of course you are wild. you are the fire they suffocated because their eyes burned in the brightness. you are the wolf they kenneled because they feared you could fight them. you are made from ichor and despite your struggle you still show such kindness. you were never the tight cages they chained you in. you are much more. you are a dragon.


DIY 6 Alternatives for Traditional New Year’s Resolutions Infographic by Yumi Sakugawa. I think my word for 2015 will be ORIGINAL. And the word I would never pick is BRANDING but rather the much more meaningful old fashioned 2 word concept: “Mission Statement”.

I have extremely strong opinions about Salt and Vinegar flavour things. It’s probably my favourite savoury flavour in the world, and I have literally eaten salt and vinegar stuff so strong that the inner lining of my mouth has sloughed off.

I have also eaten disappointing slat and vinegar things, where the flavour is wrong, the texture is weird, or it’s just not quite right.

So, from this blog, I will review salt and vinegar stuff. From cheap super-market own brands, all the way to expensive hipster fun.

Some notes:

-I’m in the UK, and will only review stuff I can get here. None of your foreign salt and vinegar for me, thanks.

-I do not get these things free, I pay for them. With money.

-No, I will not review things in other flavours.

- I will be reviewing on multiple categories (flavour strength, flavour complexity, product texture, product price) and listing any known allergens. If you want me to list or look for your specific allergen, please send me an ask.

I am completely, deathly serious about this. Completely unironically, I plan to review salt and vinegar things.

We’ve been lamenting the lack of a meeting space for people like us: super rad, ***flawless, confused women navigating that murky middle area between adolescence and “real life.” We’re starting new jobs, signing solo apartment leases, investigating that fabled money myth (where does it come from? how do we get some?? where is it always GOING???), downloading ill-fated dating apps or planning weddings, trying to avoid cliches (seeing ourselves as “blossoming flowers” or “sudoku puzzles yet to be solved,” which is actually one Hannah just made up right now), and – the real kicker – facing societal and parental expectations we sometimes wish were alive. So we could KILL THEM.

As millennials with the constant impulse to share our every passing thought with the world via social media, the solution seemed pretty obvious to us: START A BLOG! So, on and off for the past year, we’ve been brainstorming the sort of platform we want to be, the content we want to produce, and the women whose stories we want to hear.

We want our blog to be an inclusive, intersectional meeting place made by and for self-identified women worldwide. We want to challenge all the daily bullshit dealt by movies and media. We want to celebrate our differences, catalogue our experiences, analyze pop songs, make dumb jokes.

More than anything, we want FULL-ON MONETS to capture every version of who we are by dealing in the things we care about, no matter how big or small, sincere or sarcastic. If that’s something that appeals to you and/or other women you know, click on that submit button, and we’ll work on generating ideas together. Let’s test out that power-in-numbers thing, without ever losing our individual, sometimes contrary voices.  

Happy reading!


Hannah and Lindsay


I feel like I need to write a mission statement for this blog so people understand what I’m about. My goal is to make it so everyone who wants a Starfleet uniform can get one. Whether that means I make the uniform for them or share my knowledge and experience so they can make it for themselves doesn’t matter to me! I want to remain competitive in the market because my work is high-quality, not because I keep my ~production secrets~ to myself. So I am always happy to answer questions, name my sources, provide tutorials, or alter a pattern to fit an unusual/non-”industry standard” body type. 

The money I make helps pay my rent, but the real reward is seeing my fellow fans get to live their Trekkie dreams in a Starfleet uniform.

Cecil? StrexCorp values the effort you put into making this station what it was.

Is. What it is. But, when employees are refusing to participate in our trust exercises, and boycotting our products, and attacking us with our own helicopters, then I think we have failed our mission statement.


Welcome to Night Vale

Episode 49 - Old Oak Doors Part A

Create Your Personal Mission Statement for 2016 + a free worksheet!
Many large companies have a mission statement. Corporate mission statements are designed to drive the direction of the company, to provide a written promise to their customers, and to be a reminder to every individual within the company to uphold its values. This year, I’ve created my very own personal mission statement. It was such a powerful exerciseRead more

Hello new followers!!! Welcome to my blog all about celebrating simplicity in CG design. I started this blog to showcase all the cool things happening in CG that are not the “high-end” CG stuff you see the studios doing. 

Cg doesn’t have to be hard and complicated, it can be simple and fun! So let’s have fun!!!

A little about me: I am an artist/filmmaker/animator living and working in the LA area.  In addition to my art blog I also run a comic about humans behaving like animals called Like on the Discovery Channel.  I am a graduate from calarts and currently working as a Teacher, a Freelance animator and as a generalist animator with Maker Studios!