mission loc@l

i love how this pic looks like mingyu and seokmin are comparing their heights and jisoo on the side is like “yO gUYS hURRY UP THEYRE COMPARING THEIR HEIGHTS wE NEED TO SEE THIS” and that car on the side is lowkey feeling the tension. the end.

[TRANS] “Mission! Tom~possible”... INFINITE Impossible Recognition

***** T/N: Most of the article is under the cut… there are lots of pics. Also there’s a small teaser for their upcoming world tour at the end! *****

Kind Mr. Tom
This is Tom Cruise.

“Nice To Meet U”

Exactly who could he be meeting that would be bent over like that? And what’s that in his hand?

Mission Zoompossible



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INFINITE was invited by Hollywood star Tom Cruise!

It’s 100% real situation. Perfect dancing group INFINITE and Hollywood’s super star Tom Cruise met each other. They claimed to be each other’s fan and greeted with big smile! Therefore, STARCAST captured this historical(?) moment to show you. On July 30, ‘Mission Impossible-Rogue nation’ event was held and it was a really impossible mission! 

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oh my god do nOT think about going to disney world with your crush