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Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Pink lingerie does things to Captain Rogers

Word Count: 2565

Warnings: nsfw af! nsfw gif undercut, unprotected sex (wrap you wang before you bang!)

Author’s Note: old fic; another repost! AND for the nonnie who wanted me to repost “A New Throne” (Lance Tucker x Reader), i’m sorry but my dumbass forgot to take a backup :’(

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Summary: In which losing someone shouldn’t be so effortless, but your friend does it without thinking twice. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,290

A/N: Title inspired by Over My Head by the Fray. This is for anyone who had a friend abandon them for no reason (that you’re aware of) and who felt the sting of that loss.

@avengerstories - you’re honestly the queen of editing and I’d be lost without you.

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Your silence is something Bucky is unfamiliar with. For as long as he’s known you, you’ve always had something to say. When he first arrived at the tower and refused to say a word, you were there to talk enough for the both of you. He didn’t tell you then, but it was the thing that comforted him most during those early days.

Your silence is something Bucky doesn’t know what to do with. It comes out of the blue and makes him question what’s wrong. Or more correctly, what he did wrong. You still let him hug you whenever he wants and kiss you until the both of you are gasping for air, yet he still can’t help but wonder.

Your silence makes Bucky nervous because what could have possibly happened to turn you into a shadow of the person you once were?

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I Am Not Doing You

Request: @crownie-sr   Hello Ms. Taw, Would it be so kind if you could a Bucky drabble for #44 because I WOULD LIKE TO DIE FROM READING ONE OF UR WRITING BECAUSE THEY TOO GOOD FOR MY FUCKING EYES

Prompts:   44)  You didn’t do the dishes, I’m not doing you.” ( I changed a little bit, I hope you don’t mind)

Words: 1170

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy and a little bit of smut but barely.

Thank you @widowsfics  you are the best and i love you.

As soon as you entered your apartment you knew something was wrong, the place was too silent and too cold for your liking. Your heart broke when you saw your boyfriend cuddling up with your pillow and blanket in your bed. 

He looked so vulnerable right now, he was relaxed but at the same time, he looked like he hadn’t slept in ages. Your heart breaks a little because he looks so adorable, that you can’t help to lay next to him and trace your fingers in his jawline and hair. 

Even being asleep you can see how tired he is, he has bags under his eyes and he still has his scruff for a few days ago. You plant a kiss in his forehead making him moan, you doubt that he even knows what is happening right now “Wake up, baby. I am here and I love you.” You say softly, making him know that he is safe.

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magnus asks alec to move in with him

i may have included a mini training scene at the end? maybe? idk? 👀

Alec’s head was resting on Magnus’ lap and his long legs dangled over the armrest of the sofa as the city lights flickered throughout the living room. Magnus had his nose buried in a book as he sat cross-legged, a hand lazily running through Alec’s messy raven hair. Alec had just come home after a long day of missions, eager to just relax and wind down next to his boyfriend before yet another jam-packed day tomorrow.

Magnus’ fingers massaging Alec’s scalp led to him beginning to doze off, lids heavy, breathing steady. Maybe Magnus was massaging small sparks of magic into his forehead to help him relax but Alec couldn’t be sure. He didn’t want to fall asleep yet, just the thought of his limited time with Magnus wasted on sleep made him flicker his eyes open, catching Magnus’ bejeweled wrist. Magnus smiled to himself at Alec’s tired eyes as he flipped a page in his book.

Alec began humming to himself, something he very rarely did, as he stroked his fingers along the length of Magnus’ hand. He twisted and played with the sparkly rings that adorned his powerful fingers, occasionally bringing them down to lay a trail of soft kisses.

Just as Alec thought he might give in to his drowsiness, his phone began to ring loudly, piercing through the silent apartment. Sighing, Alec reached over to the coffee table and looked at the screen, immediately placing it back down when reading that it was his mother. As soon as the phone stopped ringing, Alec received two text messages. Groaning, he reached over again and brought the phone over to the couch.

Alec, where are you? Could you come home tonight, please? - Maryse

Alec, we’re all having dinner together and it would be nice if you joined us. And stayed the night? - Maryse

Alec grimaced at the screen, locking his phone and letting it slip into the crevices of the couch. She didn’t have to say any more for Alec to know that the invitation did not extend to Magnus. He had to admit, his mother had been more accommodating of his and Magnus’ relationship, but he couldn’t help but feel that she still found it unpleasant. What did she think was going to happen?

Alec was an adult, he could do what he wanted without having her permission for the smallest things. The first time Alec had stayed over at Magnus’ she had thrown an absolute fit about being responsible and punctual if he was to be the Head of the Institute. He knew her problems were larger than that, though.

Sighing, Alec concluded that maybe his mother just missed him – though she didn’t seem to act like it – and that maybe he could go home for the night. He really didn’t want to. Alec sighed again and began to sit up on the sofa as Magnus put his book down on the side table. Alec turned to face Magnus, sitting cross-legged just like him and Magnus turned to pout at Alec – an expression he soon learned meant ‘don’t go’.

Alec leaned over to Magnus and placed a chaste kiss on his cheek as if to say 'see you soon’ but Magnus’ soft fingers on Alec’s neck made his heart break. In that moment, Alec decided that his mother could wait for another day, and moved from Magnus’ cheek to his lips. Magnus smiled into the kiss, moving his hand from Alec’s neck rune to his cheek, a thumb stroking the skin under the Shadowhunter’s eye. Alec leaned into the touch, turning to place a kiss on Magnus’ palm before turning back to his lips. 

Magnus pulled on the neck of Alec’s shirt and brought him down on top of himself so that they were both lying on the sofa in each other’s arms. Magnus’ hands explored Alec’s back, his hands reaching up underneath Alec’s shirt and pressing against his muscular, marked body. Alec moaned into Magnus’ mouth and began kissing a spot he knew was sensitive on Magnus’ neck.

Magnus tried collecting himself, breathing hard and uneven. Magnus was so comfortable with Alec, yet so weak. “Move in with me,” Magnus said hastily in a raspy voice. Alec paused immediately, staring at the Warlock with wide eyes. Alec searched Magnus’ face for any indication of a lie or joke but found none. He was being genuine. Alec had to take a second, blinking to refocus and swallowing to find his voice.

“What?” was all he was able to muster. Magnus looked back and forth between Alec’s eyes.

“You basically already live here,” he said in a matter of fact tone. “Plus, it’ll give you an excuse to never leave.” Magnus stared back at Alec, whose hazel eyes were fixed on him. Alec couldn’t fathom the idea of someone wanting to spend more time with him. What would Izzy say?

“I love you,” he breathed, roughly searching for Magnus’ mouth with his, an action which Magnus took to mean 'yes’. Magnus chuckled as he continued to kiss Alec.

It was only a couple of days later that Isabelle had barged in and interrupted one of Alec and Jace’s training sessions. Magnus was sitting on the side, watching them both train – mainly just watching Alec train. Magnus was having fun spurting bits of magic at Jace’s feet, causing him to trip and stall every now and then. It only let Alec take Jace down harder than he would’ve been able to without the magic. Alec had just managed to pin Jace to the floor when Isabelle yanked him up and shoved his chest.

Alec frowned at her, rubbing his skin and looking concerned. “Tell me Mom isn’t shipping you off to Idris!” she exclaimed, crossing her arms and glaring at her older brother.

Alec’s brows furrowed as he glanced over to Magnus who also looked concerned. He slowly got up and walked over to the trio. “What? No?”

“I know she’s been hard on you because of Magnus but you don’t have to go!” she continued to which Jace stepped up.

“Idris? Since when?” he asked, panting.

“I’m not moving to Idris, what are you talking about?” asked Alec, eyeing both of his siblings in worry.

“Then what’s with all the packed bags in your room?” she asked, hastily.

Alec let out a long breath and relaxed, glancing at Magnus who was now stood just a couple steps behind him. “It’s nothing,” he reassured, lowering his voice. Alec could already hear the 'you didn’t tell them?’ conversation that Magnus and him were going to have back at the loft. “Magnus just asked me to move in with him,” he said, nervous to see their reactions.

Izzy and Jace instantly relaxed their stances, a smile creeping up on Jace’s face which Alec rolled his eyes to. “Oh,” was all that came out of Izzy’s mouth.

“What?” asked Alec, softly.

“What did Mom say?”

Alec chuckled at his sister’s comment. Magnus stepped closer so that he was standing next to Alec, eyes still downcast as though he felt he was intruding. “I don’t care what she has to say, Izzy. I can do what I want.” Alec smiled and swung an arm around Magnus’ shoulder.

