Look, I know I shouldn’t write this, I know it’s probably just for me and like four people, but it’s late and I need to share it with the world.

François Theurel, Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun and Guillaume Sentou playing together in a gangster film.

François Theurel is the moral-less cop, who doesn’t care about casualties as long as he can get the guy he’s chasing. He becomes obsessed with him, tracking him down, being able to think only about him. It’s personal, it’s visceral, it’s filled with LOTS of sexual tension. Also François Theurel gets to have a shower scene, where he dramatically thinks about the gang’s chef.

The gang’s chief is played by Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun. With a scar on an eye and wearing leather jacket; head of a gigantic mafia-like empire, he’s powerful and sarcastic and very intimidating. He knows how to get what he wants. Half worried, half interested in that cop who’s chasing him, he observes him and tries to warn him but François’ character is stubborn. For their first meet up -where they are in public like maybe a fancy reception where they both have to wear tuxuedo what a shame and can’t act on the other, but only talk and threaten the other,  -,  they both grin, sure that they have the advantage. By the end of the meet up they are worried but more interested than ever in the other.

But it’s not all. It’s not just a cop/gangster movie, it’s a gangster/gangster (b)romance movie. Because the film focus as much on Theurel’s and Berhoun’s relation as the relation between SBB’s character and his right-hand-man, his second in command, his trusted best guy and incidentally lover, played by Guillaume Sentou.

Guillaume’s character is SBB’s character’s boyfriend and most trusted henchmen. He rides motorbikes while wearing leather jacket, is very goods with any kind of weapon, wears gloves most of the time and is basically a short raging sarcastic ass-hole. He can understand his boss just by one look or one tiny movement, he always knows how they’re going to act. But the fact that they know each-other more than anyone doesn’t stop them from having conflicts, where both of them are sure to be right and fight, verbally at first but it soon get very physical. Also, sexual. But they can get sexual in calm comforting domestic situations too, that’s not the point.

It gets a plot twist in the middle of the movie with the fact that Theurel’s and Sentou’s characters are actually fucking each other on a regular basis, but neither of them know if the other knows who he is; I think at first the henchman wanted to get informations about the cop and to keep an eye on him, so he seduced him and slept with him and arranged it in a way that they could keep seeing each other, both knowing it was just sexual (and also very grin and sarcasm and violence). But then, the cop discovers the henchman’s identity. He doesn’t tell him, and keep seeing him and doing lots of things; but he inverse the flow and tries to manipulate the henchmen instead of being manipulated.

The thing is, he supposes the guy didn’t come to him by complete coincidence, but since Guillaume’s acting is very good, he can’t know for sure and it’s driving him crazy. On the other hand, Theurel’s acting isn’t so bad either, and Guillaume can’t know either if he discovered that he works for the mafia yet.

All of that with that game of Theurel and SBB chasing each other -and in the accurate time, getting down on each other- with manipulation and guns and bikes and very classy outfit and lots, lots, LOTS of scenes involving their hands. Just lots of close up on their hands. Lots of times.

So, yeah. That’s it for the moment. If someone would be as kind as directing and producing this movie, I would love them unconditionally and they would probably own my soul. Please.

Pokemon Special: Silver [ENTJ]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by spacepeanutt

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Throughout his official debut arc, Silver has only one goal; put an end to Mask of Ice and his ambitions permanently.  And to this end, Silver puts his personal feelings aside and takes whatever steps are necessary—“no matter how underhanded” or evil in other words—in order to achieve that goal.  He allies himself with Lance (the villain of the Yellow arc) and completes missions for him—the why behind them is unimportant to Silver—because through doing so Silver will get closer to the enemy.  He steals the pokedex and Totodile because attempting to get them by simply asking won’t work unless Silver ‘proves’ himself to professors Oak and Elm respectively first.  And he would have ended up resorting to beating Gold up in order to force him to stay out of the Mask of Ice matter when issuing simple warnings weren’t enough, if not for the sudden appearance of the villain in question himself.  It might not be very nice, but it’s what has to be done.  Mask of Ice is dangerous, and someone whom can’t even take that seriously will only hinder him in the long-run.  That said…

