Catholic Tumblr statement

A long time ago, I published a Tumblr mission statement for Catholics. I have completely reworked that old Mission Statement and have now published a new statement. If you, my fellow Catholics, find the statement to be in agreement with your confession of faith, I invite you to either like or reblog it.

This will give new Catholics joining Tumblr a sense of where certain bloggers stand, in matters of their faith. It is not meant to be a “liberal” or “traditional” statement, but simply Catholic, without qualifiers and conditions using political terms. 

I hope it gives expression for those of us who blog on Tumblr and want a clear expression of how we see things, even if our blog is not a specifically “Catholic blog.” Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, enfold all of you in their love and keep you on the road to Heaven–Father Angel Sotelo

1)      I believe it is essential to the Catholic name, and identity, to give religious assent to those doctrines, and liturgical forms of worship, which have been proposed by the Magisterium of the Pope, or the Magisterium of the college of bishops, in union with the pope.

2)      Even those teachings of the pope and bishops which have not been defined as dogma, but are part of their ordinary teaching office as Shepherds of the Church, should be shown public respect. If a Catholic cannot presently give assent to certain teachings, they should pray, study, and seek understanding from faithful guides.

3)      Since dissension is the cause of much division and anger among Catholic disciples, a Catholic should not publicly and on social networks, sow the seeds of dissent against Church teaching and approved liturgy, nor ridicule other Catholics for maintaining faith with the Teaching Church.

4)      I believe in reaching out to fellow Catholics who struggle with Church doctrines and moral teachings. Insofar as such Catholics maintain union with the Teaching Church, and accept the Magisterium of the Church as the final arbiter and authority in doctrine, I can have communication and accept that I am dealing with a fellow Catholic.

5)      The social teachings and pastoral applications of doctrine do not bind the Catholic conscience, as much as dogma, in the hierarchy of Gospel truths. These social teachings express prudential judgments, specific options, and methods of response, by the Shepherds, to those who are hurting, oppressed, and marginalized.

6)      Nonetheless, while good Catholics can disagree on how justice is to be obtained for the hurting, the oppressed, and the marginalized, it is also essential to the Catholic name and identity that we all be gravely concerned for battling injustices, and not merely seek to teach doctrine and liturgy.

7)    I will strive to focus discussion and emotions around ideas, either truthful or mistaken, instead of what attacks a person, a fellow blogger, especially with direct cussing and vulgarities.

8)    I believe that my mission, as a Catholic on Tumblr, is to build up fellow Catholics into the Communion of Saints, which is the Church, to form friendships, to help heal, to pray for, and help call other Catholics to accountability for their Christian witness on a social network. Supported by the Body of Christ, I hope to show truth, humor, and courage before all people that I meet on Tumblr.

9)    Finally, I will encourage frequent confession, the holy reception of Communion at Sunday Mass, Holy Hours of Adoration, recitation of the Rosary, devotion to the angels and saints, the purity of body and soul and perseverance in our Holy Faith until the coming in glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


This blog is dedicated to fanart of the late @thejudge ‘s game, HOME, and to the purpose of getting @markiplier to play it.  It was Felix’s wish that HOME be spread to as many people as possible, so everyone could enjoy. We hope that Mark hears our request. It isn’t a long game, and would not only be a fantastic tribute to a star snuffed out too early, but a great source of closure for many of us.

To help boost this movement, creating art and other memes of Markiplier playing home, and tagging him, would be excellent, as well as keeping the hastag #markHOME trending on twitter.  Please be kind to Mark, however, and dont spam him with naught but simple text posts to play.

We all hope to see this goal realized, in memory of Felix.

