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Destiny 2 Tidbits
  • Campaign
    • Most cinematic campaign to date
  • Strikes
    • One of the strikes; Inverted Spire has a three phase Boss
  • Crucible with new maps and new modes.
    • Countdown. Attack and Defense style game type
    • 4v4 across all maps
  • Raid
  • Exploring
    • Can launch all activites in the world without going to orbit
    • Patrols
    • Public Events
    • Treasure Maps
    • Lost Sectors to discover
      • Dungeon like
      • Will show up on your map
    • Side missions
    • New Map!
    • FOUR brand new worlds

happy (belated) valentine’s day, @autiacora. i hope this is canon fluffy enough for you (but you know, with a touch of ack flavored sadness™ snuck in there too). thank you for being here and contributing to such a great community. you’re a joy. <3

lemons and bellflowers

The Survey Corps had been traveling for several days. They were meant to subjugate an abandoned castle between Utopia and Karanes Districts, however it had fallen out of too much disrepair from wandering titans that they had to move onto one that sat on the outskirts of Utopia. It must have been over half a decade since it was last used, but its stone walls still held up strong against years of weathering. Some rotten doors had to be knocked down, and mounds of decaying leaves had to be shoveled out, but in the end they had all worked together to get it into good working order. And all up to Levi’s standards, nonetheless.

However, Levi wouldn’t let anybody, especially Erwin, enter the commanding office until every cobweb was cleaned from the corners of the room and every finger print washed away from the windows. It smelled like lemons and vinegar, both considered luxuries in the Corps, but ingredients that Erwin managed to sneak into the quarterly budgets. A happy Humanity’s Strongest brought along with it positive scout moral, after all. And keeping a clean working space for his commander was one thing that made him very happy.

Or as happy as Levi could ever appear.

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No Regrets (Part 2)

After what I can only describe as ridiculous amount of likes and comments I present you with Part 2. There’s more angst (you’re welcome) and a cheeky appearance from the Cap.

Summary: When the reader finally coughs up the courage to ask Bucky out it turns out he’s no that interested. Or is he?

Word count: 1.9k

Warnings: Angst.

Part 1

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You loved your job. It paid well, it was the right kind of challenging, you made an actual difference to the world and your co-workers were pretty cool. After all, how many people can say they work for the Avengers?

Granted, you were more of a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of person, you spend your days mostly in front of the computer screen, retrieving, decoding, and sifting through the intel gathered in the missions. You also provide maps, background checks on suspects, and encode all this data so it doesn’t fall into any wrong hands. So yup, you can say you’re one clever cookie.

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Your fave is problematic: ESA
  • ESA (European space agency… or if you’re like, fancy, in French, fancy in French, French fanciness, Agence spatiale européenne) is an organization in which multiple countries are engaged in, dedicated to exploring space
  • these hennies do things like: human space flight, launching and operation unmanned missions, Earth observation, science and telecommunication and like, other stuff, ya kno
  • unlike NASA, ESA has 22 member countries, talk about collaboration yo
    • there’s even a treaty among the countries: ESA’s purpose shall be to provide for, and to promote, for exclusively peaceful purposes, cooperation among European States in space research and technology and their space applications, with a view to their being used for scientific purposes and for operational space applications systems
    • I may or may not be tearing up a little
  • because they’re like, so nice, they let Canada play with them too, so Canada (CSA) is an associated member of the ESA
  • ESA has a couple of dope-ass launch vehicles
    • Ariane 5: (yes, that’s the most German name ever) this gurl has been in use for 20 years! she’s been super successful, after an initial failed launch, she’s been transporting satellites into space for 71 successful starts in a row!
    • Soyuz: now, I kno, when you hear Soyuz, you think Russia, but hear me out: Roscosmos and ESA have an agreement in which Russia builds parts for the Soyuz launch vehicle and it gets assembled in French Guiana. Russia gets access to a good launch site for their launches, and ESA gets access to the very safe Soyuz launcher in exchange. [insert handshaking stock photo meme here]
  • Notable ESA missions that will blast your balls off:
    • Planck spacecraft: a cosmology mission that mapped the cosmic microwave background and essentially delivered amazing evidence for the age of the universe and cosmic inflation
    • Rosetta: ESA successfully landed on a COMET for the first time ever, telling us about the composition of comets. the spacecraft traveled 9 years to get there and yet they managed to land and signals. fuckin amazing
    • Huygens: ESA successfully landed a probe on Saturns moon, Titan.  This was the first and only landing ever accomplished in the outer Solar System! 
  • summary: neutral good organization, doesn’t know how to celebrate really but that’s how Europeans are, 12/10, would launch my satellite with them 

Idea: After the events of The Rogue One, “The Pilot” quickly became a code for someone carrying vital intel and then got broadened to “Intelligence officer actively in the field”. So when General Organa send “The best pilot in the Galaxy” on a mission for Luke Skywalker’s map, she send her best Intelligence officer who just happens to be excellent at flying.

