I’m only interested in the person who wants me just as bad as I want them, who has fucked with me long enough to know every piece that’s ugly and beautiful about my soul, who knows the time it takes for me to get ready, and how much I don’t make any sense sometimes but still thinks I’m the most amazing person in the world for the simple fact that all those things are what make me, me.
—  MissLadyMillz
It feels so nice when someone is always glad to see you and you look up and see them gazing at you because they’re just so happy you’re there; and then there’s those people who don’t even acknowledge you when you show up, that you always have to initiate a conversation with, who always make you feel invisible. Those are just the worst kind of people..
—  MissLadyMillz

yo i’ve seen some dope ass blogs that barely even get people on them and sometimes I swear I’m like WTF cus that crap baffles the shit outta me that somebody could have such an amazing blog and they barely get any recognition. Then you have these people who don’t even have a nice lookin blog who post the DUMBEST shit who have like 70+ people on their page at the same time. 5 months of having tumblr and I STILL don’t understand why shit is the way that it is. ridiculous. real talk.


Wants and desires are not needs or necessities. When you say that you NEED someone’s acceptance you destroy YOURSELF. Once you say that you “NEED” love, you start to worry about how much and how long you will be approved. Do others really care enough tho? and if they do will they continue to give a fuck?? Thinkin about shit like this drives you crazy. If you always “need” love you must ALWAYS be distinctly lovable. But who is? Even when you have a million lovable traits how can YOU display them at ALL TIMES for ALL people?? If you could always win the approval of those people you think you “NEED” love and acceptance from you would have to spend so much energy and time trying to please them that you will never have time to worry about other things you could do in your life. Constantly wantin approval all the time means tryna live your life mainly for what others want you to be vs. what YOU want to be. It’s ironic because the more you feel you need that the less ppl will respect and care for you. Even tho they LOVE you catering to them and doing things for them all the time, they despise your neediness and see you as a weak person. By desperately tryna MAKE them love you, you may easily annoy them, bore them to distractions, and again be LESS desirable. Point is focus more on loving than on winning that acceptance and that love in return. 


—————-Some girls need to learn that you gotta just stop bitchin. When you tell a man he can’t go somewhere, or do something he already feels trapped and like you’re keeping him in a cage. and who the f-k likes to feel that way??? there’s something a lot of women have to learn and I’ve honestly figured this out from being in a relationship. The more free you make your man feel the more he wants to be around you. It’s like the craziest thing I know; If you don’t call him 50 times a day, if you let him chill with his friends, if you let him do what he gotta do he’s gonna be wondering “damn what is she up to” and he’s gonna miss you. i swear. You would think you have to tell him he can’t do this or can’t do that, and that he BETTER call you or blah blah blah, and NO. That relationship won’t last! I promise you that. He WILL get tired of that shit and he will go out and find a woman that won’t cause him all those unbearable headaches. Don’t be his mother; BE HIS GIRL! It might be hard if you’re not that type of person to not tell a man something. But try it. You end up getting a man who wants to be with you so much more.