A smile broke out onto Isabelle’s face as she caught glimpse of the way Magnus was looking at Alec as if he was the only one in the room. Alec turned his face to smile back at Magnus, placing a brief kiss on his lips before they both swirled around and headed to the living quarters to collect Alec’s things.

hope you enjoyed. let me know if there are any scenarios you would like to see!

in the meantime, the almost kiss that i like to think happened that night

Headcanon that he always goes on missions where he comes back a few days after his birthday…….. but some people just cant let it go (and tbh he finds that he doesnt really mind)

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Make Me: Part 2

Prompt: Don’t think for a second that I don’t love you

AN: This is going up a bit late, because I kept rewriting it, but I really enjoyed it. This is part 2 to yesterday’s prompt. It was actually a tie between Dick and Damian, so I incorporated both.

Words: 1880

Part One

Your fists bang against the punching bag in a rapid succession. Sweat is dripping down your back, but you do your best to ignore it as you grab the bag and ram your knee into it several times. Your breathing is heavy at this point, and you take a step back.

          You crouch down and put your head in-between your knees, and try to catch your breath. Suddenly the light is gone, and terry cloth is blocking your eyes. You pull the towel off and look up. You find your eyes staring back at you.

          “Hello little brother.”

          “You’re not sleeping.”

          You grin. “Really? I hadn’t noticed.”

          He frowns. “You’re in the same room as when I left. Please tell me you’ve at least eaten in the eight hours since I left for school.”

          You stare at your brother. “I promise you that I have left the dojo, that I have eaten, and that I have slept.”

          He crosses his arms. “Try it again, without letting your tells show.”

          You towel off and say, “Everything was the truth, with the exception of the sleep bit.”

          “That’s the third day in a row.”

          You sigh as you begin walking out of the gym, Damian hot on your heels. “I’m well aware of my own sleep patterns. Thank you very much.”

          “I’m worried, Y/N.”

          You turn on him, and you give him a small glare. “Just because you’re taller than me does not mean that I can’t still put you on your ass, Damian. Now, from the way you’re dressed I can only assume that you have some sort of mission, and you’ve come to tell me that you’ll be gone for a few days?”

          Damian just nods. “I’ll be gone for three days. I’ll come and find you when I’m back. Hopefully you’ll be a little less cranky when that time comes.”

          You let the jab fly as you watch him leave. You let out a curse when he’s out of earshot before turning and punching the wall. You frown at the dent there.

          “Apparently, the hot temper is a Wayne family trait.”

          You turn to look into blue eyes. “If you met my grandfather, you’d know it’s an Al Ghul trait.”

          Dick stops in front of you. “I have met your grandfather. Watched Bruce kick his ass more than once.”

          You smile at the thought, before a warm calloused hand takes your own cold one. The other goes to your forehead. “You’re freezing,” he murmurs.

          You take a step back. “I’ve always run on cold. Damian used to complain about it when we were younger. When he was four he brought me this big cozy blanket and he’d cuddle with me during the winter. Then our grandfather found out and he forbade it. Said it would make him soft, and leaders can’t be soft.”

          Dick tugs on your hand. You follow and ask, “Where are we going?”

          Dick just smiles and says, “To do the one thing that makes everything better; eat pie.”

          Thirty minutes later finds the two of you half way through one of Alfred’s peanut butter pies.

          “So how are you settling in?” You shrug. He gives you another grin. “That well, hunh?”

          “It’s another place, where I’m surrounded by people, and yet still alone.”

“I know the feeling.”

          You raise an eyebrow. “Do you now, Boy Wonder?”

          “That’s Mr. Boy Wonder to you, and yeah, I do. I was Bruce Wayne’s adopted kid, I was teased a lot in the beginning, especially when the kids at school found out about the circus. Even in the teams, I was always the leader and that separates you from people. It’s probably not near the extent of what you feel but …”

          “I find that comparing and judging experiences is never a good idea. Trying to rationalize feelings or make some else’s greater than yours devalues your own. Pain is pain, it can’t be measured.”

          He smiles. “Very philosophical.”

          “I read a lot.”

          There’s another moment of silence before he says, “Have you and Bruce talked at all.”

          You shake your head. “He’s focused on the mission at hand. I’ve invited a threat on his family, and he wants it gone. I can understand that.”

          “You’re his family too. You’re his daughter,” Dick says gently.

          “I’m also twenty-six, Dick. I don’t need a dad anymore. Personally I’m just happy that Damian has him. That they’ve formed some sort of relationship, and that he rescued him from that life.”

          “And what about you?”

          “I’m fine on my own.”

          “Everyone needs someone.”

          You feel something stir at those words, and you smile a bit as you lean in and say, “Are you offering, Dick?”

          He raises an eyebrow. “We’ve only known each other for two months.”

          “And I’ve been under house arrest that entire time, I’m bored out of my mind, and for all I know Slade could burst in at any minute and kill me. Personally, I think it would be a very nice FU to screw the one man he hates more than my father.” Now you’re close to him, your lips just inches from his, your hand on his chest, over his heart. You can feel it speeding up.

          “Damian will kill me.”

          You lean in and right before you kiss him you say, “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you from the munchkin.”

          He’s surprisingly gentle and attentive. You’re used to wham, bam, thank you ma’am; one night stands that end with you leaving the guy in bed, but the more you kiss this man, the more you realize there is no leaving him. And as he pulls you to him, and wraps his arms around you afterwards, you feel just the tiniest bit of warmth. That night, you sleep through the whole night for the first time in six years.

          You don’t put a label on it. It’s more than friends with benefits, but less than dating. You keep it on the down low for the next three months, until Damian catches you with Dick’s tongue shoved down your throat. You have to make good on your promise that night, as you attempt to calm Damian down, and end a feud before it starts.

          “I can’t believe you’re doing it with Grayson!” You watch your little brother pace back and forth in front of you. “He’s my brother!”

          You smirk. “Well he is most certainly not my brother.” Damian growls, and you walk up to him “I sleep through the night with him.”

          That stops him cold. “What?”

          You repeat yourself, “I sleep through the night when I’m next to him. For some reason I trust him.”

          Damian stares at you dumbfounded. “Do you love him?”

          You cross your arms over your chest. “There’s no room for love in my life until Slade Wilson has been wiped off of this Earth.”

          “There’s always an excuse.” You bristle, as you slide into a defensive position, only to see your father standing there.  He looks at you and says, “Follow me, please.”

          Damian just rolls his eyes and move forward until Bruce suddenly says, “Not you, your sister.”

          You’re a bit shocked at that as you move forward to follow him into his study. You sit in one of the chairs he keeps there for reading and asks, “How long have you known?”

          He smiles. “Since I came home from patrol to find one of Alfred’s pies only half eaten. Those are only abandoned for something a bit more tempting.”

          He sits down in the seat across from you. “We haven’t really talked since you came to stay here.”

          You shrug. “You’ve been busy. Focused on the objective. I understand that.”

          He nods. “You really do, and that’s what scares me.” Your eyes narrow a bit and he leans back in his chair. “Just because we haven’t spoken much, doesn’t mean we haven’t been observing each other. Just like it doesn’t mean that we haven’t dug up all the dirt we can on each other.”

          “What did you find?”

          “That your mother’s assessment is true. You are my daughter. A lot of one night stands, but nothing meaningful. Focused on the job at hand, and willing to push everything to the side to accomplish it. Even if it means losing your happiness.” He pauses before saying, “I don’t want you to turn out like me.”

          “What makes you think I would?”

          “I saw it in your eyes, as you talked to Damian. When you said you could sleep through the night next to him you realized that you had already fallen for him, that you were becoming somewhat dependent on him, and for a flash of a second I could see the panic in your body language, because when we depend on people, when we love people, we risk losing them, and being left alone, and that is terrifying.”

          You lean back in your seat. “Speaking from experience?”

          “Very much so.”

          You look him in the eye. “Would you do it differently? The past? If you could?”

          “Yes. But I can’t. I can however change things now, starting with our relationship.”

          You smirk. “You mean you want to build one?”

          He shrugs. “If it’s possible.”

          You smirk. “We’re Wayne’s, anything is possible.” You stand up from the chair and place a kiss on his cheek. “You have time for a spar tomorrow morning?”

          He smiles and places a hand on your shoulder. “Six o’clock work?”

          You nod. “Sounds good.” Then you leave the room.

          You find Dick in the gym. He’s on the rings. You watch him for several minutes before he dismounts. He smiles at you and you move towards him. Without any warning you wrap your arms around his neck and you kiss him.

          His own arms wrap around you, and when you pull away you say, “I can sleep next to you.”

