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Hi! I'm just starting out with digitally coloring, and I was wondering if you could post like color tips for hair and skin. thanks!

Hi Anon!

Here are some tips that we’ve collected in our blog on hair and skin coloring tips: 

Even though there are quite a few in the catalogs, I thought I’d like to post two blogs I follow that show great examples on skin tones, hair tutorials, and coloring tutorials all in the like! I hope this helps!

  • humanae is a blog that posts various profiles of people with different shades of skin tones.
  • ptsbrushes has numerous types of brushes that you may use for paint tool sai! perfect for different styles of coloring, sketching, shading, and more.

I also found great video tutorials on how to color step-by-step for hair and skin in the like!

To find more of their art, you can find them down below! 

Tutorials on Hair found on youtube (step-by-step):

So here are different styles of hair that you can definitely check out and see what you like best! In many tutorials that are given here, they explain that there are various ways of coloring! Just pick a way that suits you. Overall, just have fun with your artwork and know that you get better with lots of practice!

I wish you the best of luck!

-mod kr0no


Monaco | a PaintTool Sai Tutorial

Rendering almost done!

The complete video is a mini tutorial to answer some of the most asked questions in my youtube channel: blurring, mixing colors, and tools I use.

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