Silver is blunt, and incredibly direct with what he wants… sometimes to the point of rudeness from making demands he expects others to follow (‘My business is with Giovanni alone!  Tell him to get his sorry butt down here!’ so that Silver can get answers he’s been seeking out of Giovanni directly in the FRLG arc) to effectively issuing orders within a situation that has gone south in order to swiftly overcome it in a way as realistic, and efficient as possible.  Falling into a position of leadership, delegating others, and issuing orders comes so easily to Silver that by the HGSS arc when a crisis arises his peers immediately look to him for direction.  And for that same reason (Te), Silver has no reservations about ‘telling it like it is’ to others because as far as he’s concerned facts are facts (“What a Pokemon can and cannot fight has already been decided by the ecology of nature.  It has got nothing to do with guts or courage”) and no amount of emotional backlash will change that.  It’s not harsh.  It’s the truth.  Deal with it.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Despite successfully managing to escape Mask of Ice with Blue at the age of 6, and upon getting over the initial enchantment of being able to see and experience the ‘outside world’ Silver realizes that deep down he doesn’t  feel any more different than he did when he was still stuck with Mask of Ice.  Silver cannot start a new life in this world and genuinely enjoy it because in his mind, he is still trapped.  He is still stuck in a world that few with any bit of morality in them can live with –the ‘world of darkness’ (evil in other words) as Silver refers to it.  His fate binds him to it after all.  It’s his destiny… but because that is something that Silver cannot accept from his own moral perspective, he fights to change it.  From spending five years working to ensure that Mask of Ice fails in his ambitions and is permanently stopped to then seeking out his family so that he may reunite with them—whoever they are—in the FRLG arc, everything has always been about changing his fate.  It has always been about becoming a part of the ‘world of light’; a place full of warmth, good, and light where he is loved by his family and can finally enjoy his freedom.  It’s an abstract dream –an ideal rooted in the future and ultimately about avoiding this ‘premonition of evil’ that Silver has regarding himself.

Silver is also very insightful; skilled at detecting hidden truths within a situation and about other people with very little external evidence to go off of, and using it as is necessary.  He could instantly tell that Lance was telling the truth about not being related to the Masked Children kidnapping and giving up on his plans as Yellow arc’s villain when they first meet.  The earthquake that hit Ecruteak city in the GCS arc didn’t “feel natural at all” to Silver—he knew that it was caused by pokemon carrying out orders from their respective trainers (members of Team Rocket) instead.  And in the HGSS arc Silver was able to determine what the sixteen life plates are and what they do from little more than a number—the total number of life plates—which he knew was significant from the very start.  From that he immediately foresaw the implications of Team Rocket having all sixteen life plates and pieced together what Archer (the one leading them) intended to do with these life plates; his entire plan in fact.  Silver trusts his insights or ‘hunches’ and they rarely ever lead him astray.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Silver strongly dislikes his past as a whole, but he doesn’t think much about it unless a situation deems it necessary (giving Lance the information about his past required to pinpoint Mask of Ice’s end-game) or forces him to.  He simply accepts that the past is an immutable series of events (“An easy life is unattainable!  Just as my life cannot be changed!”) and focuses on what he can shape and change instead (“It may be fun to you… but to me, this battle decides how my fate will change!”); the future, his future.  Silver’s memory is… objective and detached.  He conveys his memories as a set of facts—zero sentimentality or personal bias present whatsoever—about his life because that’s (first and foremost) exactly what they are to him.  And ultimately, that is what makes it so easy for Silver to give basic facts about his backstory to others (even total strangers like Eusine) without getting emotional about it. 

Also as a child (as early as 6 years old) Silver was a skilled thief.  Something made possible despite his young age through; his extreme awareness of the environment, swift reflexes, and highly honed acrobatic capabilities.  In fact, Silver was (and still is) so good at his craft that in his official debut chapter Team Rocket grunts didn’t even realize that he had stolen from them until he had all their pokeballs in his possession.  But, for the same reason that Silver is so capable as a thief he’s also… reckless and impulsive; quick to attack those whom genuinely anger him and entirely willing to use physical force to threaten others.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Silver requires the approval of no one in order make the decisions and take the actions that he does.  People can dislike him for it if they want, but at the end of the day Silver does what he thinks is best no matter how morally questionable it is.  He won’t regret any of it no matter how others see him at the end of it all (“I will not regret my actions no matter what punishment is meted out to me”) because despite everything, deep down Silver is a good person and part of his motivations in pursuing Mask of Ice held their roots in his own moral code.  It was about enacting a personal sense of justice just as much as it was about achieving his long-term goal.  Silver had wanted to avenge those whom had been hurt and manipulated by Mask of Ice and stop him from doing the same to anyone else too.  He feels intensely about what he believes in and about the people he’s attached to, and it shows through the actions he takes in their respective names…

