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Mechanics & Rebels

Paring: Cassian X Fem! Reader

Warnings: Some smutty elements, reader hurt, some violence, and my favorite angst

You and Cassian were never on the best of terms. Working on a mission together was the worst chore and his droid didn’t help the tension at all. You two were smart, quick, good shot, everything you needed to be for the rebellion. But there was always some tension, some annoyance you two shared.

 Each mission was normally silent with the exception of a few sarcastic remarks and strategies of attack. That was really all the words you spoke during a mission. However during your time at Yavin Four you two seemed to be at each other’s throats. Many people saw the tension and never tried to get in the middle of it all. Watching you two fight was intense enough.

You and Cassian were both captains. But you entered the rebellion a bit later then Cassian, as you were taking care of your sick mother after your father had passed. The passing of your father was very hard on your mother’s personal health, and she needed you to do simple chores, and help with the processes of recovery. You didn’t regret it, helping your mother into health was fine enough. And when she died peacefully you took an opportunity to join the rebellion.

The relationship between you and your mother was undoubtedly close. She was your best friend, the person you could always talk to. Your father however was someone you hardly talked to or about. He never was a terrible father he just showed a lack of affection and approval. Your mother always said that it was because of his focus on giving you two a good life. And you believed your mother, you just wished he could say something about being proud of you. 

When your father died from a resisting arrest of a stormtrooper. Your father was a righteous man, who firmly believed in the rebellion. Your family had lived in an Empire occupied planetary system where your father was a merchant. One day he was seen talking against the empire, unknowing that imperial troops were hearing.Your father was quickly approached about his outspoken words. 

 The imperial troop asked for his father to come with the troop, he was being arrested for treason. Your father spat in the troop’s face resisting arrest. Before he knew it, your father was lying on the ground bleeding from a shot in his stomach. No other merchant helped him, they knew the best thing to do was pretend like nothing happened. If anyone did anything it would only mean arrest or death. 

 It wasn’t until late at night, diner was left cold on the table and your mother was waiting anxiously for your father to return. She knew something was wrong as your father would come home at the same time every night. You were only seven years old, watching your mother worry and worry as each minute passed by. When the door knocked, not opened, you knew something terrible had happened. 

 Your mother opened the door to find a strange man at your door. You had seen the man a few times before. He was a merchant who was a few shops down. Your mother invited him, desperately asking where your father was. The man looked at your mother frowning. “I’m sorry but imperial troops shot him this afternoon, he was talking against the empire and would not go with the troops once he was caught. I’m really sorr-” The man was cut off by your mother yelling.

 “You knew, you watched him die, you knew since this afternoon. And yet you did nothing, you and countless other cowards. And when you decide to have sort of decency to tell me, his wife whom you have seen many times before, now when it is late at night! How dare you put me and my daughter through all this waiting thinking my husband will come home! How dare all of you merchants. Get out of my house!” 

Your mother yelled in rage as she watched the man walk away and she slamming the door on him. You mother pushed her back against the door and slid down, sobbing holding her knees close to her chest. She knew she couldn’t blame anyone for not telling her or for not helping your father but she was in such a state of grief that she couldn’t contain herself. 

 You watched your mother sobbing, you walked over towards her hugging her arm. You weren’t crying, however. Your dad was just a man you had little connection with. Your mother smiled at you with tears running down her face as she looked at you. “Your father loved you, he loved you and believed in you. Don’t let yourself think otherwise. He was so proud, he just didn’t know how to show it.”

Your mother lied, your father knew how to show how proud he was for you. How much he loved you. But he knew he was a righteous man and that one day he would die too soon, and getting close would make his death hard. You could call your father a selfish man in thinking that way, but he just wanted for you to grow up without the Empire breathing down your neck. Even if that meant not being a part of your life.

That was the thought you would remind yourself whenever you thought about your father. Soon after your father’s death your mother got sick due to stress and hurt from your father’s death. You started to take care of your mother trying to get any small job to help pay for medicine and food. Your mother passed away in her sleep with you comforting her. You were thirteen at the time. 

 From then on you have sold nearly anything in your home then eventually your home itself. You stayed on your planet for a while until you could buy your own ship, with help from some people who taught you how to drive it. When you were sixteen you left your planet to a rebel training base. You stayed there training and moving your rank to captain.

