mission brewing

Beer Five: Mission Coconut Brown

Mission Brewing is local brewery to me, here in San Diego. I have heard a lot of praise for them, but cannot remember explicitly a beer of theirs. This was part of what led me to trying the Coconut Brown. Unfortunately I wash;t too thrilled about it. There wasn’t much coconut flavor and it was a not thrilling combination of sweet and bitter. This also didn’t help the coconut. Part of me thinks I got a bad batch and makes me want to try it again soon.

Beer 59: Mission Amber Ale

Now this is my first time having the Mission Amber Ale, but this right here, this is a session beer. People out there can keep cracking open can after can of budweiser or tecate or what have you. Beer drinkers out there can keep drinking bottle after bottle of Sam Adams, too. This here is a beer that I could drink bottle after bottle of and still love it, and still not be totally plastered. At 5% ABV it is the upper limit of what I would consider a session drinking beer, but it is tasty. 

While amber in color, its flavors are bright and cheerful. The Mission Amber gives equal weight to both the hoppy and malty forces within, providing a nice cleanly balanced beer. After hearing many first had accounts of good beer, and drinking this beer, I’m excited to try some more Mission beers in the future.