached to the end, and to Sole’s surprise, Strong loves it. SS doesn’t name it because Strong thinks naming weapons is dumb.

X6-88: He seems to like quick violence, so SS makes a syringer much like Curie’s, except instead of peacefully ending a situation, the darts cause agony to the victim of the shot. He thanks the SS for the… I.O.N. (Pronounced “ion”, stands for I.nstrument O.f N.ekros )

Preston: The SS modifies his laser musket to be automatically cranked, with an internal power source that also removes the need to reload so often. Preston loves it and gives a hug to the SS for it, the SS names it Apollo.

Hancock:Simply put? The ss gives him a water pistol. That shoots acid, all for the ultimate element of surprise, the SS calls it The Cobra. Hancock loves it and laughs at the ingenuity of the idea and gives props to the SS, plus a hi-five.

Nick: The SS gives him a police baton with twice the voltage of a shock baton but no more than the original amplage, “wow… Now won’t this leave a mark?” he says, SS nods and coincidentally, Mark is the name. Nick gives his thank with what sounds like a little bit of astonishment in his voice.

Maccready: Instead of building or modifying something, SS buys a Proton Axe (Those of Fallout: New Vegas ) for him. Maccready squeals like a little kid on Christmas and from the looks of it, he wont use it because he doesn’t want to leave a scratch on it! He chuckles loudly and thanks Sole tremendously.

Dogmeat: His teeth make him a living weapon, he needs no more.

FIM-92 Stinger

A very effective portable surface-to-air missile used to shoot down low flying aircraft and helicopters. It’s most infamous bit of history is the fact the CIA sold several Stinger launchers to the Mujaheedin, now the Taliban, to shoot down the infamous HIND helicopters. Interestingly high ranking officials at the U.S Army base of Redstone Arsenal are given deactivated Stinger launchers as retirement presents. Sure beats getting a pen and commemorative plaque…