This is my iPod baby Beemo’s one of a kind adorable whipped cream decoden case that was designed by Danielle (misskittyxo) of Jolie Petite. If you’re looking for a really really cheap custom deco case (seriously these things are usually like $60-100+ depending on who you buy them from) for pretty much anything you should check her out. There’s so many cabochons you can choose from so you can be sure that you’ll have a perfect case that you’ll love to death. She has a $25 case and 2 for $50 case deal going on right now and she’s also doing a giveaway!

etsy | tumblr | facebook | giveaway


Oh man, I was a lucky girl today, I received 6 packages with so many lovely things!! ♡♡♡

1) AMAZING shoes from Iron Fist!

2) more lovely Sweetheart cabochons

3) Beautiful lace dress also from Iron Fist

4) Awesome metal cabochons from CrushCrush for custom orders!

5) fun chunky deco case from MissKittyXo♡ with little prezzies she threw in!

6) gold bunny necklace & ice cream shirt from imyourpresent



My phone case from http://misskittyxo.tumblr.com/  arrived today <3

Thank you so much!

If you love cute and adorable stuff, have a look at her store.  She does deco work on phone cases, DS cases, jewellery such as plugs, rings and more! And for a very affordable price. She is very talented and overall a lovely girl.

Go check her out





My iphone4 case review from Jolie Petite’s shop!


As I’m sure you can tell from my pictures I DO own a bunch of iphone cases. I got my iPhone 4 back in November ‘11, and yes I know it’s a bit crazy to have that many cases already, but I just cannot help it sometimes. There are one or two that I use for when I’m working. I stick my phone in my pocket of my shirt and I have it with me then on silent during my shift. So enough about me, unless you want more then ASK ME, I will get on to the main point of this post.


I woke earlier than I normally do today and when I went to check the mail nothing was there. So mulling around in the house getting things together and just right the dogs are barking like crazy at outside. IT WAS OUR MAIL PERSON!!! Jumping for joy I quickly went to the mail box and retrieved the mail. I had gotten a few things yesterday but that ROYAL MAIL sticker i saw today was what caught my eye. Once I got in the house I could hardly wait to open it up and see my yummy case!


Review part:

*The packaging I was nervous since it was a bubble mailer, but it shipped with out a hitch and looks just perfect not a cabochon out of place ;P The case itself was in a little plastic bag with a cute sticker personalized with my name on it *saves*

Around that bag was more bubble wrap, so besides the mailer there was MORE cushion for my case! I also got a lovely care instructions paper that to my surprise was on paper just like magazine paper. That in and of it’s self is quality to me even if it is not the product I ordered, it shows care. Along with it all I got some yummy fizzy candy, that made me think it was Smarties but not XD (loved it though and it did not last long)

*The case itself just looked amazing. I have been following all her creations for quite sometime now and I finally broke down and ordered one. The layout is wonderful and how she can crank that out for so many cases is beyond me along with color coordination for each one.

Now when I pulled my case out of all that packaging it DID smell like vinegar, but come on one has to THINK what that whipped cream REALLY is! The smell is not as bad now and mellows out once it BREATHES! lol I’ve gotten mine to smell a little fruity thanks to the hand lotion I use on my hands and thus handling my phone.

The case snaps on just great and is easy to take off.

I cannot stop squishing the creme and i am loving the sparkly cabochons she put on my case too!



Now I have read some other reviews about this store, and at times I got a little nervous from some of them. I did not choose to have tracking on my case, yet I still got it all in one piece and am a Happy Customer! Yes I don’t live in some far off land for her to ship to but I live in U.S.A. and from the time she said she shipped it on her Etsy shop from my order it took 3 weeks and a day! (shipping time only) I still got my case and am happy. Pictures do NOT do this thing justice at all!

I do want to buy another but not just yet I’m still hung up on this one!

It has made me want to make some for myself but we all will see how that goes XD

(Forgot I saved what I wrote in a word doc earlier final edit and this is what all I wanted to say anyway!)


My decoden 3ds case from Jolie Petite Deco arrived!!

Firstly, I have to say I love it and it’s just like how I asked it to be :) Thank you! 

It arrived in a bubble wrap envelope with a note on the front saying “please be extra careful with this package” and a Fragile sticker, which shows that extra precautions have been taken to make sure it arrived to me safely :)

The case did take a while to arrive - longer than I first expected, but I received an apology for this and don’t feel that it was a problem - I was so excited to get the case anyway.  I also received a note in the package further apologising for it. Along with the case I also received a lovehearts lipstick and 2 rilakkuma stickers, which I think is a lovely touch, aside a personal note and a care guide which is really pretty and looks very professional.

As for the case itself, I love it. It smells a little bit - but I believe that’s from the fuwa fuwa clay, and I don’t mind it, it’s not overpowering or anything and will probably fade with time. The rilakkuma head is squishy which I didn’t expect! As is the clay stuff.

All in all I’m very pleased with the service, correspondence and case itself - now I just have to try not to break it!


If you like cute/kawaii stuff such as Hello Kitty you should check out this store on etsy.com (http://www.etsy.com/shop/joliepetitedeco). She makes really cute accessories like earrings, and necklaces, and even phone cases for a affordable price! Her work is amazing and all of you should buy from her ♥ Her Tumblr is http://misskittyxo.tumblr.com/

I’ve waited to get my 3DS XL case for awhile from Jolie Petite Deco we had some issues in between them but she totally made it up to me. This case is beyond cute, she also included some goodies and a sweet apology letter for the wait. Life happens, and I know she’s been dealing with a lot so I thank her so much for keeping me in her thoughts and still providing me with the product. Its seriously worth the wait, better late than never.