          Dick’s brow furrows in confusion and he says, “I’m sorry?”

          You smile. “I’ve never been good at sleeping. I think it’s this mixture of PTSD and anxiety, but I’ve always been a light sleeper, and never one to sleep through the whole night. During particularly rough periods I’d go without sleep until I collapsed from exhaustion. That first night we were together was the first night I had not only slept through the night, but slept next to another person. For some reason I trusted you, and that scares me.”

          Dick pushes some hair out of your eyes and says, “That’s understandable.”

          “This is more than sex; I feel something for you. I think it’s love and that scares me because neither side of my family has ever been good with love. We manipulate, or we push away, but we never actually love. I don’t want to be like that. I love you Richard Grayson, and that terrifies me.”

          He smiles and kisses you again before saying, “And don’t you think for a second that I don’t love you.”

           You smile. “I may not be very good with this, at least not at first.”

          Dick just smiles and says, “Well lucky for you, I am an excellent teacher.”

           You’re just about to kiss him again, when there’s a loud explosion, then something hits you in the back of the head, and everything goes dark.

  • Aries rising: Treats every day like a fresh start.
  • Taurus rising: They can't lie, they plan out their day down to a T.
  • Gemini rising: Needs each day to be different from the last or they'll go insane.
  • Cancer rising: Everyday is a new feeling.
  • Leo rising: Takes on the day with a smile and courage.
  • Virgo rising: Goes about their day with a routine and a mission!
  • Libra rising: Comes into the day with a few hopes and fears.
  • Scorpio rising: Dives into the day head on.
  • Sagittarius rising: Approaches the day with optimism.
  • Capricorn rising: Has a plan A, B, and C for their day.
  • Aquarius rising: Goes into a day without any expectations.
  • Pisces rising: Each day is a new creative journey.

anonymous asked:

"You don’t constantly live in fear of losing someone who’s just like a brother. That’s not how anyone feels about their actual brother" - Don't get me wrong, I ship the heck out of S/K, but: I'd argue you absolutely do if you're an orphan who lost the only family they had at a young age and never really had anyone after that. And then you finally find someone who's like family, however you interpret that, and you have these huge abandonment issues. Of course you're gonna be scared of losing them

Hi! I got a few asks about this, so I’ll just cover them now. Okay so, while I agree that Keith would definitely have abandonment issues after his childhood either way, his relationship with Shiro still transcends what he has with the rest of Team Voltron–all of whom we know are also his found family. So it’s not just a matter of found family, but also this deeply personal, innermost connection he has with Shiro that he never quite manages with anyone else again. He holds a platonic love for all the paladins and thinks of them as his new family. But he’s not so terrified of losing them that he’d literally give up anything just to be with them. He only feels that way about Shiro. “He latches onto Shiro at times because Shiro’s sort of the only thing that can really calm him down and keep him in check.” 

This idea of latching onto someone evokes a kind of desperateness and dependency you really don’t see in platonic relationships usually. Also, a relationship where one character is really the grounding force for another, the one thing that can soothe this volatile, emotional and alien side of them and bring out their humanity–that’s often a dynamic that’s meant to be interpreted in a romantic context. This is further supported by the fact that Zarkon, another galra who struggles with his overwhelming emotions, has Haggar to kind of act as his Shiro and be a balm for him, help steady him and guide him. Again, this kind of relationship is already established as blatantly romantic. So I don’t think it’s accidental that sheith mimics it. 

There’s a singularity to Keith’s view on Shiro that feels distinctly romantic rather than brotherly. If someone’s just a friend or like a brother, then they’re not your entire world. You wouldn’t be “all alone” without them. And staying with what holo-Shiro said for a minute, his role there is pretty interesting. I’ve mentioned it before, but this idea of a knight having to sacrifice their love for the sake of their duty is a common theme, and we see that replicated here. And this idea of someone being sent to tempt the hero and try to lure them away from their duty, it’s pretty much always a romantic trope. Love interests are typically the kind of characters who would try to convince someone into believing they’re meant to be together and there’s no way the other person would be able to go on without them. It’s just not something that has a brotherly or platonic connotation.

There’s also the fact that holo-Shiro says “We’re your family.” As a reflection of Keith’s mind, he voices the fact that Keith sees all the paladins as found family. But he still views his relationship with Shiro as something much deeper. This makes Keith’s possessive mourning over Shiro all the more strange. When Pidge loses Matt and her dad, she doesn’t lash out at her mom about how she doesn’t care or isn’t doing enough. But Keith is another story.

If all of Team Voltron is his found family, then why act as if he’s the only one who cares about Shiro and no one else does? Why is pretty much everyone relatively understanding about Pidge’s situation–and why is she able to put her own feelings aside and carry on with the mission while Keith is portrayed as reckless and despondent with grief over constantly chasing after Shiro? Why does everyone have to pull him aside and tell him to move on when it seems like it’s been months but Pidge understands the mission has to come first in a matter of days? Pidge doesn’t seem to have any sort of dependency on her brother the way Keith and Shiro rely so heavily on one another. Obviously she loves Matt, but that love is shown to be very different from what we see between Shiro and Keith. 

The fact that we have all these parallels established between sheith and zaggar also says a lot. Because saying that sheith isn’t meant to be read as romantic while still having it be so similar to zaggar is just…very strange. It’s pointing at one dynamic and saying “This is what a romantic relationship in our narrative looks like,” but then establishing essentially the same dynamic again and dismissing it. Especially when, right from the start, Keith is shown saving Shiro, and it’s something that Kuron actually makes a point of mentioning. So, given that the other black paladin who was terrified of losing the person they loved and willing to do anything just to be with them–given that that’s a distinctly romantic relationship, I think it’s important to take that context into consideration. 

There are plenty of other close platonic relationships that Shiro and Keith could have been compared to. Hunk and Lance are also really good friends, but their interactions are clearly more casual and fun loving. There’s not this big dramatic weight bearing down on their relationship that you usually see from a will-they-or-won’t-they almost-couple, no tension. But sheith has plenty. Hunk and Lance obviously care about each other a lot, but they never pull one another aside and have a deeply personal, intimate, bleeding heart-to-heart. We see these quiet talks often with sheith though. Another telling sign is all the lingering, tender touches between Shiro and Keith.

Whether it’s the grounding weight of a hand on your shoulder or a warm embrace, these two are rather touchy-feely. Yes, Hunk is very huggable and he and Lance are very casual around each other. But again, their interactions aren’t regarded with the same depth and seriousness as Shiro and Keith’s. While it’s true that plenty of people have very close friends who they’re pretty openly affectionate with, it’s important to remember that this is a story, and most things they take the time to animate are meant to serve the narrative.

So, from a thematic standpoint, having these two characters with a hidden backstory who are always circling each other’s orbit, always exchanging little comforting touches here and there and offering quiet words of comfort, who are constantly scared of losing each other–typically, that’s how you build a romantic relationship. It’s not the way you’d usually establish a platonic one, and it’s not the way any other platonic relationships play out in Voltron either. Another sign that it’s not strictly platonic or brotherly is the fact that, while they’re still so close, there’s a noticeable distance. Like they’re both afraid and holding each other at arm’s length. Again, you don’t see this with Hunk and Lance; they’re perfectly comfortable being completely open with each other.

But Keith is always afraid one wrong move will cost him Shiro, always trying to do his best to make Shiro happy. He tells Shiro that he really changed his life, and it’s implied that maybe he thinks Shiro doesn’t realize just how much he means to him. That’s why, after Shiro does discover the full impact he’s had on Keith–after seeing how Keith’s worst fear is losing him in BOM–he never brings up the fact that something might happen to him again. Similarly, when Keith repeats “Patience yields focus,” Shiro’s whole face softens. His voice is nothing but fond when he asks, “That really stayed with you, didn’t it?” He didn’t know Keith cared that much, and he’s really touched.

And that’s something else–characters repeating each other’s deep, meaningful lines back to one another reads as distinctly romantic to me. Yeah, Hunk picks up on Lance’s favorite movie catchphrase, but it’s another example of how their relationship is more friendly and casual. It’s an effect used for comedic relief. That’s very different from Keith reciting Shiro’s mantra or the way these two greet each other with reversals of, “It’s good to have you back.” “It’s good to be back.” Context and tone are always so important.

I don’t mean to belittle platonic bonds in favor of romance though, or that one is more important than the other. Just that they’re both written very differently. That doesn’t mean they have to start off at completely separate points though. Shiro and Keith both really struggle with developing close, intimate relationships. Neither one really lets their walls down around anyone else, and they both often put on a brave face to shoulder the weight of the world alone. Keith especially struggles with social interaction, and he comes off as very touch averse. Both he and Shiro are also very private, reserved people. 

