During the Zombie Apocalypse
  • -Zombies are closing in on my group-
  • Person 1:What are we going to do? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!?!
  • Person 2:Let's shoot our way out!
  • Me:Don't worry guys, I got this. Cross Gene taught me how to get out of this exact situation!
  • Entire group:NO. DON'T.
  • Me:-Billion Dolla starts playing and I start dancing terribly-
  • Group:Welp...she's doomed. -backs away slowly-
  • Zombies:-loud screeches and groans-
  • Me:-dances harder-
  • Zombies:-get way closer and start grabbing at me-
  • Me:-quickly switches to Amazing-Bad Lady-
  • Me:-gets eaten by zombies-

The original “A-Team” by Mr. Ed Sheeran.

Better than the shit on the radio.


Eargasm at the key of awesome.

Pentatonix- Somebody That I Used to Know ( Gotye cover)


P!NK & Nate Ruess: Just Give Me a Reason…Love, love and LOVE this song.

I am getting closer to the edge...

I just had to defend the tragedy of Peshawar. Shove your “American Patriotism” up your chapped asshole sir. How dare you? May the ignorance in your line stop at you. Why should I have to do that? People lost their lives, their children, their citizens, their people. Humans have died. For what? For What? Revenge? Allah have mercy I cannot handle this. My heart is grieving. Innocent blood has stained the Earth for too long. I am tired but I am not too weak to fight. I will do everything in my power to do better. Why can we mourn Sony but not the people of Peshawar? A tragedy is a tragedy. Humans are humans. The ignorant may never understand but that doesn’t mean that they cannot secede.

There are no words. There is no peace for those innocent spirits to lie in. 

I will not lack the conviction that supposed good mortals have had, I will silence the wicked who are full of passionate intensity. Please pray for their families no matter what religion you affiliate with. Please remember that they are humans too who will never recover from their loss. Keep ugly words where they belong, in the pit of the unsaid.

I feel physically ill. I swallowed the darkness of humanity long ago, now it’s time for me to turn it into light. 

May I Have A Word...

Don’t you ever give up on the one that you love. Don’t just assume that they will never like you, or you are completely out of their league or something along those boundaries. 

You just never know when you could strike someones fancy. You never know when someone is just as scared of being rejected as you. You just don’t know. 

Risks are good, they are fantastic actually. Take some..push the envelope a tad at a time. When you’re ready. Sometimes there is a gift and sometimes the envelope is void. Either way you will have a lesson thrust upon you, that you are likely never to forget and wisdom is always great.

Love in my opinion is such a legendary and almost impossible phenomenon that I believe it is invincible. It can break through the barrier of any curse and any misfortune one were to have in their life. 

If someone has hurt you it’s okay to not be okay. It’s alright to hate the individual for the rest of your life. IT’S OKAY NOT TO FORGIVE AND  FORGET. Sometimes that’s just not what needs to be done. Sometimes that thing that is less than a human does not deserve forgiveness or to be forgotten. Maybe just maybe you need to remember the pain that they caused. Maybe just maybe the unhealed wounds that are still inside of you are just the reminder that you need to never be hurt like that again.

But on the other hand, you could find someone who makes that mythical and legendary occurrence happen. Someone who can make you believe in humanity again. Make you believe that maybe, just maybe you are actually deserving of love too. You can discover yourself in so many different ways and you can also be supported by someone who believes in you more than you could yourself. Someone who won’t love you at your worst because they always see you at your best. Someone who turning away is the hardest thing for them to do. Someone who feels your pain, happiness, sorrow, grief, and anger just as much as you do but just a bit more because they are hurting over the fact that you are hurt in the first place. Someone who falls in love with you more and more every single day without fault and for many reasons.

Romance and true love are not dead I can assure you. It’s just waiting for you to turn around and run towards it to.

                                  - misskenshin’s (Mary Aruya’s) declaration on love.