SubFinal Logo Ideas [Self Branding] 

Above our some final ideas of my logo I want to use to apply to my CV, Business card and website (which I’m currently designing on Adobe Muse).

I feel using ‘Jess Fitzwarren’ is the most comfortable and appealing approach for me, JKOF is too business-like, Jess seems too short and doesn’t feel like 'me’ and Jessica Katy Ophelia Fitzwarren is just a mouthful and I’m sure people are not going to remember that.

I have been inspired mostly by the typeface Papyrus, designed by Chris Costello - He wanted to create a typeface which was accessible to pc/mac users but with a handcrafted approach. I have used a typeface called 'Mission Gothic’ it’s very elegant, smart and easy applied onto text and presentation slides. I have used this typeface whilst painting,illustrating and drawing on top to create a unique effect which reflects me.