Yo so anyone in the tag notice the newest spam wave included posts WITHOUT the russian characters we all blacklisted? These fuckers are getting smarter but the downside of their shitty profession is at the rate they spam they have to use the same few hosts for their many bullshit posts.

These are the new urls to add to your tumblr savior, xkit’s blacklist ain’t strong enough. Also if you’re in another fandom who’s tag is being plagued by spam, feel free to share with them and/or repost tagged as said fandom.

Bc fuck these guys.

Troll trend to report and block.

A “new” trend has arisen where trolls will stalk the tags ‘do not reblog, don’t reblog, dnr, dnrb’ and similar and reblog things to specifically make people angry, and go out of their way to further harass blogs. So, these are blogs that need to be mass-reported, and blocked to keep you and others safe.

Things that people reblog to these types of blogs include: reminders people made to their selves, private stuff between friends, personal information, relationship information, posts made during a breakdown/panic attack, and even lewd pictures people posted of their selves.

*Note, I do not think anons or any messages should be sent to these types of blogs. They know what they are doing and probably will not care about any messages people have to send. 

Also, if you find this post, and go through these blogs and reblog these posts, and I find out, I will add you to the list of blogs that should be reported and blocked.

Let me know if you know of any other blogs I should add to this post! Please make sure if anyone adds their own addition that it is an actual troll blog that stalks tags, there are some with similar names to these that are actually only blogs that don’t want to be reblogged from.

Currently active/recently active blogs (remove slashes, keep dashes)

  • do/-/not/-/regobble
  • i/reblog/what/you/say/not/to
  • rebolg/do/not/rebolg
  • please/do/not/reblog
  • do/not/reblog

Were active and are probably not anymore:

  • i/reblot/do/not/reblog
  • your/posts/are/public
  • i/-/relogged/-/that
  • reblogger/dog
  • public/private/posts
  • do/–/not/–/reblog
  • reblogging/-/dont/-/reblogs
  • dont/-/reblog/-/this
  • reblog/anyway

An FAQ lies under the cut! Please read it before sending me an ask about this post! 

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1968 Camaro with twin 7675 precision turbos,CSF cores ,TurboSmart and SheepeyBuilt

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anonymous asked:

do u know how to tag triggers? like how u can prevent them from showing up? x

heres how you do it: 

download xkit for chrome, safari, or firefox.

• open your tumblr dashboard and finish the installation. 

• refresh and click the new xkit button at the top of your dashboard.

• you can hit cancel tour or continue to explore the extension.

• click get extensions, then the install button below the blacklist extension. 

• click my xkit, and then select the newly added blacklist tab.

• scroll down to blacklisted words and click add new word.

• type a word or tag you want to block in the “enter a word here” input box, and then click add word.

• when you’re done, return to your dashboard and you will see that any post containing the blacklisted word(s) are displayed as “blocked because of the word _____”. you can click show it anyway if you want to see the post. 

• you can always add to this list. note that the extension might make your web browser run a bit slower. 

more info on the xkit blacklist. 💕 you can also check out another extension called tumblr savior by bjornstar.

May Day came. Merrymaking filled the streetsts from dawn onward. Fanny went out early, but Sophie had a couple of hats to finish first. Sophie sang as she worked. After all, Lettie was working too. Cesari’s was open till midnight on holidays. “I shall buy one of their cream cakes,” Sophie decided. “I haven’t had one for ages.” She watched people crowding past the window in all kinds of bright clothes, people selling souvenirs, people walking on stilts, and felt really excited.

But when she at last put a gray shawl over her gray dress and went out into the street, Sophie did not feel excited. She felt overwhelmed. There were too many people rushing past, laughing and shouting, far too much noise and jostling. Sophie felt as if the past months of sitting and sewing had turned her into an old woman or a semi-invalid. She gathered her shawl around her and crept along close to the houses, trying to avoid being trodden on my people’s best shoes or being jabbed by elbows in trailing silk sleeves. When there came a sudden volley of bangs from overhead somewhere, Sophie thought she was going to faint. She looked up and saw Wizard Howl’s castle right down on the hillside above the town, so near it seemed to be sitting on the chimneys. Blue flames were shooting out of all four of the castle’s turrets, bringing balls of blue fire with them that exploded high in the sky, quite horrendously. Wizard Howl seemed to be offended by May Day. Or maybe he was trying to join in, in his own fashion.


Diana Wynne Jones, Howl’s Moving Castle, Chapter 1

So, tomorrow is May Day which means some a lot Howl’s Moving Castle posts reblogs. If you don’t want to see this, please update your blacklist and add howl’s moving castle and/or diana wynne jones.

James Spader brings people together

It’s wonderful to see that finally every Blacklist fan agrees. Because let’s face it, we disagree on everything else. Whether it’s Lizzington or Keen2 or Daddygate or Keenler, we’ll probably never reach the same conclusion, even when it’s canon. But especially last night it was clear to everyone:

James Spader is freaking amazing.

Yes, I’m gushing all the time, because he IS amazing, but his performance in the last episode has killed me all over again. And I know it has killed many of you. How amazingly talented can one man be? I really do hope he’ll get the Emmy he so well deserves.

What a great performance. Way to get all the fans to get along for once ;)

James, you’re an outstanding actor. Thank you for killing me. Feel free to do so over and over again.