The Planet Smashers - Missionary’s Downfall.

From the album “Mighty,” 2003.

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Day 09 - A Song That You Can Dance To
The Planet Smashers - Missionary’s Downfall

MIssionary’s Downfall

Light Puerto Rican Rum - 1 oz

Diced Pineapple - 2 oz

Tightly Packed Mint Leaves - 2 oz

Honey Mix - 1 oz

Peach Brandy - ½ oz

Lime Juice - ½ oz

Blend everything with ¾ cup of crushed ice, pour into a cocktail glass or coupe glass. Garnish with the tip of a mint sprig in the centre of the drink.

Created by Don The Beachcomber, circa 1940s. The drink actually tastes as good as it looks, it’s not often that I come across something with blended mint leaves in. What separates good and bad is the freshness of the ingredients used, make extra sure that you’re using fresh lime, freshly cut and diced (diced) pineapple “purée”, and most of all, fresh mint leaves; otherwise your drink will taste like a green glass of…

Like I pointed out in the previous drinks, light Puerto Rican rum can be substituted with just about any white rum; as for honey mix, combine equal amounts of clover honey and hot water; and peach brandy is liqueur made from brandy, sugar, water and peach flavourings, it’s not an eau de vie.

It’s a curious cocktail, not only does it look different, it also tastes unique. Initially you get the pineapple on the nose, and a mouthful of mint flavour; afterwards the pineapple favour gradually comes in; rum and peach brandy blends into the background, barely noticable.


Missionary’s Downfall - The Planet Smashers

I fucking love this band so much and The Planet Smashers tag was looking kind of bare…so here’s my small addition to it. I’ll add an mp3 post when I get home 


The Planet Smashers - Missionary’s Downfall

Everybody on your knees
“It’s God” say the “Polyneese”
They worship me mistakenly
I say “Tiki, who was he?”
Trader Vic at Hinky Dink’s
He liked sex and he liked to drink
Built a temple to have fun
Huri Popo everyone

Aku-Aku, Mai-Tai
Tonight’s the night it’ll be just fine
Gombai Smash or Kapu-Kai
I Can’t be bothered by the 9 to 5
Gotta get down at the coconut lounge tonight

Island people are a generous bunch
Offering drinks and buffet lunch
No missionary could ever see
Their downfall in Tahiti
Could this be paradise?
Hula skirts are really nice
Sweet and fruity drinks with ice
If I die this would suffice





The Planet Smashers - Missionary’s Downfall