But, he still has inferior Fi and unfortunately that shows too.  Silver’s emotions are intense and something he ultimately cannot control because the instant he’s under enough stress, he gets highly emotional and so do his actions.  It’s bad and not just because of how he grew up (from being partially raised by Mask of Ice to then living on the streets as a kid), but because up until the FRLG arc Silver was mostly suppressing his Fi too.  And ultimately, that alongside a repressed fear that Silver had of being inherently evil all culminates in his massive emotional meltdown in the FRLG arc when he learns that his only family is none other than Team Rocket’s leader.  He just… isn’t very good with managing his feelings.  Not when Team Rocket involved whom he hates for being what they are and what they symbolize to him; evil.

Note 1: The reason I chose ENTJ over INTJ was because Silver has pretty easy access to his Se.  In fact Silver has this entire ‘shadows, precision, and stealth’ thing going for him –he’s like a ninja without officially being a ninja.  He’s good with his environment, and even better at reacting to sudden events or changes within it.  Moreover, at the same time Silver also has these uncontrollable and intense emotional outbursts whenever he’s under high amounts of stress (inferior Fi), and so ENTJ seems to be a better fit for Silver than INTJ.

Note 2: I initially considered STJ alongside NTJ for Silver because of how much he abstracts and how integral it is to him (as both the STJ and the NTJ do that after all), but ultimately conceded that Silver is NTJ rather than a STJ because Silver has zero Si whatsoever.  Silver is… Se-objective.  His memories aren’t tainted by sentimentality or bias, and it shows in how he judges and treats others –in particular his treatment of known villains.  Silver forms an alliance with Lance on the spot the instant the opportunity appears despite knowing what Lance attempted to do before because… that was then, and this is now.  And now Lance is no longer invested in those plans.  It’s the same with Mask of Ice in the HGSS arc.  He’s not the villain anymore, so Silver treats him like any other gym leader through returning the badge he stole from him as he does for all the others as well.

Note 3: When I describe Silver’s whole ‘evil fate’ thing as a ‘premonition of evil’, I am not referring to psychic powers or anything.  Silver doesn’t have those.  Rather I mean that it’s an outcome Silver believes so strongly in –it’s something he’s so certain of occurring if he does nothing about it that the best way to describe it and do it justice is as; ‘premonition of evil’.  It’s about his own corruption which stemmed from being partially raised by Mask of Ice as a child, and how it’ll only grow in strength and power if he doesn’t consciously stray from that path and pursue that of good instead.  Silver conceptualizes his own corruption and the otherwise inevitable outcome of it that he foresees as a dark destiny of sorts—a fate of evil.

This boy, he’s made you happier than I have ever seen you. He puts a smile on your face that I thought the last guy took with him when he walked away with a piece of your heart. He makes you laugh just that little bit louder and believe me when I tell you that he practically glows when your laughing at something he’s said.

This boy, he’s put the bounce back in your step and the love back in your heart. When your blue-eyed gaze meets his hazel stare the world seems to stop. When he kisses you one hand is on your hip and the other is in your hair and he’s holding you like you’re the most precious thing he’ll ever touch.

This boy, he’s put the joy back into your life. He’s dragged you out of one hole and promised not to pull you into another. He’s prepared to put everything, time, effort, love, into this relationship and he’s prepared to do it all for you.

Why on earth would you let something, someone, that makes you happy walk away all because another boy in another place in another time broke your heart?

And I get it, you’re scared. You’re scared you’ll fuck it up. Or you’re scared that he’ll hurt you. Or you’re scared that something will break you both beyond repair and not all the glue in the world could put you back together.

But let me tell you something. You can’t fuck it up until you try. And if you don’t try then you fucked up anyway.

—  Note to self, 22/06/2015