Hey guys! As promised, my song that I happened to write :D It’s called “Musical Conversations”.

Because I sang this song to my mum’s friend’s husband - who was in the music business for about 8 years - he’s going to record it and slap it on iTunes sometime next February, he’s going to send it and a few other songs (once I write them) to festival people to get me playing, he’s talking about “female singer-songwriters are huge in THE STATES right now”, and he said “I’ll be very surprised if you’re not signed in uder ten years”.


Anyways… enjoy! :D

Late Night Randoms
  • parabuscus: I am kinda ninja. I get caught a lot… I AM A TRAINING NINJA. I AM KUNG FU PANDA!
  • misskierbuscus: *insert wise kung fu voice* You are still training young grasshopper, to sneak like a ninja and blog like a bee. There are many paths you must walk down to reach your destination. First, you must synchronize your body and your mind, become one with yourself. Once you have mastered that, you must move on to become as swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon. Strength of a raging fire will be needed to become as mysterious as the dark side of the moon. If you heed my every order, then you might survive, and never be caught again by the evil ‘mum’.
  • parabuscus: ah, but master, the last time I tried I basically threw my laptop on the floor and it landed on my toe, so I yelped and scrambled into bed. Yet somehow, she still caught me! Impossibru…
  • misskierbuscus: You lack grace young one. If one twig breaks in a forest, it will still scare the animals. You must be aware of your surroundings, scope like an eagle and move like a mouse.