I need to not be lazy

I would really like to make this more of a real blog as opposed to me just recycling shit I find on the internet. I think the instagram helps, but I should write more often. I also realized that I have 74 followers which is pretty rad. Anyway… I’m sitting in my kitchen listening to AC/DC and drinking Shipyard Pumpkinhead, and this is what I came up with for an edited “About Me” page:

“Hello. I work for a website called Karmaloop.com doing Human Resources.  That includes all our subsites, MissKL, PLNDR, Brick Harbor, Karmaloop TV, Boylston Trading Company… I live in Boston, MA with my 2 roommates, who also work at Karmaloop. Stacy does accounting, Carissa does social media/marketing, and has a KTV show called "That Life”. I have an adopted Boston Terrier, Milo, age 1, and my family dog, Jasper, age 3, is also a BT - I get joint custody of him ;) I am big on music (rock, punk, metal), fashion, nerdery, photography, and animals. Hopefully I will start making this Tumblr a lot more interesting as opposed to just reblogs…“

Imagine Backwards.

Photo Shoot by ImageOfRA ArtistryContact him for photo shoots as well as video shoots at imageofraartistry@gmail.comBeanies by Enigami Studios
Imagine backwards as you define your style through actions while others try to define it through words. All the boys and girls across the globe trying to set themselves apart as individualist, as to not succumb to the mold that society tries to create us into. Free yourself and just imagine. Your imagination is all you have, your individuality, your originality, your personality all exists through your imagination. The larger you allow it to span, the larger you grow. The bigger the things you accomplish and the more people who try to fit you, your description into mere words.Enigami.Imagine backwards.I know you must have caught the drift by now.
A photo shoot for up and coming brand Enigami Studios that I was given the honor to partake in while the lovely Pharaoh worked magic from behind the lens. The usual dynamic duo with a few more deciding factors. Don’t believe me? Check out the behind the scenes video of the shoot and congratulate Katie, Montreal and Johnny for their amazing performances!

Enigami Studios BTS from ImageOfRA Artistry on Vimeo.
Contact him for photo shoots as well as video shoots at imageofraartistry@gmail.com

By the way… my outfit here was featured on @RealMissKL ’s instagram as well as in the email they sent out just yesterday! I’m feeling the cool.

xoxo, OZEL.