So, I honestly can’t picture either of them falling in love suddenly. For them, I imagine romantic attraction would have to come from first developing a deep emotional attachment to the person platonically–and from there, the relationship would organically progress to something more romantic. I can’t see Shiro and Keith’s relationship the way it is now in canon as ending platonically though. If anything, I would say queerplatonic, because then the intensity and commitment level of the partnership is the same as a romantic relationship. 

I mean, I might be bias because I have two brothers and what Shiro and Keith have does not read as brotherly at all to me. Not in the least. But I’ve had very close friends that I ended up developing romantic feelings for in the past, and that is what Keith’s feelings on Shiro really make me think of. Particularly when said friend is of the same gender and you’re unsure of your own feelings so you mistake that love for them being like a brother or sister at first. That’s very relatable to me. 

I’m pretty sure it’s also common for a narrative to imply a gay relationship by referring to characters as having a very close, sort of brotherly camaraderie as well. And characters naturally progressing from a close friendship or seeing someone as being like a brother and then having those feelings change to romantic interest over time–it’s fairly common for straight couples in fiction. You even see it with Aang and Katara. Had Shiro been a girl, I feel like there wouldn’t be so much insistence that sheith is meant to be just brotherly or platonic. But again, that’s just how I see it. 

anonymous asked:

6 24 35 with bucky if youre still doing the promts thanks

Send me prompts guys . I want to write them .


Other requested prompts will be posted tmr . 

#6“I cant believe i am doing this”
#24“Dont say anything or Ill rip your tongue “

#35“You’re gonna what”

I cant’t believe I am doing this .” you muttered to yourself as you clicked the confirm delivery and closed the laptop . Before anyone starts judging  hear this out , living in the tower and having an active sex life isn’t easy . Unless you were already with another avenger . But unfortunately for you going out on dates and actually meeting people was a no-no . Since you spent a lot of days out on mission and coming back you didn’t have enough energy to actually dress up and go out .  

And no one was making it easy for you. Everywhere you look there are these incredibly hot men and women barely wearing anything due to the scorching heat.

It was also tiring to see all these loved dovey couples making out in front of you and walking away probably  to have sex . It also didn’t help that you and Bucky were the only ones single . Like he can’t catch a fucking clue . Anyone within a mile radius would know and could see your massive crush on Bucky . Sometimes it felt like he just acted that way to rile you up . Soft touches , seductive glances , double meaning sentences , only added to your suspicion .

But obviously that old man was doing nothing . And you were getting frustrated . So you ordered a love egg . Yes ,a vibrator . At least that will give you love . Right? Wow . So lonely .

But fuck it . If you could make yourself happy and make yourself cum to the thoughts of James Buchanan Barnes you will do it . You will do it a million times . Also it is easy to carry . So , you can do it anywhere .

But what you feared the most is that the delivery address is the tower and if someone gets a hold of it before you do , you will never hear the end of it .

For the next 3 days you were so excited . And the guys picked it  up . They’d ask you so many questions . And you’d just laugh it off.

“Oooo Y/N . Do you have a date ? Is that why you are so happy?”Sam teased you as you all sat for dinner .

Bucky’s visibly tensed and his jaw tightened but your eyes were fixed on your food .

“Don’t know Sammy , you tell me.”. you say with a shrug .

After dinner you strut to your room only to find Bucky leaning against the door .

“Hey , what’s up?”, you asked trying to act cool . Like your heart rate didn’t speed up by a million times only at the sight of him .

“Umm , nothing  . Nothing . I just…”, he said as he looked up at you .

He just left without saying anything . You wanted to stop him but by the time your stupid brain could comprehend it he was gone .

But your mind couldn’t think about that . All you could think about was the delivery tomorrow . You got a message saying your item will be shipped tomorrow .  FUCK . You couldn’t wait to use it .

Morning came by pretty fast . You were just walking around the gate . Every five-ten minutes you’d just peak out  .You didn’t want to risk it getting caught.

But you had to pee so bad , so you decided you’d make a quick run to the bathroom and comeback . You threw your phone on the bed and went to do your business . When you came out , you saw that your phone lit up in notification .


You ran as fast as you could , trying to not slip on the floors and break your head.

You took the turn and reached the gate .

FUUUUCKKK . This can’t be happening .

You saw Bucky holding the package , the cardboard cover already ripped off . You were just looking at the package , not having the courage to look him into his eyes  . You slowly lifted your head and found him smirking at you . FUUCK  . WHY???Why did it have to be him ?? At least it wasn’t Sam .

He started walking towards you , more like strutting towards you and you backed away . What if he was going to tell the others . The kind of creepy smile he was giving , you were sure he will spread it out  .

Don’t say anything or I’ll rip your tongue out.”, you hear yourself saying . But obviously that didn’t deter him . His smirk only grew deeper and his eyes darker .

“That’s not how you say please Y/N. But don’t worry I don’t plan on telling anyone.”, you sighed heavily . He is a nice man after all .

“On one condition.” FUCK .Maybe not such a nice man .

“Which is?”, you ask curiously and a little irritated.

You now realised that you managed to walk into an empty room . He closed the doors and locked them up . You were both alone in here .

“I am going to try it out on you .”

You are gonna what?”, you said instantly .

He backed you up against a wall , his breath fanning over your face .

“I will not tell anyone about this if you let me try it on you . You know , to check if it is working.”

Yeah right . To check if it is working.

He ripped the box and now had the small egg shaped vibrator in his hand . His pressed the button and it started vibrating .

He lifted it up to your face and dragged it along your neck .

“Bucky…”, you moaned as it hit the sweet spot between your neck and collar bone .

You cupped his face and brought his lips to yours  . The kiss was urgent and full of desire . You broke the kiss when you felt your nipples hardening below the vibrator . He circled it around your hard nipples as his other hand pushed your shorts down to your knees  . He turned you around suddenly and pressed you against the wall and pull your hips out .

He wrapped his flesh arm around your waist as the other travelled down to your soaked panties .

He rubbed your clit with the toy from over your panties . He increased it’s frequency and a jolt of pressure hit you . You pushed back into his crotch , only to find him hard as fuck .

“Fuck baby , you are soaking wet.”, he whispered into your ear , pushing the vibrator with more force .

“Please.”, you whined .

He seemed to understand what you wanted and he pulled your panties to your knees and spread your lips with the toy .

You knees gave out , and your whole body was convulsing at the intensity of it , but luckily Bucky had a tight grip on you .

“You like that Y/N?”

“Yes , so fucking much.”
“So this is what you’ve been excited about. I thought you had a date.” It sounded like he was kinda jealous .

“Were you jealous?”, you asked teasingly .

He pushes the head of the vibrator slightly into your dripping cunt , while the side still stimulating your cunt .

“Me? Jealous? No way baby doll . I am not jealous of anyone .”
“Mmmm , fuck Bucky .”
“Are you gonna cum ? Are you gonna cum for me Y/N?”

“Yes , yes , yes, fuuucckk…..”, you moaned as you went limp in his hands , you came harder than before . Soaking up the vibrator and his metal fingers .

He held you until your breathing regulated and turned you around . He placed a soft kiss on your lips . You moaned into it and so did he .

“You know , you could have just asked me . My metal fingers do exactly what that toy does .  Maybe better.”


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Hello, Beauty

PIETRO MAXIMOFF x Plus Size Reader

Request Hey girly! Can I request a little Pietro one shot where he flirts with the reader obnoxiously, like sexual and super flirty(because that’s totally his thing) and no matter how hard everyone tries to convince her he’s being serious she’s like “no wtf he’s Pietro Maximoff that’s just how he is” but then he gets home from a gnarly mission or something and he tells her he just needs to hold her? Pleaseeeee💘

Pietro flirts with no shame, but you’re too dense to realize he’s being honest.

Content: Pining, confessing feelings, mention of a near death experience

Pietro flirts with you. That’s his thing. He swoops in and out of your presence at random times throughout the day, and never leaves without at least a wink or a, “Hey, hottie,” or a smirk as he runs his eyes up and down your body. He’s so obnoxiously obvious about it that you know it’s a joke, even though you wish it wasn’t. You’ve seen him literally charm the pants off of at least three dozen girls in the past year you’ve known him. He flirts with everybody, every single member of your mutual group of friends, and it never once occurs to you that he gives you that little extra bit of attention. Because he doesn’t, as far as you can see, so you continue on trying to ignore that weight on your chest whenever he gives you a compliment or says something slightly filthy. And of course Pietro never makes you uncomfortable, always says he’ll back off if you want him to, but you don’t ever want him to stop. Even though the tugging at your heartstrings and the nights of feeling completely and utterly lonely are almost a hundred percent due to him not returning your feelings at this point, he makes you feel good. The glances and the words and the little touches and hugs and kisses on the cheek make you feel like a damn superstar, and sometimes you don’t even care if he ever falls in love with you or not so long as he doesn’t stop being your friend. So you suffer in silence, and you know you’ll never go a day without at least one compliment as long as Pietro is around.

