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*I edited this in later. This blog may post AU material if it’s lumped in with other cool stuff, but it will always be tagged, and I probably won’t post AU-only stuff. Definitely nothing wrong with AUs, of course, but since this is such a vanilla blog, and I’ve heard the sentiment from a few people that they wished there was a place that focused on JUST the classic versions of the characters, I figured this place would be a good a place as any to make that happen!

Catholic Tumblr statement

A long time ago, I published a Tumblr mission statement for Catholics. I have completely reworked that old Mission Statement and have now published a new statement. If you, my fellow Catholics, find the statement to be in agreement with your confession of faith, I invite you to either like or reblog it.

This will give new Catholics joining Tumblr a sense of where certain bloggers stand, in matters of their faith. It is not meant to be a “liberal” or “traditional” statement, but simply Catholic, without qualifiers and conditions using political terms. 

I hope it gives expression for those of us who blog on Tumblr and want a clear expression of how we see things, even if our blog is not a specifically “Catholic blog.” Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, enfold all of you in their love and keep you on the road to Heaven–Father Angel Sotelo

1)      I believe it is essential to the Catholic name, and identity, to give religious assent to those doctrines, and liturgical forms of worship, which have been proposed by the Magisterium of the Pope, or the Magisterium of the college of bishops, in union with the pope.

2)      Even those teachings of the pope and bishops which have not been defined as dogma, but are part of their ordinary teaching office as Shepherds of the Church, should be shown public respect. If a Catholic cannot presently give assent to certain teachings, they should pray, study, and seek understanding from faithful guides.

3)      Since dissension is the cause of much division and anger among Catholic disciples, a Catholic should not publicly and on social networks, sow the seeds of dissent against Church teaching and approved liturgy, nor ridicule other Catholics for maintaining faith with the Teaching Church.

4)      I believe in reaching out to fellow Catholics who struggle with Church doctrines and moral teachings. Insofar as such Catholics maintain union with the Teaching Church, and accept the Magisterium of the Church as the final arbiter and authority in doctrine, I can have communication and accept that I am dealing with a fellow Catholic.

5)      The social teachings and pastoral applications of doctrine do not bind the Catholic conscience, as much as dogma, in the hierarchy of Gospel truths. These social teachings express prudential judgments, specific options, and methods of response, by the Shepherds, to those who are hurting, oppressed, and marginalized.

6)      Nonetheless, while good Catholics can disagree on how justice is to be obtained for the hurting, the oppressed, and the marginalized, it is also essential to the Catholic name and identity that we all be gravely concerned for battling injustices, and not merely seek to teach doctrine and liturgy.

7)    I will strive to focus discussion and emotions around ideas, either truthful or mistaken, instead of what attacks a person, a fellow blogger, especially with direct cussing and vulgarities.

8)    I believe that my mission, as a Catholic on Tumblr, is to build up fellow Catholics into the Communion of Saints, which is the Church, to form friendships, to help heal, to pray for, and help call other Catholics to accountability for their Christian witness on a social network. Supported by the Body of Christ, I hope to show truth, humor, and courage before all people that I meet on Tumblr.

9)    Finally, I will encourage frequent confession, the holy reception of Communion at Sunday Mass, Holy Hours of Adoration, recitation of the Rosary, devotion to the angels and saints, the purity of body and soul and perseverance in our Holy Faith until the coming in glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Why We Need Asian Newsies: Our Mission Statement

Newsies of any color are great and wonderful, but here we’re focusing on Asian newsies specifically. I, as the blog’ s founder, want to put out a mission statement of sorts to show why we made Asian Newsies and why it’s so important to us.

1. For starters, most of us mods are Asian. But we are more than willing to support any other [insert ethnicity/race/etc.] newsie blogs.

2. Broadway has a long history of being racist against Asians. From putting actors in yellowface even today (looking at you, Vincent Pryce), cashing in our cultures to make a quick buck (Rodgers and Hammerstein), and giving us demeaning roles (from hypersexualized prostitutes to abusive one-dimensional men used to prop up the white savior), Broadway is probably the most toxic place for an Asian fan that I can think of. Even today, we have only a handful of roles and musicals written for and by us.

