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‘Sunsoft - “This Holiday Season, Visit Your Friends in the Sunsoft Looney Bin!”‘


  • Electronic Gaming Monthly, January 1994
    • Scanned by E-Day, via The Internet Archive
  • Come visit the Looney Bin this holiday season and sample the fruits of Sunsoft’s Looney Tunes licensing deal! Alternately, you can continue into gaze deeply into Wile E. Coyote’s bedroom eyes… 
Making my list, and checking it twice.

For those few of you that have gone through this before, you know Hotelpocalypse is maybe more nerve wracking than trying to actually get a badge for SDCC. Of the 7 years we have actually stayed in San Diego (we just went down for the day in 2009) we scored a downtown hotel 3 years. As always I am hoping to get a downtown hotel. It doesn’t totally suck to stay in Mission Valley, but we always much rather stay near the convention center. It’s just more convenient. Anyway, here is hoping things go in our favor, and we are downtown again this year!

Random Headcanons of the Week #2

Hello, everyone! We hope you guys are having a great weekend :D 
So this Sunday we decided to share another weird idea we had while playing Overwatch a while ago. 

What if Athena actually worked like our favorite intelligent personal assistant Siri? 

Warning: some of it could be considered NSFW? 

  • Athena’s voice detection system is not the best, to say the least. When Overwatch first started using her, everyone had to speak extremely loud and clear for her to understand anything. At times they basically had to scream at her. 
  • It gets really frustrating during meetings. Everything seems to go well, everyone’s in quite a good mood discussing some new strategies until Athena refuses to cooperate. Apparently, she decided that she’d spice up the discussion by not understanding any commands. Jack doesn’t like raising his voice outside of training or missions but there’s just no other way.
    The commander probably sounds like a maniac at this point. 
    “Very well, Sir. But please refrain from screaming at me, my voice detection system might be overstrained.”
    “You’ve got to be kidding me…”
  • Luckily Winston decided to improve Athena after this so that the members didn’t have to shout at her anymore. That didn’t get rid of all the issues though. 
  • Athena still has a bunch of problems understanding everything correctly. Overwatch was supposed to go on a mission in Silicon Valley once, Mercy asked Athena to put up pictures of its location but our lovely assistant searched for SILICONE Valley instead. The team was met with photos of breast implants.
  • Another interesting incident happened when Reinhardt decided to order some popcorn and beer after they had returned from a long mission.
    “Now loading results for cockporn.”
    “WAIT NO” 
    He had a hard time trying to explain the moaning sounds ringing through the base that evening. 
  • McCree surely enjoyed Athena’s issues the most. Especially when he managed to change the way she addressed Gabriel. 
    “Show me the sketch of formation number twenty-three”
    “Very well, Edgelord666.”
    Of course, Gabriel immediately knew who was behind this. May our favorite cowboy rest in peace. 
  • You seriously thought the Swiss headquarters fell because of Jack and Gabriel’s fight? You’re not exactly wrong but the story was a little different. During their meeting, Gabriel and Jack did engage in a heated argument. “Sometimes I just wish this whole thing would blow up! Because that’s what`s probably gonna happen at some point anyways. Are you that unaware of the corruption happening, Jack?” is what Reyes might have said.
    “Blow this thing up” is what Athena might have understood.
    INITIATING SELF-DESTRUCTION was the last thing these two heard before hell broke loose. 
Ep 21. Fun at the Oak Park Mall (groupfic) (TRIXYA) ~ Mistress

A/N: I’ve been working on one chapter of YV for days and I don’t wanna anymore so I’m putting my efforts into MPGiS. Finale is coming up and after that idk. I kinda wanna do the next season but it’s s intricate and like… hard. Also guys… I’m a high school graduate now. Diploma and everything… weird.