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Splitting Up

Request: Hey! I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader and peter and bff’s (she knows that he is spider-man) and one day he comes over after a mission he see’s her crying, he asks why and she explains that her mom and dad are splitting up for good and he just holds her and cleans her up and cuddling? thanks! 

Warnings: None.


Originally posted by misunderstood-adventures

You were watching a movie on the couch when the phone rang.
You sighed when you saw who was calling.

“Hello?” You bit your lip.

“Hi, honey.” A sad voice came through the phone.

“Mom? Are you okay?” You sat up a little straighter.

Your heart sank when you heard the next sentences; “Y/N. we didn’t want to do it like this… But we have to stay here in Ohio for another week. We need to tell you now. Your father and I are… Separating.”

You breathed heavily into the phone.

“Are you alright, honey?” Your mother asked, after you had fallen silent.

“Yeah… I’m- fine. I’m- kinda busy right now. I’ll talk to you later.” You hung up the phone, dropping your phone on the floor and tucking your knees into your chest. Why? Why? You knew they had arguments, you knew they had fights. But why?

Suddenly you heard a knock at your door.

‘Peter’ you thought. You couldn’t wait to see him, he had been off on a mission for two weeks, but you didn’t want him to see you like this.

When you answered the door he had the biggest smile you had ever seen. But it quickly dropped when he noticed your tear stained face.

“Y/N/N? Are you alright?” He let himself in and shut the door.

You looked up at him, daring to meet his eyes, “My-my parents…”

Peter walked with you to your couch. He remembered the countless times you had called Peter, crying, because our parents were having a fight.

“I’m so sorry.” He whispered to you.

He laid himself across the couch, and you curled up into his arms.

“I just thought… It seemed like they were better.” You sobbed out.

“I know,” He agreed, rubbing your shoulder. He hushed you, promising that you’d be okay.

“I love you,” You whispered to him, closing your eyes.

“I love you, too.”



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Numinous [Stop 2]

Summary: (Roadtrip!Au) In which you and the one person you hate get stuck together while venturing across the country in search of change.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing, angst!

A/N: …heyo. it’s been like a month, but i’ve been so tired and so busy and it’s been so long since i’ve had the inspiration to write, but i did it anyway, so have this mess of a chapter. thank you for the birthday wishes, guys! it honestly made me so happy

Originally posted by existentialmalaises

“Hey FRIDAY, could you tell him that I’m here?” 

“I’m afraid he isn’t here, Miss [Y/N].”

“What do you mean?” your voice was surprised. “Has he gone to the gym or something?”

“He left on the quinjet today morning with Captain Rogers, miss.” You uncomfortably adjusting the bag slung across your shoulder.

“Is he coming back today? Is it a day mission?” You were incredibly confused. 

Checking the date on your phone, and after going through your messages again, you deduced that you were at the right location at the right time.

So why hadn’t he told you he was going?

You even told him you were leaving only by that afternoon, having to finish up some work. That left him plenty of time to inform you.

“I am not allowed to disclose that information, unfortunately.”

“Could you call him for me, FRIDAY?”  you asked, walking to your usual guest room to drop off your bag.

“Yes, of course,” she said, and immediately the room was filled with the dial tone as it rung.

Until it stopped, as no one picked up. That was strange. He always picked up his calls.

“Could you try again, FRIDAY?” Tiredly rubbing your eyes after the near five hour journey, you changed into something more comfortable. You were only there for that weekend, having no plans other than catching up with the team and your best friend. 

Nobody picked up the second time either, leading you to furrow your eyebrows in confusion,

“Should I try again, miss?”

“It’s okay, FRIDAY… I’ll just try a little later.”

The only reason you woke up was due to the heat of the sun falling onto your exposed face, making you groan. You squirmed away from the disturbance, letting out a squeak when you almost fell off the bed.

It was silent, a contrast to the usual flurry of alarms that forced you awake. It was tempting to just lay there for a couple of more hours and forget everything that ever happened, but as yesterday returned to your memory, you shot upright, looking around for him.

There were no sheets strewn on the ground, no pillows haphazardly fallen about.

He was gone.

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Star Wars Age!Squash AU, Comic #08

Padawan Era - Xanatos & Obi-Wan

Obi-Wan Kenobi barely avoided being sent to the Agri-Corps and losing his chance to become a Jedi when he was chosen as the Padawan of Xanatos du Crion. Only a few hours have passed and Obi-Wan is still buzzing with disbelief while his friends congratulate him when he is suddenly contacted by his new Master. He has not packed and doesn’t even have the time to say good bye as he scrambles to obey, eager to not disappoint Xanatos. But his new Master’s orders get stranger and stranger, and Xanatos only provides sweet smiles and no answers. Obi-Wan doesn’t know whether he should be wary of their suspicious activities or whether he should just be grateful he has a Master willing to take him at all. Obi-Wan quickly realizes he knows very little about his new Master.

                               <<< PREV                          NEXT >>>

This is part of the Star Wars Age!Squash AU. Find all other posts through THIS MASTERPOST. Update schedule for future posts will also be on the Masterpost!

Morphine and Mountains

Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader

Summary: you love your sleep but you might just probably love Bucky Barnes more, so you’re willing to sacrifice it. Besides, it’s Valentine’s Day and there has to be a good reason he’s waking you up at two o’clock in the morning.

Word count: 2,510

Warnings: none, just your typical cavity-inducing fluff

You were abruptly woken from a dreamless sleep by a hand gently shaking your shoulder. You hummed shortly in response, one hand going to rub your eyes as they flickered open.

‘Baby, wake up,’ Bucky hushed, thumb stroking your cheek, coaxing you out of your slumber.

‘What’s s’wrong?’ you mumbled, face half-buried in your pillow. You huffed and turned onto your back, studying Bucky’s face for any indication of a nightmare.

Bucky was kneeling by your bed looking very much nightmare-less; you could barely see him, the only light source being the silvery moonlight peeking through the gap in your curtains, but he didn’t appear scared or shaken in the slightest.

You sighed. ‘The sun’s not even up, Barnes, why are we?’

Bucky chuckled and leaned down to kiss your forehead. ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, Doll.’

You paused and then counted the days in your head. The mission you had just come back from had messed with your sense of timing.

‘I know you’re allergic to roses,’ Bucky continued, ‘so I got you these … Valentine … orchids …’

You bit your lip and tried to stifle the giggle that slipped out at his words and looked at the black vase that sat on your bedside table from which several pale pink blossoms sprouted.

‘Buck, you shouldn’t have,’ you murmured, cheeks heating as they reddened.

You appreciated the sentiment momentarily and then glared at him half-seriously. ‘Is this one of those things where you’re waking me up at midnight to be all cute and stuff? Because the morphine’s making me drowsy so this isn’t going to turn out the same way it did on my birthday.’ Your hands ran through your hair, styling it subconsciously.

He smirked in response and ran his fingers with a feather-like touch over your knee, wrapped in gauze and supported by a brace, over your sweatpants. ‘Is it hurting?’

‘Not right now,’ you replied. ‘And as much as I love you, I’m exhausted.’

‘I know but I promise it’s worth it,’ Bucky insisted.

‘What are you talking about?’ Your eyes flickered to the clock on your bedside table. ‘Why are we awake at two a.m?’

Bucky was ushering you to sit up, one hand holding yours and the other going behind your back to help you. ‘You’ll see when we get there,’ he promised.

‘Bucky, I’m a mess right now,’ you groaned. ‘It’s early and I’m still injured and …’ You trailed off, losing yourself to Bucky’s argument made by his soft blue eyes. Dammit. You rolled your eyes. ‘I’ll get up if you kiss me,’ you offered.

Bucky frowned, scrunching his eyebrows together. ‘No, you’re gross in the morning,’ he argued childishly.

You scoffed, a hand going over your heart. ‘You’re gross in the morning.’

‘You make a compelling argument.’

‘You make an irritating human being.’

Doll,’ Bucky whined, dragging the nickname out, ‘it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s an entire twenty-four hours dedicated to our love and I wanna make it special.’