Potential Community event?

I kind of miss hosting community events here and was wondering if anyone would be interested in another event while the devs are on hiding in their fox holes.

Option 1: Doing a more humble event where it’s 30 days of Battleborn, where each day is dedicated to a character now that the full roster is complete (I’ll admit @battleborncharacteroftheday was my muse for this).

  • The days per character will be in alphabetical order by their first name.
  • Event would take up the entirety of June.

Option 2: A revamp of last year’s event: Countdown to Battleborn. I missed the birthday of the game unfortunately (wasn’t off hiatus in time lol), so to make up for lost time I might as well rev up an oldie but goodie event!

  • Would be a completely revamped list of the original to include the Ops missions, new maps, characters, etc.
  • Will also be set in June but won’t take the entire month. Depending how large the list becomes, will possibly be a week or two.

Same rules would apply from previous events (fan content ranging from fanfiction, edits, art, in-depth discussions, no reposting), and depending on which event is decided, the event list/rules will be released 1 or 2 weeks before the event begins for people with time constraints.

some ways the dalish got shafted in inquisition (and what could have made a more immersive story)

clan lavellan: others have mentioned this of course, but it’s a major downer that the inquisitor can lose their entire clan and no on mentions anything. this is basically every person lavellan knew before the game began being massacred by humans. and not a peep out of anyone! you’d think it would be a much bigger deal (at least to the dalish) that the inquisition can’t even protect the inquisitor’s own family. i’m not asking for a special map/mission here - just some acknowledgement that the inquisitor just lost their entire family.

masked empire: tell me, why couldn’t lavellan say anything about the events of the masked empire? even if we’re charitable and say that most of the events were hidden from ordinary people, i think the destruction of clan virehn would not go unnoticed by the other clans. not to mention - we meet mihris, the sole survivor, who would have surely said something to lavellan. so why can’t we call michel de chevin on his part in the murder of an entire clan? why can’t we remind our advisers that celene ordered the murder of countless elves at halamshiral?

vallaslin (romance specific): there’s no way that the inquisitor could lose her markings and not have it remarked upon by the dalish. is it the will of andraste? is it the humans taking away the inquisitor’s last visible sign of her heritage? there’s so much more that could have been done there, but all we got was a polite gasp from josephine and sera being sera.

ameridan: ameridan being an elf from the dales is huge - his culture was erased, the same as shartan - even though neither are “dalish”, per se. i would have liked to see more about this, given the game’s general emphasis on myth v. truth.

I finished the Gold Biotic Mastery finally…

and now we rest

because stealth grid is bugged I’m looking at combat mastery…concussive shot is the only way to get combat detonations…

I need 500 of them

Review: Lost City of Z (James Gray, 2016)

For most of the first hour, James Gray’s Lost City of Z feels like an engaging, fun adventure movie. Charlie Hunnam (who I don’t remember from such films as Pacific Rim and Crimson Peak) stars as Colonel Percival Fawcett, a British officer at the beginning of the 20th century with a floundering military career. He accepts a mission to map out the border of Bolivia and Brazil in order to raise in rank and reclaim his father’s lost name.

His first journey into the forest is fairly predictable, if well edited to maintain a fairly exciting pace: there are bugs! spears thrown from unseen hordes in the jungle! everyone is sweaty and hungry! Eventually he stumbles on scattered pottery shards, and the stories his native slave told him about lost cities sets his mind racing.

On his return to England, the film takes its first of a few unfortunate turns. For one, the Colonel is suddenly overcome with his desire to defend the humanity of the native population. This despite the fact that he had no problem in purchasing a slave to show them the way down the river. The cartoonish harumphing of the learned English gentlemen is compounded when a famed explorer joins Fawcett for his second journey to the Amazon, a character who has no other purpose than to be the bad guy. He refuses to eat with the natives, he steals all of the provisions, he is whiny. Like most of the characters in Lost City of Z, he is less a person than a collection of bullet points describing vague characteristics a person can have.

At this point, the film undermines its own main character. While Fawcett is bringing his men (including Robert Pattinson, who is pretty good!) into a settlement to meet with the native inhabitants, he is assuring them of their humanity while Gray, for some reason, keeps cutting to piles of skulls, a body on a spit, and shrunken heads. Gray can’t help but Other these few non-white characters while his lead is attempting the exact opposite. He even explains that yes, they are cannibals (of course they are), but no, not the savage kind that just eat anyone. Yet Gray has already provided the imagery that this simple assurance can’t undo.

