missjoat learns something new


A step by step of how I made the balls I wore on the ends of my braids for my cosplay of Valkyrie’s new Fearless Defenders outfit. In case you’ve missed her new look:

External image

  1. Three, what I think were meant to be, baubles I found in my local art shop. They’re very light, 5cm (2 inches) in diameter and each ball splits in to two halves.
  2. Snipped of the ends with clippers and filed away any edges with an emery board.
  3. By hand, drilled a very tiny hole in the top 3 hemispheres with a pin vice. This is so I didn’t risk stressing or cracking in plastic when I used the bigger drill.
  4. With an electric drill, increased the whole to 6mm in diameter. This might seem small but any bigger and it risks falling off my braids.
  5. Filed away any rough edges in the holes with a round file so they don’t shred my hair. 
  6. Painted all six hemispheres like a goth’s bedroom to give the metallic paint a firm base.
  7. Once the black was dry, painted them metallic silver. When the silver was dry, sprayed them with a gloss varnish so they shine even more.
  8. To wear, I threaded the top halves on to the ends of my braids (which can be fiddly and I had to wet my hair a little to get them through) and then secured with a clear elastic on the inside.
  9. The extra few inches were folded over on themselves and tied with another elastic.
  10. Tucked the extra bit inside and clipped the bottom hemispheres in place.

I had a lot of fun working out how to make these and attach them without doing any permanent damage to my hair. On the day, I discovered I had to be a little careful because, of course, they acted as pendulums and, if I moved too quickly my balls would bang together (and there is a phrase I never thought I’d have to type). 

I want cock and cocktails. In that order.

It happened again, Oh god, someone make it stop. Also, I’m fairly certain the Filth Fairy is dosing me with fairy dust in my sleep because these are not nice girl sentiments; I’m okay with that.

Again, this practice piece has much more consistent stitching and another of those nifty rosesAnd french knots. Rockin’ 3 techniques at once, babes.