His words made you want to throw up with how cute they were and you knew that he knew that. 

‘Well then,’ you replied, hand going through his hair as he nuzzled your neck, ‘by your logic … shouldn’t you be kissing me?’

Bucky huffed a quiet laugh against your neck and complied, tilting his head up and leaning close, stopping when he was barely a centimeter away from your lips. ‘I still think you’re gross,’ he whispered before molding his lips chastely against yours, muffling and silencing your laughter and sending waves of butterflies in the pit of your stomach. His arms wound themselves around your waist, pulling you closer to the warmth of his body, your hands cupping his neck as you kissed back.

You pulled away first, much too quickly for his liking, and you chuckled at the dazed look in his eyes as they fluttered open. ‘I think I should hold up my end of the deal,’ you smirked.

Bucky stood up and helped you swing your injured leg over the side of the bed, then bringing your black Converses from their place by your bedroom door and putting them on for you, tying up the laces and all. He held onto both of your hands and pulled you gently to your feet. He passed you your crutches, keeping one hand hovering by your lower back as he walked next to you out of your room and to the elevator.

‘Where are we going?’ you tried prodding.

‘You’ll see when we get there,’ Bucky replied simply. The man looked a little too smug, caught up in his excitement for whatever he had planned for you; you leaned against his chest, still slightly drowsy from the medication you were on and from being woken up so early.

Bucky lead you to a newly-polished black Audi Q7; the car was usually covered in mud and dirt from how much Bucky drove it around so a clean car, as simple the idea, was enough to alert you almost into full consciousness.

‘You can go back to sleep,’ Bucky said, climbing into the driver’s seat after helping you into yours and tucking the crutches safely away.

You could already feel how tired you were again as you nestled into the leather seat. ‘You sure?’

Bucky smiled at you, watching your eyes close easily and hands draw the sleeves of your back sweater over your fingers.

‘It’s a long drive,’ he replied softly. ‘I’ll wake you when we get there.’

When you woke up by your own accord, Bucky was still driving; one hand was on the wheel and the other was holding yours. It was still dark outside; the very beginnings of the sunrise were starting to peek through, preparing to take over. You could immediately tell that you were far from the city. The sky was clear, the stars freed from the shrouds of pollution and the near-full moon with free reign, overlooking the earth. Tall beech and red spruce trees reached up and brushed the sky, swaying slightly in the light wind.

‘Where’ve you taken me, Barnes?’ you mumbled, voice still thick with fatigue. Your knee was starting to ache.

‘We’re almost there,’ he replied, eyes searching the area in front of him. ‘Just gotta … find the right place.’ After several more minutes, pulled the car to a stop and turned the engine off.

‘Bucky?’ you murmured nervously, sitting straight in your seat and running your fingers though your hair.

‘Wait a sec,’ he said, jumping from his seat and jogging around the front of the car to open your door and help you out. ‘You can leave your crutches,’ he added, drawing your arm around his shoulders and his around your waist to help you walk.

‘Bucky Barnes Safety Inspector,’ you scolded teasingly, ‘how dare you.’

‘I know,’ he sighed self-deprecatingly. ‘Steve has corrupted me.’

You giggled, and looked around you. The front of the car had been facing a forest of bare and evergreen trees, shuddering in the cool winter breeze. Dirt paths had been ploughed through the ground, most likely by use of the area. Bucky walked with you around to the back of the car which overlooked one of the most breath-taking sights you had ever seen.

In the near distance, you could see a wide, winding river snake through the ground between several mountains of varying disordered sizes. The moonlight which was slowly fading, giving way to the approaching dawn, reflected on the still water like white torchlight over opaque glass. The stars seemed to be connected by arcs of sharp, thin light, scattered generously across the ink-blue sky. The mountains were solid shadow, almost pure black against the lighter background.

And then you realised where you were. These were the Adirondack Mountains. Bucky had driven for over four hours - for you.

You heard Bucky breathe a sigh of relief. ‘I thought were were gonna be late,’ he muttered.

‘Late for what?’

Bucky blushed and busied himself by turning to open the boot of the car. ‘To watch the sunrise,’ he replied, suddenly seeming shy.

You watched him, warmth spreading through your heart as the broad-chested, six-foot war hero shrunk to the shyness of a child; there was a hint of pride like he knew how much you loved him and this - and you did. Bucky Barnes was practically the personification of romantic.

You leaned slightly against him as he opened the boot; the back seats had been pushed down for more room and the floor had been cushioned with several blankets and what you recognised as the comforter from Bucky’s bed back in the compound. A dozen LED tealights were scattered around, nestled in the comforter. There was a pile of blankets and pillows (again from Bucky’s room) and a dark wicker picnic basket. You almost disintegrated from how cliche and cute the whole ordeal was.

‘Is this okay?’ Bucky asked quietly. ‘It’s kind of disgustingly cheesy, I know.’

‘Oh my God, I love you,’ you laughed, cupping his face and kissing his cheek.

Bucky snickered at your reaction. ‘I wanted to use real candles,’ he said, ‘but, y’know, fire hazard.’

You nodded mockingly. ‘Safety is the new sexy,’ you said wisely.

‘Damn straight,’ Bucky teased, shoving you much lighter than usual, still weary of your leg.

You let out a short laugh at him.

‘Okay, put your arms around me,’ Bucky prompted as he put his hands on your waist and lifted you with ease into the fort he had made. You shuffled back to lean against the back of the middle seats.

‘Y’know,’ Bucky started, climbing in after you and flicking the tealights on, ‘I’ve used a lot of different equipment, a lot of weaponry, I live with the man who’s the definition of futuristic technology and I have a metal arm but …’ Bucky turned the last light on and placed it back down, ‘I’ll never get over how awesome batteries are.’

You furrowed your brow and grinned almost confusedly at him. ‘What is wrong with you?’ you laughed, giggling harder when Bucky lightly wrestled you down so you were lying almost flat on your back.

‘Why’re you being so mean to me today?’ he scolded playfully.

‘You had batteries back in the twentieth century!’

‘Well yeah but now they’re all tiny and awesome.’

You doubled over, rubbing your face with your hands. ‘I literally hate you so much.’

‘Whatever, no you don’t,’ Bucky grinned as he sat up and pulled out a small glass bottle of your liquefied morphine from the basket. ‘You’re totally in love with me, you nerd.’

‘You wish, you loser,’ you scoffed.

‘You love me,’ Bucky taunted and passed you the bottle and the plastic spoon that had come with it. ‘You should take another dose,’ he said, the banter fading.

‘You really know how to please a girl, you know that?’ you smirked.

‘Yeah, I do,’ Bucky teased. ‘Doll, seriously, it’s been almost twelve hours since your last one and this is the only situation I’m ever gonna make you take a narcotic drug.’

‘Oh Bucky, talk medical to me,’ you breathed.

Bucky scoffed, eyes crinkling as he shook his head and smiled at you. ‘Yeah, okay, I think I hate you too.’

You chuckled and swallowed half a spoonful of the medication, grimacing at the bitter taste.

‘What else you got in the basket, Barnes?’

‘Er - only enough chocolate-covered strawberries to give us diabetes!’

You grinned and dropped the morphine back in the basket. ‘You’re the best.’

‘C’mere,’ Bucky murmured.

He held his arm out and you complied to the gesture, locking in place by resting your head on his abdomen and winding an arm around his waist. Bucky leaned forward, careful not to disturb the position you both were in, and drew a blanket across you both, tossing another one over you and then cuddling you closer to his chest. The man was a walking block of marble carved into the form of a perfect specimen; his chest was hard with muscle and nearly devastated with years of battle and torture but was warm and far from uncomfortable. His Vibranium arm lay on your back, metal digits brushing soft haphazard shapes near your spine. Your free hand fiddled with the fingers of his, brushing your thumb along his palm.

‘You okay?’ Bucky murmured.

You leaned further into his chest, finding it impossible to put it all into words. Throughout your relationship, the man spoiled you with dinner reservations, picnics on the balcony of the tower, midnight drives or walks after sunset. Small moments, experiences, memories. You figured this year, this particular holiday clashing with your injuries would mean that nothing really would happen.  Plus you were spending a lot of your time in a morphine-induced, drowsy, somnolent state And yet, here you were.

‘Yeah,’ you hummed. ‘I can’t believe you did this for me.’

‘Was nothing,’ Bucky replied, sounding almost bashful.

‘You woke up at two in the morning to drive me out  for four hours,’ you scoffed, leaning up to kiss his cheek. ‘And this isn’t the first time you’ve done something like this. You’re kind of amazing, Barnes.’