Eventually you were moved to Yavin Four. Working with Mon-Mothma and other captains. Your skills were mechanics and hand on hand combat. You mostly worked on repairing ships rather than missions. But when you did go on missions, they were always successful. However almost every mission, you were partnered with Cassian. A captain in his own right, but seemed very arrogant.

You two started out as very cold to each other, only wanting to get the mission done and go your separate ways. You had some respect for him, and you would like to think he had some for you too. At times you two could get at each other’s throats, you pointing out how arrogant he could be and him saying that you are reckless. And sure you were reckless but you always got things down without any problems, unlike him.

You typically kept to yourself on Yavin Four. You either fixed ships or was greeted with a mission. It was very lonely on Yavin Four, not that it was a bad thing, it just how it was. Until you met a man named Alastair Frome. He was a strategist, and a few ranks higher than you. 

 He had dark brown hair and olive skin, his height was a few inches taller than you. He had brown eyes that anyone would fall in love with. And that’s exactly what you did. Alastair was a charmer, he was very charismatic and got along with everyone at Yavin Four. Alastair frequently visited Yavin Four with new intelligence and plans for the rebels. 

 When you two first started dating no one would have guessed it, as you kept your relationship well hidden for almost a year. After a year you two became more public with your relationship, some people whispering how you slept your way up, which was wrong. But you didn’t care what people whispered about you. 

 Cassian, however was not so fond of Alastair, he was only good at strategies, something Cassian was as very talented at too. Not to mention Cassian has been apart of the rebellion longer than Frome. Cassian never knew why he had such a disdain of Frome, he just did. 

 But after one mission with you, Cassian had figured out why he was never really fond about Alastair. You two were sent on a planet known for its bustling city-esque life and illegal smuggling of weapons. There was a man you two had to find, his name was Talon Fallian {fall-ian}, a man responsible for illegal trading of weapons and the murder of some rebels. 

 Talon had tendency to stay at a club known for many smugglers and thugs of the galaxies, many of them Cassian knew too well. You knew the mission wouldn’t be so successful if you, Cassian and his imperial droid K-2SO walk right in asking to see Talon. There would be no way for the mission to go smoothly. 

 The very day you two were assigned to your mission you two left immediately onto one of the U wings provided by the rebellion. You had sat in the pilot’s seat and K-2SO in the copilot seat. Cassian scuffed a bit as you sat in the pilot seat. “You think you should drive the ship, huh.” Cassian spoke with bitterness. 

 “Yes Cassian, I do. Since one. people tend to remember your face once you kinda screw them over, and two, people will see my face it will be easier for us to get on the planet without any problems. So if I were you I would stop lurking and sit down patiently, in the back.” You said focusing on the driving. Cassian rolling his eyes before going to a place on the ship where he was hidden. 

 Once landed you stepped away asking K-2SO to finish shutting off the ship as you had to get ready for the plan. The plan was to get Talon alone in a room off in the club which had a back door easily accessed if you know the right people, or have a blaster. You had changed into a pair of black fitting pants and a red tank top with a black leather jacket. With the very small pocket you slipped in a knife. Talon had a very ‘lowkey’ business. No one really knew how to approach his business.

 Once you finished you putting on high heeled boots, not very preferred shoes, but this mission did not require athletic shoes. You walked out with K-2SO and Cassian waiting for you to get on with the mission. “Finally, you were taking forever.” K-2SO over exaggerated, meanwhile Cassian stood quietly, looking at you for a moment before quickly looking away. “I sure hope you could get on with the mission, God help you break a heel and we get into some hot water. And might I add the chances of you breaking a heel is very high.” K-2SO also added.

You rolled your eyes at K-2SO’s comment, brushing your hands through your hair. “Are you ready Captain Andor?” You asked looking at him your arms crossed on your chest. He finally looked up at you nodding. “Okay so K-2SO you will need to stay in the ship” K-2SO groaned sitting back in the copilot seat muttering silently. “I’ll get in the club get Talon alone, and I’ll yell if I need any help”

“And what if you can’t yell for help so quickly? I doubt in that outfit you have a blaster easily accessible.” Cassian said raising an eyebrow at you.

