[ENG] 150729 [Today′s ROOM] GOT7 Should Complete Missions In Time Limit 20min! - Episode 1



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[Today′s ROOM] GOT7’s Individual Broadcast Now ON-AIR! 150729 EP.1:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7bSrLQoXOQ4&feature=youtu.be

[Today′s ROOM] GOT7 Should Complete Missions In Time Limit 20min! 150729 EP.1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnpAxBY_Tlc

[Today′s ROOM] GOT7 JB’s Closest Recording + “Just Right” Exclusive Video! 150729 EP.1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwa-M8pAa-Y


[Today′s ROOM] GOT7 Should Complete Missions In Time Limit 20min! 150729 EP.1

mooitstimdrake asked:

15, Tim Drake?

Robin was never supposed to be a permanent gig. 

That was what Tim told himself, from the first time he looked at Bruce and called him Batman, from the first time he pulled on the tights and called himself Robin. Robin was a job to be done, a mission to be completed, not a lifestyle. One day, he would fold up the costume, place it in a drawer, and step into the world as a man, not a bird.

God, how life must have mocked him then, knowing what was to come.

Tim looked down at the city below him. Tried to remember a time where Robin was Robin and Tim was Tim. It seemed so long ago, decades instead of years. Back when he had the surname Drake instead of Wayne. Was he ever really separate from Robin, Tim wondered as a bird landed on one of the gargoyles next to him. Or had he been fooling himself into thinking that he could be something other than a boy with green tights and a smirk on his face?

Sirens sounded below. Tim stretched out his hands, let his feathered cape spread behind him. There was no time to reflect on the boy he had been. He was a bird now.

It was time to fly. 



[ENG SUB] GOT7 JB’s Closest Recording + Just Right Exclusive Video + Complete Mission in 20 mins

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This boy, he’s made you happier than I have ever seen you. He puts a smile on your face that I thought the last guy took with him when he walked away with a piece of your heart. He makes you laugh just that little bit louder and believe me when I tell you that he practically glows when your laughing at something he’s said.

This boy, he’s put the bounce back in your step and the love back in your heart. When your blue-eyed gaze meets his hazel stare the world seems to stop. When he kisses you one hand is on your hip and the other is in your hair and he’s holding you like you’re the most precious thing he’ll ever touch.

This boy, he’s put the joy back into your life. He’s dragged you out of one hole and promised not to pull you into another. He’s prepared to put everything, time, effort, love, into this relationship and he’s prepared to do it all for you.

Why on earth would you let something, someone, that makes you happy walk away all because another boy in another place in another time broke your heart?

And I get it, you’re scared. You’re scared you’ll fuck it up. Or you’re scared that he’ll hurt you. Or you’re scared that something will break you both beyond repair and not all the glue in the world could put you back together.

But let me tell you something. You can’t fuck it up until you try. And if you don’t try then you fucked up anyway.

—  Note to self, 22/06/2015