Bucky smirked and nodded slowly. ‘I’m pretty awesome,’ he said, feigning seriousness. ‘I mean …’ His eyes searched around, unable to maintain eye contact with you in his state of bashfulness. ‘In all honesty, I sort of thought I grew out of stuff like this after everything that happened. But … when I met you and started going out with you I realised I … wanted this moment with you and I wanted it all the time.’

You bit your lip and your heart practically swelled. ‘Well, I love it here,’ you told him matter-of-factly but unable to fully stifle your smile, ‘and I’m very lucky to have you, and I love you.’

The sky began to burn with the oncoming sun, a brilliant layer of orange and yellow lighting the sky into a pale blue that nearly rivaled the colour of Bucky’s eyes. A white light became brighter and brighter with every second from the base of the furthest mountain.

Bucky smiled softly at you, eyes brightening like they always did whenever you told him you loved him. Like he was almost surprised you did, like he didn’t expect to hear you say it.

‘I love you too,’ he breathed, lifting your hand that rested on his abdomen and pressing several kisses across your knuckles. ‘And I really want you to know that I do. So much, I couldn’t put it into words.’ 

The morning breeze, usually like sharp ice against your skin, was barricaded away by the plush blankets Bucky had surrounded you both with; your legs were carefully entangled with his and his fingers were still drawing circles in your back, lulling you into a peaceful state of mind where time seemed to stand still. You could practically feel Bucky’s love for you in your bones.

You smiled gently and lay there with him, holding him.

‘I know.’


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Could I request for headcanons about Lance, Keith, Hunk & Shiro having a bad day but shy s/o wants to cheer him up! They pull him to somewhere private, ask him to bend down to their level to give him a quick peck on the lips. How do they react?

this is adorable oh my god ??? enjoy! (sorry if this seems more like scenarios my bad)


> It would begin because he felt his insecurities rising up within him again he end up being more quiet because of it. His s/o notices immediately although no one else does. The normally loud and silly boyfriend of theirs was changing before their eyes. 

> They tug on his arm gently to get his attention and when he looks to them, the nod their head off to the side. Lance somehow knows what it means already and nods. They both walk off towards an empty hallway.

> There aren’t any words exchanged between the two. At first it ends up being a long hug, their fingers combing through his brown hair for a few minutes before he finally pulls away with a somewhat sad smile. 

> He thanks them for the comfort and mentions that they should go back before people start asking questions and they agree. 

> “Hey, Lance?” “Yeah?” “Come closer for a sec.” 

> He doesn’t hesitate but is curious as to what his s/o is up to until the feeling of their warm lips comes to his own for a split second.

> And that was enough to make him feel as strong as twenty men. He sends a few flirtatious comments their way before pulling them into another hug. It was a good step towards their relationship because they’d usually ask to kiss him and he was glad that they were able to come out of their shell, at least a little bit.

> Afterwards it looks like he’s practically floating on cloud nine and everyone was relieved that he was feeling better now. 

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> Something about his family came up and he snapped at the entire team. He was frustrated. He wanted to scream at the top of his lungs and hated that he couldn’t have any link to his past. He felt lost and abandoned which was voiced towards the others. 

> Everyone was in shock but side eyed his s/o while he stormed off. They said they got it and ran off after the male.

> Keith turns around abruptly with an almost pained look on his face, ready to yell again but his features softened when he realized who it was. His expression changed from angry to hurt in a second. 

> He apologizes every two seconds because he can’t think of something else to say and they shake their head.

> They pull on his arm and lead him to their room for some privacy. 

> It was mostly him ranting about how he felt over the situation and how he knew they had the priority to defend the universe but he wished that he could at least have some knowledge of his family first. They listened to it all and soothingly rubbed his back.

> After he finished they shared a moment of silence. He looked like he felt better but they wanted to put the cherry on top and give it that little extra shove. Without a word the gently tugged Keith down by his collar and pecked his lips. 

> It caused him to blush deeply, which made his s/o blush as well but it ended up in laughter in the end. The small, sweet kiss was a big step for both of you and more were happily shared after.

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> He felt homesick and there was no other way around it. At all. He wanted to go back to Earth to see his big Samoan family and have their traditional dishes you couldn’t get up in space.

> He’s known to ramble when he feels anxious and he does just that for a few seconds before going totally silent once he realizes he has everyone’s attention. He gets embarrassed so quickly. 

> Hunk apologizes and everyone awkwardly goes back to their business. His s/o feels bad so they walk over to him and pointed towards the kitchen. “Wanna bake?” 

> They knew it helped clear his mind so they’d cook just about anything to help him feel better and he couldn’t help but smile slightly. 

> They wander into the kitchen and get out some ingredients but Hunk stops halfway through. He can’t help but think about his family more. 

> His s/o goes over and hugs him from behind, he places his hands over theirs. 

> He talks again without stopping until he realizes he’s been talking too much and, again, he begins to apologize. They hush him before walking to be in front of him. 

> Hunk is a little confused when motioned closer by his significant other but does so anyway and he’s pleasantly surprised when a cute peck is placed onto his lips. He can’t help but find it so cute that he picks them up, spins around in a circle, and exclaims he feels a million times better! 

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> Shiro would feel an intense amount of pressure as the leader one day. He’d feel like that the team is falling apart after a certain mission but knew they’d come back together the next day. Even so, he’d still need some comforting.

> He was being pestered somewhat with everyone’s questions and bickering and comments. He felt overwhelmed. 

> His s/o would jump in as soon as they could but they wouldn’t make a big scene of it, not wanting all the attention to be on them. 

> They’d pull Shiro away from the rest of the team and stay right outside the door, quietly giving him a small pep talk. 

> They knew how stressed he was feeling and how hard it must be to lead this team but they spoke of how proud they are of him. How happy they were to be with him no matter what happened. 

> It helped him calm down as he took deep breaths.

> Shiro would lean against the wall next to the doorframe and his s/o would lean against him in a somewhat loose hug. They could still hear everyone else bickering inside. 

> “Well.. Sounds like I’m needed insi-” He was cut off by a quick peck at the lips and his eyes widened for a moment. Nervous laughter falls from his lips and he rubs the back of his head. It was unexpected, sure, but still meant just as much to him as any other kiss would. It showed that they cared enough to help him calm down. And that meant everything to him.

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Clone Wars preference: How would Ahsoka, Fives, Savage Opress, Obi-wan, and Cody confess to their crushes?

I wrote this with the idea that they’re confessing how their actually In Love with their s/o and not just that they “like” them~

Ahsoka: Because of her Jedi training she’d likely try to repress her feelings at first. Usually she pretty blunt and open about things but this was different and she wasn’t entirely sure how to handle it. Eventually though, she got scared of loosing you and confessed by giving into her urge to kiss you.

Fives: He actually confessed pretty early on. Life is short even without the war to think about and he believes in being true to yourself and your feelings. So one day when you two had some down time to spend together he just straight up told you “I’m crazy about you”

Savage: He doesn’t hide his feeling, really, but he doesn’t straight up confess them either. He shows how he feels by doing things like being protective of you, letting you vent to him when upset, etc. In the end it’s up to you to actually confront him about how he feels about you, only then will he admit everything

Obi-wan: So Obi is a complete flirt, but he’s like that with everyone, right? You may flirt back knowing there could never actually be anything between you but then one day after a very bad mission, he comes to your quarters/apartment with this lost look on his face and says “I know I can’t feel this way about you. But I think I love you and it terrifies me.”

Cody: Again, this one doesn’t really hide his feelings, he flirts and cares about you but is kinda reluctant to actually say those three words. Something very bad or life threatening would have to happen before he, almost in a panic, says he’s completely in love with you and can’t loose you. 

Midnight Drinks- Tony Stark

I loved this one so much okay. It’s a little short but I thought it was fun. But also as a sidenote… Please drink responsibly & legally. Much love guys xx

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Request: @sugarbabysteph Hi Fennec! 8 & 24 From the Prompt List You Just Reblogged With Tony Stark Would Be So Funny!!

Requests: Closed

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For the third time this week, you were sat at the bar in the Avengers tower, rummaging through Tony’s impressive liquor collection, trying to find your favourites, Cherry Vodka, Triple Sec, and the extra ice you always put into your drinks. 

Tony had been out on missions for the past few weeks, he didn’t come home for days at a time, and when he did, he spent most of his time sleeping. That left you lonely, and you were looking for new ways to pass the time. 

This week, was focused on drinking. 