Summary: The Assyousucks and Overboard Park girls have another run in at the Oak Park Mall. Tensions rise and claws come out. Also, some trixya smut for your troubles. Nearly 4k

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In this week’s issue, Tad Friend profiles Marc Andreessen:

In many respects, he is the quintessential Silicon Valley venture capitalist: an imposing, fortyish, long-celebrated white man. (Forbes’s Midas List of the top hundred V.C.s includes just five women.) But, whereas most V.C.s maintain a casual-Friday vibe, Andreessen seethes with beliefs. He’s an evangelist for the church of technology, afire to reorder life as we know it. He believes that tech products will soon erase such primitive behaviors as paying cash (Bitcoin), eating cooked food (Soylent), and enduring a world unimproved by virtual reality (Oculus VR). He believes that Silicon Valley is mission control for mankind, which is therefore on a steep trajectory toward perfection. And when he so argues, fire-hosing you with syllogisms and data points and pre-refuting every potential rebuttal, he’s very persuasive.

Photograph by Joe Pugilese

With a little help (1/2)

[A/N: Set in some nebulous, peaceful post-S4 future. For the @kabby-holiday-fun prompt - family feels.]

He’s putting his newly bought supplies from the fruit vendor in his pack when he feels Octavia’s hard stare at his back. He turns towards her and tilts his head, a questioning look in his eyes to meet her piercing stare.


“You didn’t correct her.”

He furrows his brow in confusion.


She motions towards the older grounder woman in the vendor stall behind them.

“You didn’t correct her when she called Abby your wife.”

He looks at Octavia for a long moment.

“Ah,” he finally says when it becomes obvious that she isn’t just going to let it go.

“You guys didn’t…” A look of hurt flashes across her face, quickly replaced by a practiced look of indifference. “I mean, I know I’m away a lot, so - .”

He shakes his head and reaches over to lay a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

“We didn’t get married since I last saw you. I just - .” He pauses and looks at Octavia, trying to find a way to explain that girlfriend seems too juvenile and temporary a thing to describe what Abby is to him, while partner is too sterile and unassuming to encompass all that she means. He shrugs as he levels the pack of supplies on his shoulder. “I don’t really know the word for what Abby and I are to one another.”

She huffs at that, though he knows he doesn’t imagine the look of relief on her face. After a moment, he sees a sly look blossom across her features.

“So,” she begins, elongating the oh sound, “I actually think the word you’re looking for is married.” He shakes his head at that and begins walking towards the bread stall at the far end of the market. She keeps pace with him and elbows him sharply below his ribs. “C’mon, Kane. You know you two were pretty much married even before you officially got together.”

He doesn’t say anything at that, mostly because he can’t really disagree with any sort of conviction. He stops to look over the wares at a metal-working stall, hoping to distract Octavia with the wicked looking weapons that are hanging up before them.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. She simply stops next to him and turns away from the stall to face him, bouncing on the balls of her feet.   

“So, are you gonna ask her?”

He blinks rapidly at her before rearranging his features into something approaching nonchalant.

“Well, according to you, we’ve been married for about a year already, so.” He lifts a shoulder in a casual half-shrug and continues looking at the metalwork in front of them.

She blows out an impatient breath and rolls her eyes.

“Yeah, but you guys should, you know, do it up proper. Make it official.”

He turns and raises an eyebrow at her.

“I never expected you to be into taking the proper route.”

She shrugs at that, a ghost of a grin on her lips.

“Well,” she admits, “it’s not for everyone.” She catches him looking at two intricately wrought rings laid out on the table in front of them and grins sharply at him. “But it seems right for the two of you.”

He doesn’t say anything for a long, expectant moment. Octavia doesn’t either, simply fixes him with a weighty stare and waits.

Finally, he turns towards her with a sigh.

“It just - it’s been - I mean, we just haven’t had the time to even talk about getting married.” He shakes his head and gives her a wry grin. “We have been a little bit preoccupied.”  

“But it’s a possibility?”

He tilts his head, considering. Between saving the world and keeping Arkadia running, quiet moments of personal introspection have been few and far-between. Still, he won’t deny the appeal of hearing Abby referred to as his wife; can’t, really, seeing as Octavia’s just caught him relishing it firsthand.

“It’s somewhere between a possibility and a plan,” he finally says with a smile.

She nods slowly, an inscrutable look on her face.

“I’ll take that - for now.”

He laughs out loud at that.

“Glad I could meet your standard.”

The corner of her mouth turns up in a half smile as she knocks her shoulder into his.

“Just, you know, I do wanna be there whenever you guys decide to make it official.”

He smiles down at her and nods.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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