of course you are wild. you are the fire they suffocated because their eyes burned in the brightness. you are the wolf they kenneled because they feared you could fight them. you are made from ichor and despite your struggle you still show such kindness. you were never the tight cages they chained you in. you are much more. you are a dragon.


DIY 6 Alternatives for Traditional New Year’s Resolutions Infographic by Yumi Sakugawa. I think my word for 2015 will be ORIGINAL. And the word I would never pick is BRANDING but rather the much more meaningful old fashioned 2 word concept: “Mission Statement”.


I am a being of love. I cultivate the liberation of minds through shared stories. And I heal using touch, creation, and presence. I learn and teach heightening one’s experience of the now with both physical sensuality and enlightened consciousness.  I constantly seek the limitlessness of my individuality, through the understanding that I only exist in oneness with all beings. I am the journey, the destination, and your companion.
Welcome! Is everyone having a good, equal time in the One Direction fandom?

Over Christmas, I received a few beautiful and moving messages from people, thanking me for playing a part in their coming out stories this past year. Those are at once the most gratifying and the most frustrating messages. Gratifying because it feels good to mean something to people and it feels good to know that more people are coming out and helping the world  become a more diverse and open place, and it feels good to play a part, however small, in that process.

But also frustrating, because I know I am usually not the only, or even the most important person to thank. The reason we are all here, in the first place, are the five boys in One Direction. I wouldn’t have become a source of support for some if not for them, and this fandom as a collective, because I am only who I am because of the support I found with others in this fandom.

We all know this fandom in general isn’t the most lgbtiaq…-friendly place - it has the looks of an lgbtiaq.. warzone much of the time (we’ll leave in the middle why that is). A while ago I started Takemehomefromnarnia as a ‘peacekeeping force’ and a whole bunch of volunteers are still working very hard from there to change to campaign against homophobia in this fandom, educate people on homophobia and lgbt issues, and support out celebrities and lgbt-rights. But keeping the peace is still a very different thing from spreading positivity: going to Takemehomefromnarnia is also always a confrontation with the homophobic tendencies of this fandom. Thing is there are plenty of lgbt* positive messages but these are  spread out over a number of different blogs where people find support, and thank eachother for support given, and talk about how the boys have played a role in that, but you have to go look for them.

Reading those lovely messages, in my askbox or on one of the many lovely blogs I follow, it also frustrates me that - given the situation - we are not in a position to thank the boys personally for the role they have played in our lgbt* positive experiences in this fandom, how they and their fans have helped us find ourselves, find support, a community, and the courage to share our identities with family and friends.

In short, this fandom, as a collective and the boys, deserve a space full of lgbt*-positive stories, and I created this blog to collect and share those stories.

So welcome, and I have a question for you: are you all having a good, equal time in the One Direction fandom? Lesbians, gay guys, bisexuals, pansexuals, asexuals, transsexuals, transgender people, queer people, whatever you prefer to  label yourself, family members, friends and supporters of those people also: what have been your positive experience in this fandom? What do the boys mean to you? What has being part of this fandom meant to you? Please tell us!

You can:

-submit your 1D related lgbt*-positive experiences and coming outstories using the submit button above.

- link us to thank you messages you have sent or received so we can reblog them

- submit your name in the ask box if you want to be a moderator on this blog

I hope by Christmas 2014 this blog is no longer necessary, but in the mean time, let’s make this a beautiful positive place for sharing our stories with eachother. Let’s have a good equal time!


We’ve been lamenting the lack of a meeting space for people like us: super rad, ***flawless, confused women navigating that murky middle area between adolescence and “real life.” We’re starting new jobs, signing solo apartment leases, investigating that fabled money myth (where does it come from? how do we get some?? where is it always GOING???), downloading ill-fated dating apps or planning weddings, trying to avoid cliches (seeing ourselves as “blossoming flowers” or “sudoku puzzles yet to be solved,” which is actually one Hannah just made up right now), and – the real kicker – facing societal and parental expectations we sometimes wish were alive. So we could KILL THEM.

As millennials with the constant impulse to share our every passing thought with the world via social media, the solution seemed pretty obvious to us: START A BLOG! So, on and off for the past year, we’ve been brainstorming the sort of platform we want to be, the content we want to produce, and the women whose stories we want to hear.