3. Racebending is awesome.

4. Asian fansies need love. we’re people too

5. We built those railroads that Jack Kelly sang about traveling on. We labored in the cities and slums just like he did. There was a flourishing Chinatown on Canal Street right down in Manhattan, which Jack very well might have been from, not to mention other communities (Filipino, Japanese, etc.) We existed in America since before the Civil War, and our histories are just as vital to this country as any.

6. Teddy Roosevelt, a hero in the musical, was a blatant racist. He was anti-black, condoned the killing of Natives, participated in the imperialism of Cuba, and helped pass discrimatory laws against Asian immigrants.

7. During the time of the strike, the US was waging war in the Philippines. The locals bravely fought back and were able to hold off the US military for three years before being conquered, massacred, and brutally subjugated. They deserve a place in history.

8. Asian actors have played various parts in Newsies. Many of them are Filipino. Examples include Aaron Albano, who was the original Finch and Nico Dejesus as Romeo in the live recording. Chinese Alex Wong was Sniper.

9. Representation matters. Racism against Asians is alive very much in the theater world, where Orientalism and the ransacking of our identities and cultures are very real issues. We wish to be respected, not mocked and robbed.

We here at Asian Newsies hope to spread a message of awareness and love while carrying the banner proud and strong. There is change coming once and for all, and we invite you all to be a part of it.




Blog Mission Statement

I would love for this blog to be a place for the hardcore fans as well as moderate Skyrim players alike, a place we can share our favorite moments and stories as well as provide posts as informative and helpful to both the game and the Elder Scrolls lore that truly drive this wonderful obsession of mine. I plan on posting information covering everything from Deadric Gods to enchanted weapons, locations, quests, characters and history to my very own favorites in this vast, insanely enriched world and I invite those few followers I have to do the same.

There’s something for everyone in this world; all kinds of different ways to play and with a story so in depth and alive that its impossible for everyone to have an identical experience. My goal here is to collect and share those special moments so feel free to share the things you love most from one of the greatest games ever created. Submissions always welcome. Your version of the Dragonborn, your favorite weapon or school of magic or a favorite quest-line, location or characters.

If you’re as crazy about Skyrim as I am then this is your blog and its all dedicated to one of my favorite places (fictional or otherwise); a place where the strong are blessed, dragons rule the skies, war looms and there is no shortage of adventure, enemies to dispatch and treasures to find.
If it’s a part of TES:V you’ll find it here. Keep in mind I do reblog but all of my original stuff is tagged well enough for those looking for specific topics. Enjoy!


of course you are wild. you are the fire they suffocated because their eyes burned in the brightness. you are the wolf they kenneled because they feared you could fight them. you are made from ichor and despite your struggle you still show such kindness. you were never the tight cages they chained you in. you are much more. you are a dragon.


Hi, we are MX Support Team’s admins.

It has come to our attention that some have been undermining our tutorials. First, we want to remind that anyone may contact us via Tumblr ask, Twitter DM, email, and even Instagram for questions or feedback as stated in our TUTORIALS and FAQ pages (not viewable in Tumblr app; search “#tutorial” to find all tutorials in-app). We take messages sent to us very seriously, especially those pertaining to supporting MONSTA X.

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The rules

Do as you will, an it harm none (& that includes yourself.)

Be kind. Even when it takes effort. Maybe especially then.

Learn. Study. Challenge yourself.

Love hard. Practice loyalty, compassion, & creative community building.

Surround yourself with admirable, honorable & ethical people. They’ll give you something to compare yourself to and to strive for, and they’ll have your back when you stumble.

Find your own priorities and principles. Shed all those that aren’t YOURS and don’t suit you.