Finally, there seems to be a fear on the part of the filmmakers that at any point, for any reason, the viewer might not be 100% sure of what they are looking at. After the opening hunt scene, someone tells Fawcett that he will be a big hit at that night’s ball, followed by a cut to his dress uniform laid out on his bed. Both of these things are not necessary! The transition from hunt, to fancy clothes, to ball would read the same without the over explanation. Later, he is told that the next day he is to be sent to the Royal Geographical Society. The next shot, he is standing outside a building and the words Royal Geographical Society appear, just to be sure we didn’t get lost in the last 6 seconds. Similar techniques are used throughout, and the film’s final attempt to establish the mystery of what happened to Fawcett and his son is undone by the need to explain that it is a mystery in written words.

In all, I came away impressed with some of Gray’s filmmaking. That a film like this wasn’t a mainstream hit was surprising to me, given Gray’s proficiency with commercial filmmaking techniques. The first hour, despite the issues I had with the film, were extremely entertaining as the film galloped from Ireland to the Amazon, to England, and back to the Amazon. At over two hours, the film begins stretching very thin after his second return. The film transitions into something of a domestic drama near the end, with breaks for WWI and a final trip to the Amazon, but putting so much weight on Fawcett’s later home life, despite not actually making either him or his family into characters was a poor choice. As far as I can recall, the family’s following characteristics are such: Man: wants to find lost city, Woman: is a woman, Children: one of them is the oldest, two of them are not the oldest.

On the plus side, I had a coupon for a free ticket, so I got an hour of free entertainment!

until recently my friends all freaked out about how i play dishonored (1 and 2) because i play all the missions with no spoilers/map/etc, with no quest markers or heart markers for runes/bone charms, no HUD except for health and pointer iirc, ghost/clean hands/low chaos/etc, but the real kicker is that until my friends really pressured me about how nuts this was i would just outright never knock anyone out. like for ages i really felt like if you knocked someone out then it wasn’t REALLY a ghost run so i just snuck around all the guards over and over and over and would pick safe locks standing like two feet behind them while my friends streaming my game SCREAMED at me

If I lose you {Poe Dameron x Reader}

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So last week I posted what I thought to be a fairly crappy one shot but for some reason people liked it. It now has 328 notes! This is crazy man! Thank you all so much! I love every last one of you!

Little Announcement: I have a few other requests and I will try to get them out throughout the week but I have a pretty hard week ahead.

Prompt: Hi there, could I request a Poe x Reader with “If you die, I’m gonna kill you!” please?

A/N: Poe is such a precious bean. I will always write for my perfect squish. I got a little carried away because Poe. It’s pretty long.

Warnings: language (mild); a tad bit sad but it gets better I promise

Poe sat in the control room. He had been given a mission to retrieve a map. The last piece to the puzzle as General Organa had put it. If he got it, they could find Luke Skywalker. But the mission would dangerous and he’d be alone.

You walked into the control with your best friend. She went off in a different direction and you headed toward Poe.

“What are doing here?” You asked after you kissed his cheek. He was staring at something on the table. You looked down at what he was reading. A mission.

“Poe…” Your voice trailed off. He wrapped his arm around your waist. You stared down at the folder. You scanned the page for a list of names. Poe was the only one going on this mission. Your face was etched with worry.

“I know. I know. But I’ll be in and out of there in no time,” He closed up the file and smiled. “I love you. You know that right.” You nodded. You knew he’d back soon.

“Yeah you’re right.” His deep, hearty laugh filled the air.

“General Organa wouldn’t send anyone but the best.” Poe bent over and kissed you.

“True. She would only send the best pilot in the Resistance.”

“I think you mean galaxy, (Y/N).” You rolled your eyes.

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the world, with you

prologue // 1 // 2

The first morning she wakes, it’s to a rushing river and the smell of roasted fish. 

Sakura lifts her head, and oh, it’s the clearing they stopped in last night. Soft grass ripples under a breeze, and the looming sun promises heat. 

She stretches before rising to fold their sleeping bags, blinking sleep out of her eyes. 

Sasuke stokes a fire behind her, and she sees the ends of his hair are wet, sticking to his cheeks. He probably caught the fish, and she imagines him, using his ocular powers to get breakfast. She smiles, and he nods in greeting, holds out a speared fish. 

She takes it; the first bite is hot and delicious. 

“Itadakimasu,” they murmur.

The morning soaks into her skin. It’s the kind of day Fire Country is known for: blue skies, bright sun, peace that fulfills any need for conversation. They eat in easy silence. 

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