mission vao

Zaalbar, who noticed an empty food packet instead of the stowaway who ate it.
Jolee, who argued with a computer 152 times out of boredom.
Carth, who tried to shoot the Dark Lord Of The Sith with a blaster pistol.
Bastila, who Force-pushed a pubescent girl for getting lippy.
Mission, who snuck past rancor monsters for fun.
HK-47, who referred to the Dark Lord Of The Sith as ‘meatbag’.
T3-M4, who never used more than ten different letters of the alphabet.
Canderous, who picked a fight with a grieving famer.
Juhani, who thought these dorks would be good role-models.

I just really miss the Ebon Hawk crew.

KotOR + TCW // Ahsoka & Mission

first in what’s probably going to be a series of dumb character crossovers of KotOR and TCW characters. I feel like Ahsoka and Mission would get along because they’re both the respective babies of their team. I mean Ahsoka was like what, fourteen when she first became Anakin’s apprentice. Mission was the same age when she joined Revan on Taris.

I stayed up till 3 to do this instead of going to bed what is it with me and late night star wars drawings.