Dream well and nobly, then help your dreams into flowering, fruiting, and seeding.

by next year

I want lots of things.
Dainty gold rings, to match my golden earrings.
To give my mom an apartment by the beach.
To go to the doctor’s and not be afraid to be fixed.
To write good songs, not care about the clothes I wear,
to march for peace, to make good friends, to have someone
listen to me, to have lots of someones listen to me.
To live my life, and not be afraid.
To recycle more, to act on the things I say I care about,
to stop crying, to have energy, to have energy do do things
even when crying.
To let my hair grow out into its natural color. For my flushed
cheeks to never disappear. To tell people how much they have
hurt me. To not care if they never apologize. To find love and
be Healed by it. To stop accepting loneliness as the default.
And Fight! Fight! Fight! to be happy.
I want to be able to fight.
I want to never give up (I’m afraid of giving up).
I want to not think about things more than I actually need to.
I want to write poems and give them to people.
I want my moods to be consistent.
I want to do well in college.
I want to be really good at Logic.
I want to make an EP and release it next year.
I want to be good
I want to be good
I want to be good

For my fellow Tumblr-ites...

If you follow me, you are in a SAFE SPACE.

I do not condone abuse or cruelty of any kind, and I do not accept hate. I strive to be a positive force in the world, and to be responsible for my actions in those times I go astray.

I am human, I am flawed, and I strive every day to be a better person than I was yesterday.

I may write fiction that treads the waters of darkness, and I may listen to music that can be harsh and unrelenting, but that is because I am galvanized by understanding the mysteries of the universe. By peering into the shadows within the human soul.

I am a person who is very open to experiences, to ideas, and to people. If you wish to share something personal with me, I will not judge you… and I will not allow others to.

Tumblr as a whole can be a very confounding place, and not everyone connected to this site has good intentions. Just like in the real world, some people are good and some are bad. Most are just trying their best.

Let me be your safe haven in these waters. If you have need of a loving mother figure to comfort you, the eccentric aunt who makes you laugh, or just another individual to squee freely about a fandom thing without worrying about what others may think…

I am here for you.


I’m here (and on @lines-and-edges) to talk about a bunch of things; but mainly the reason I had to make this blog is because:

1) I care a lot about helping young people have a safe and healthy online experience, and as a whole, we’re definitely not doing a great job of that right now;

2) a lot of the ideas being spread about how to protect minors online are basically “treat them in ways that traumatized me somewhat, when I was a minor, and only didn’t traumatize me more because I could get away from it, mostly by going online”.

Believe it or not, I don’t think that makes all of these ideas wrong for everyone - I’m extremely developmentally unusual, I have to acknowledge that maybe a solution that helps the majority is going to harm and even kill some people like me, although I hope there’s a way to find one that won’t, and I think it’s really important to listen to other people who aren’t like me, and pay attention to their lived realities too -

- but all the same, if the general consensus is to be that it’s best to throw people like me under the bus, I want folks to be very clear on the fact that it’s happening, and not pretend otherwise.  Stab me in the face, dammit, no gaslighting! Tell me it’s for the good of the many, but not that it’s for my own good.

I’m one real person; I exist, but I’m not everyone and I don’t speak for everyone. And that’s fine. But I do speak for me, and maybe some others will find my thoughts relatable.

And for a long time I’ve been feeling unable to speak at all. For many months I’ve known I needed to make this blog, and it’s taken me a long time to brace myself for it and work out what I want and need to say.

I’ve gained a new sympathy for musical!Hamilton; sometimes the need to write your way out isn’t about how other people are going to react, it’s about needing to document the truth of your own life. If I have to relive the trauma of being infantilized and told that the person I am doesn’t or didn’t exist, I might as well express my thoughts about it, and maybe help others feel less erased.

I primarily intend @onerealperson to be personal accounts of my reality and life and perspectives, and @lines-and-edges to be focused more on general discourse (and it may have other mods in the future) but I’ll probably be reblogging from here to there a fair amount.

This blog may also wind up serving as an askbox for @lines-and-edges, because that blog may also wind up having other mods who have more fragile mental health than mine.