Tony was an avid drinker, and had an impressive collection of just about every liquor you could imagine. While he was on missions, you were going through his collection, taking all the shots you could imagine, and mixing whatever weird concoctions Pinterest told you to. With your newfound knowledge of all the different liquors, you could give Tony a run for his money. 

It was 9 o’clock when you ventured down to the bar, wearing one of Tony’s Black Sabbath t-shirts and some shorts. By now, you had 3 glasses of what you liked to call a Cherry Stem, 5 or six shots of raw vodka, and 2 glasses of Whiskey as you scrolled through Pinterest trying to find a new drink to try. That proved to be very boring. 

Instead, you sat on the bar, your feet on the chairs, drinking straight from the bottle of Absolut, keeping your view on the television a few feet in front of you, as some music video played in the background. 

There wasn’t much going on in your mind right now, you were just enjoying the music, and the buzz you felt from all the alcohol. 

Before you knew it, you found yourself standing on the bar, running your fingers through your hair, smiling as you turned around and found the person you were missing standing in the doorway, looking slightly infuriated. 

“Tony!” You yelled out, watching him walk towards you, with his eyebrows furrowed. 

He was tired to say the least, he was finally back home, hoping for sleep, but instead, he had 3 suits to fix, and a plan to send in to Fury before tomorrow night. Angry didn’t even begin to describe how he felt. But seeing his girlfriend dancing on his bar just barely lifted his spirits, even as he walked towards you, seeing you smiling so brightly. In fact, he was really confused. 

“(Y/N), are you drunk?” He asked as he got to the bar. 

“Maybe…” You were slurring your words, making Tony eye you suspiciously. 

“How was the mission?” You asked looking down at him, which made him snap back into the anger he had just barely escaped. 

You noticed his expression change, and bent down from your standing position so that you were sitting on the bar now, eye level with Tony as you smirked at him. 

“Let’s not talk about that, okay?” He said, a slight hint of anger in his voice. 

“No, tell me what’s wrong!” 

You put a hand on his chest, tilting your head to the side as you waited for him to say something. He didn’t even say a word, but his actions made something stir in you. You don’t know why, but watching his jaw clench in anger, and his chest heave as he let out an exasperated breath, you felt the warm feeling in your stomach and moaned as you through your head back. 

“You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” 

Tony was dumbstruck, seeing you drunk, slurring your words with a huge smile on your face and clouded eyes, it was all a new experience for him. It was usually you carrying him up to your shared bedroom, getting water bottles for the next day. He never thought he would be the one doing it for you. 

“Alright darling, you gotta go to bed. Let’s go.” He said, picking you up from the counter, making you scream out for a moment before laughing again, looking him in the eyes as you leaned forward to lean your head on his shoulder. 

He looked down at you, watching as you smiled into his shoulder, holding his hands as you tried to steady yourself. He wanted to laugh at your antics, but he just found himself smiling down at you as you started walking with him. While you were mumbling indistinctly to him, even in the elevator, waiting for the sound letting you know you were finally on your level.

“C’mon babe, let’s go,” Tony said as he led you to the king size bed, watching as you nearly tripped over your own feet and the carpet you had insisted stay in the bedroom. Tony gently laid you down into the bed, pulling the covers over you, and going to change before he joined you. 

Once you were both in bed, you rolled over to Tony’s side, and pushed your face into his chest, feeling the cool metal of the arc reactor against your cheek. Thinking for a few moments, you laid there with Tony, his fingers running through your hair as you finally voiced what you were thinking. 

“Maybe we should drink together, Tony… It’s fun…” You slurred. Tony laughed at your comment, making you turn to look at him. “It’s really fun until you wake up the next morning with a pounding headache, and the feeling of everything you ate over the past few days coming up.” He said. 

You groaned and buried your head in his chest again, listening to his heartbeat as you returned to your comfortable silence, drunk off your ass but happy you were with the person you loved. Even though you would regret it in the morning, you wouldn’t change the amount of alcohol you consumed, or the moment Tony walked in. You were completely content, and couldn’t wait for the day Tony would finally let you drink with him.

My omega // Thor Odinson x reader // A/B/O // Smut

Request:  A/B/O Thor? Oml, I love your writing. I can so imagine that he’d be rough, biting, lotus position, doggy-style, omfg 🔥🔥🔥 -🦁

Warning: SMUT, biting, rough sex, 

Originally posted by thorduna

The heat was unbearable, my scent was probably sneaking from under the door and into the rest of the tower so the Alphas could smell it.

I was deathly afraid because of how Thor would react when I didn’t tell him of my heat coming before he left for his mission a few days ago. There was a knock on my door, I panicked. 

“Darling?” Thor opened the door and saw me whining and grinding up against his pillow. “Darling, Are you in?” He walked towards the bed and pulled me to him by my ankle. 

I nodded and whimpered as his hand held my thigh,  “Do you not remember what I have told you?” His voice was bold, I nodded “I didn’t want you to worry” I squeal as he slipped his hand down my panties.

“Should have told me anyway” 

his hand started to rub my clit, I bucked my hips into his hand. “Stay still Darling”

I grabbed his wrist as he entered his fingers in my pussy, “fuck!” Thor had pressed his fingers onto my g-spot. “S-sir please!” I moaned, his thumb rubbed my clit, I couldn’t handle it. I needed his knot. “What do you need Omega?” he growled, he pressed his thumb onto my clit harder, enough to send me over the edge. With a howl, I came onto his fingers.

 He pulled his fingers out of my cunt. He licked my cum off of his fingers. I whimpered for him. He looked at me, he smirked “what do you want my Omega” moaning, I crawled up onto his lap. “I need your knot” I whimpered, I grabbed the button of Thor’s jeans, I started to undo it. Thor grabbed the end of my shirt and lifted it off of me.

He ripped my bra off. “Thor!” I squealed, I grabbed on to go shoulder as he sucked on my breast. I pulled on his hair, “I need your Alpha cock in me!” He pulled off his pants and boxers. He groaned as he felt my tight cunt. Tears of pleasure started to fill my eyes. “Thor! Thor!” I moaned and tugged on his hair. “Does it feel good Darling?” “Yes! Yes! Yes!

He pushed me onto my back

His cock rubbed my g-spot, I screamed out in pleasure, “I need your knot!” His hand started to rub my clit, a another mind-blowing orgasm, Thor groaned. He pulled out leaving me to whimper, he flipped me over and pushed my head into the pillows.

“Your cunt feels so good wrapped around my cock darling” I moaned, a tear started to slide down my cheek, Thor bit onto my shoulder.

I rolled my eyes back and a third orgasm took me, “T-thor!! Please!” Thor groaned

His knot caught, hot spurts of cum coated my walls, I let out a cry of pleasure and clutched the bedsheets. “Thor..” I whimpered aa he pulled out He laid beside me and wrapped his arms around me. “Sleep darling”
Thor/Loki fics posted since leaving AO3* (updated 6/26)

To Keep

For the winning giveaway request from @writernotwaiting:

Re: thorki ficlet giveaway – would you consider writing a fic in response to a poem of mine titled “Preservable Ephemera”? It was posted on my Tumblr, and can be found on the home page under “poetry, part I.” Off anon is fine. You decide whether fluff or smut seems best.

1,600 words. Complete. Human AU.  


Thor and Loki go camping. Four drabble prompt fills made into a ficlet.

400 words. Complete. Human AU. Sibling Incest.


For this prompt from @janedoe876 : Thorki- Would love if they were in a relationship married or dating. And that one day Thor comes back from a mission and he hears noises coming from Loki’s bed chambers, as he get closer he hears moaning and walks in to find Loki touching himself moaning Thor’s name. Would love if they were sweet to each other.

2k. Explicit. Complete. MCU-ish. Sibling Incest.


8K. Explicit. Complete. Arranged marriage AU. Asgard. 


Thor and Loki try to figure themselves out.

11K. Explicit. Complete. Human AU. Contemporary Setting. Sibling Incest.


Loki looks for the point.

4k. Explicit. Complete. Loosely set in MCU, post-Ragnarok. Sibling incest.


Loki takes his cues from the birds. Spring fic.

7k. Complete. Human AU. Contemporary setting. Sibling incest.


Loki is an actor whose work has overtaken his life and left him feeling isolated. Thor is a painter who’s living for the past and the future through his canvases. They meet in the middle.

18k. Explicit. Complete. Human AU. Contemporary setting. Sibling incest. Recreational drug use (marijuana).

* A Bird in Hand was only up for a day before I deleted the account. 11k. Contemporary human AU. Sibling incest. Christmas fic. 

Please don’t re-post or distribute my work (that includes posting it on your dropbox, drive, etc.). I only want it available on my account since it’s, y’know, mine.