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Rest In Paradise Kiran Nijjar ♥ :(

rip to the girl who had most beauitful smile in the world. Today was one of the saddest days i swear.. i have no words, your in a better place(L) & You’ll never be forgotten. My condolences go out to everyone affected, I mean I don’t care if half of you don’t know her, show some love & stop being cold hearted ! This girl didn’t desever any of this ! She smiled everyday & was one of the happiest people I knew ! We Love You & We All Will Miss Youuu So Much!

DeeJayy Tatter xoxo

this world's so stupid ..

what do you honestly get out of taking a beautiful girl’s life ? :| did you ever once stop and think about how many people are going to be effected by her death ? did you ever think about her parents, her siblings, her relatives, her friends .. DID YOU EVEN STOP AND THINK ABOUT HER ONCE ?  beautiful face, beautiful smile, beautiful personality, beautiful everything .. may you rest in paradise kiran nijjar (F) you'll always be remembered ..