We want our blog to be an inclusive, intersectional meeting place made by and for self-identified women worldwide. We want to challenge all the daily bullshit dealt by movies and media. We want to celebrate our differences, catalogue our experiences, analyze pop songs, make dumb jokes.

More than anything, we want FULL-ON MONETS to capture every version of who we are by dealing in the things we care about, no matter how big or small, sincere or sarcastic. If that’s something that appeals to you and/or other women you know, click on that submit button, and we’ll work on generating ideas together. Let’s test out that power-in-numbers thing, without ever losing our individual, sometimes contrary voices.  

Happy reading!


Hannah and Lindsay


Our work is based on the humanitarian principles of independence and impartiality. We are committed to bringing quality medical care to people in crisis regardless of their race, religion, or political affiliation. As an organization, we are neutral; we do not take sides in armed conflicts, we provide care on the basis of need alone, and push for increased independent access to victims of conflict as required under international humanitarian law.

Our principles of action are described in our founding charter.

The words “I” and “Love” and “You” are the watermark of humanity. Strung together, they convey our deepest sense of humility, of power, of truth. It is our most common sentiment, even as the feeling of it is so infinitely uncommon: each to proclaim these three words with his or her very own heart and mindset of reason (or lack thereof); a proclamation completely and perfectly new each time it is offered. Uttered daily and nightly by millions, the words are said in an unending array of circumstances : whispered to a newborn in a mothers arms; shared between best friends on the playground; in the form of sympathy - said by a girl to a boy, as the respect continues but the relationship does not. It is said too loudly by parents to embarassed children in the company of their friends, and by grown children - to their fading parents in hospital beds. The words are thought in the company of the photograph and said in the company of the gravestone. It is how we end our phone calls and our letters… the words at the bottom of the page that trump all those above it, a way to gracefully finish a message, however important or trivial, with the most meaningful gifl of all : the communication of love. And yet the words themselves have been the victims of triviality, a ready replacement for lesser salutations among near strangers, burst forth casually as “love ya.” Truly? To what degree? Why, how much, and for how long? These are questions befitting of the stature of love, though not the everyday banter of vague acquaintance. The words have also been twisted by the dark nature of deceit : To say “I love you” with a dramatic measure of synthetic emotion; a snare set by those who prey uponn fellow humanity, driven to whatever selfish end, to gain access to another’s body, or their money, or their opportunity. In this realm, the proclamation is disgraced by one seeking to gain rather than to give. In any case, and by whatever inspiration, these words are woven deeply in to the fibers of our existence. Our longing to hear them from the right place is maddeningly and simultaneously our finest strength and our most gentle weakness.The album “I and Love and You” is inashamedly defined by such a dynamic of duality. As living people, we are bound by this unavoidable parallel. We are powerful yet weak, capable yet temporary. Inevitably, an attempt to place honesty within an artistic avenue will follow suit. This is a piece which shows us as we are : products of love surrounded by struggle. The music herein is, in many ways, readable as both a milestone and an arrival. A chapter in the story of young men, it bridges the space between the uncertainty of youth and the reality of it’s release. The record is full with the quality of the question and response. As far as questions go, there are plenty-normally residing within the tone and delivery of the lyrics themselves, which, ironically, are sung with so much confidence. Among songs and thoughts so driven and purposeful, the most basic relatable doubt comes through with a resounding clarity. Outside of the eternal theme of romantic love, the album speaks thankfully upon a landscape of light-filled rooms, word-filled pages, time machines, forgiveness, singing birds, ocean waves, art, change, confessions of shortcomings, and reasons to continue on. Hope and a cause for smiling follow naturally. In the midst of all this, there are allusions to the less-than-ideal conditions of life : the loss of memory, the inability to control temper, insecurity, indecision, jaded indifference, and the general plague of former and current weakness. “I and Love and You” is an album of obvious human creation, chracterized by it’s best and it’s worst. Emotional imperfection is a reality for those who recorded the piece, just as it is for those who will hear it. The conclusion of the song from which the title is taken admits that the words “I love you” have become “hard to say”. And perhaps that difficulty is as common as it’s counterpart. Perhaps the inability to say these heaviest of words is as much a part of life as the lighthearted candor of those who say them without any difficulty at all. And so it ends with the phrase whispered to and by those of us most defeated and most elated… I and love and you.
—   - The Avett Brothers (‘I And Love And You’ Album Mission Statement)