Rest in peace.

of course you are wild. you are the fire they suffocated because their eyes burned in the brightness. you are the wolf they kenneled because they feared you could fight them. you are made from ichor and despite your struggle you still show such kindness. you were never the tight cages they chained you in. you are much more. you are a dragon.

by next year

I want lots of things.
Dainty gold rings, to match my golden earrings.
To give my mom an apartment by the beach.
To go to the doctor’s and not be afraid to be fixed.
To write good songs, not care about the clothes I wear,
to march for peace, to make good friends, to have someone
listen to me, to have lots of someones listen to me.
To live my life, and not be afraid.
To recycle more, to act on the things I say I care about,
to stop crying, to have energy, to have energy do do things
even when crying.
To let my hair grow out into its natural color. For my flushed
cheeks to never disappear. To tell people how much they have
hurt me. To not care if they never apologize. To find love and
be Healed by it. To stop accepting loneliness as the default.
And Fight! Fight! Fight! to be happy.
I want to be able to fight.
I want to never give up (I’m afraid of giving up).
I want to not think about things more than I actually need to.
I want to write poems and give them to people.
I want my moods to be consistent.
I want to do well in college.
I want to be really good at Logic.
I want to make an EP and release it next year.
I want to be good
I want to be good
I want to be good

Mission Statement

Hi, there! Welcome to Kemetic Callouts From the Public!  (Boy that’s a mouthful!)

Here’s why we exist and what we’re trying to do:

  • We exist because of the other Kemetic Callouts blog.  To say otherwise would be a boldfaced lie.
  • We exist to act as a balance within the community.
  • We hope to be a safe place for those who feel unsafe and are uncomfortable with the vocal SJW movement within the tumblr Kemetic community.
  • We are tired of the callout culture that has emerged and silenced so many voices within our community, and in a painfully ironic move, have decided to call it out.
All Ships Welcome

I get so happy when other ships follow my blog even though it is primarily GoChi. I aim to create a safe zone where you’ll read/hear no ship hate from this OP. I don’t even get into arguments about my own OTP anymore, I just scroll past those hateful messages. It may not mean much to other people, some may even find this message silly, but I really treasure this tiny corner of the universe filled with people who love something I’ve loved since childhood. 

 Welcome all!

 Except for the pornbots, they can go fuck themselves… which is what they’re doing anyway… so perfect!

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My Personal Mission Statement; 15

Although good things come to those who wait, never hesitate to go after what you love.
Even when people hurt you, never wish evil upon them; it will never be worth it.
Instead of becoming the person you admire, become the person you needed when you were younger.
Never forget how to dream because the day you do is the day your life becomes all one color.
Your only limitation in life is yourself.
Stay alive.

Little Scouts San Diego Extended Mission Statement

Little Scouts is an inclusive and welcoming organization. The original roots of the Little Scouts came from the Leather community, and we believe in following Leather principles and contributing in positive ways to the larger kink community. Our mission is to create a safe space for Ageplayers and Pets.

We are a place for both sexual and non-sexual Littles/Pets, and we promote respecting each other’s boundaries. As we say in our rule book - “Littles/Pets are encouraged to explore and pursue whatever topic interests them, rather than to follow a set path or participate in any activity or event that makes them uncomfortable.”

We welcome all Littles, Middles, Pets, Bigs, Caregivers, Adult Babies, and friends of Ageplay and Pet Play alike. Troop 469 believes that by working together, we can create harmony throughout the community, and create all-inclusive fun for everyone.

Little Scouts has kink origins, and as such, we want to contribute to the kink community in helpful “little” ways. We hope that anyone in the kink community feels that they can turn to us for any kind of help, for advice, or for a safe space, regardless of their particular kinks. Little Scouts Leaders are here for our Scouts as well as our kink community at large. We are all part of an amazing community here in San Diego, and we want to work together with all community groups and contribute however we can!

Not all Scouts follow the Leather path, but we all respect our origins and the principles of integrity, honor, self-discipline, respect for others, and a willingness to help. Most importantly, we want to foster a sense of family and connection with each other and the community at large. We came across this quote on mamasfamily.org, which says it better than we ever could:

“In Leather, we are Family. No one can do everything. Still, everyone can do something. Together, we can do anything.”

Hugs to you all!

Little Scouts Leadership
Troop 469

Moebius Time is a multi-artist international project that was started by Bryce Martin (@writerbryce) on Twitter. It was originally going to be a seven page mini comic to honor the late Moebius (Jean Giraud) and the hard work of the Adventure Time crew but it turned into something much greater. With over twenty artists from over five countries doing art and comics for the project.

Every three days for the month of August, starting on the 3rd, there will be a post of one comic page and one piece of stand alone art here, on this blog. Each post will feature at least one different artist then the last post.

I hope you all enjoy the work of these amazing and talented artists.