“I have a knife easily to get out if I needed to. Not to mention I’m pretty decent at hand on hand combat for a mechanic.” You spoke before walking out and Cassian following shortly after. 

 You made your way to the entrance into the club, looking and hoping to find Talon. And as you looked to your right, you found him. He was leaning against the wall taking a few sips of his alcohol. You grabbed a drink from a waiter and walked towards him. He smirked at you looking up and down your body. You stepped aside to him leaning against the wall he was leaning on. Talon turned and smirked looking at you. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

You smirked taking a sip of your drink, this was going to be a long night. “Please, the pleasure is all mine.” You said taking yet another sip of your drink. Talon began to face towards you getting off the wall. The mission began to startup successfully as you two began to talk and causally flirt. Luckily Alastair would not be too phased by this since it was all for the mission, not matter what you did.

Talon began to slide his hands against your side and thighs. You then pulled him closer telling him how you wanted to go into a place quieter. You grabbed his hand and made your way passing the crowds to a hallway leading to the planned room, which was Talon’s favorite room. He smirked pressing you against the wall kissing your lips harshly as his hands moved up your body. 

Your hands moved to the door and opened it, both you and Talon walking in you hands and lips still with each other. Only breaking away for Talon to lock the door. Once more Talon pressed you against the wall his lips traveling down you neck taking off your jacket. Fake moans escaped your mouth as you tried to sound turned on. Before you knew it your shirt was off, and you realized you needed to put the brakes on this.

You pressed him close before you took your knife from your pocket. You then stabbed Talon in the stomach. He screamed out loudly causing Cassian to open the back door walking in with his blaster out. You looked over at him for a moment before going to Talon kneeling down at him still shirtless. “Okay enough foreplay Talon, you can always confess or you will be looking at the last thing you will ever see.” You said as Cassian moving to the opposite side of where you were kneeling beside Cassian.

“I’m not saying anything sweetheart.” He spat at you before taking out his knife from his stomach. “He’s not going to talk we better leave him.” Cassian said to you as you looked up. Right then Talon struck his knife into your side. You groaned in pain before you overpower him took the knife and stabbed him in his throat. You stood up your hand covered in blood as you tried to take your clothes back, but only managing to grab your jacket. Cassian ran over to help you. “Hey take it easy.” He whispered to you walking you back to the ship.

Cassian told K-2SO to start the ship up and to begin flying away, while he set you onto one of two beds on the ship. You grit your teeth in pain as he took your hand from your wound. It didn’t hurt that bad. A few stitches would be all you need. Cassian grabbed something to clean your wound, a wash cloth, and thread and needle. You were still in your bra, (there is underwear in space fight me george lucas) and you were one hundred percent positive you saw Cassian have a blush on his cheeks.

“You shouldn’t have been so reckless. You shouldn’t have let your guard down” Cassian whispered as he cleaned your wound and you wincing in pain grabbing onto a blanket.

“How could I not let my guard down Cassian? He was such a charmer.” You spoke sarcastically before Cassian began to stitch up your wound. Your skin making goosebumps as he touched your bare skin. “What Frome isn’t enough of a charmer?” 

“Don’t be so arrogant Andor.” You groaned in pain as he was stitching up your wound.“I wouldn’t talk the way about someone who is stitching up your wound.”“Well, then forgive me captain.”Cassian didn’t say much after that, he finished your stitching and went to the pilot seat. You laid down and got some rest, still shirtless. Eventually you fell asleep.

You were soon in the same room were Talon once was. The room was all too familiar, however your wound was covered. You were alone in the room until the door opened, but not by Talon, or Alaistair. But it was opened by Cassian.Your heart was beating quickly as he closed the door and walked towards you. His hands cupped your face as he kissed you passionately your arms taking off his jacket. His hands then moved to your waist pressing you against him as he pressed your back against the wall.His lips moving to your neck, goosebumps rising as you felt his lips and his beard against your skin. You pressed yourself against him your hand holding his neck as he bit your skin gently. Once he bit you, you moaned out. This time you didn’t have to fake it. Cassian’s hands moved your shirt of you, breaking his lips from your neck for as split moment as he took off your shirt. Once your shirt was off his lips went back to your neck. “Cassian..” You moaned out softly.

Then you woke up, your heart racing and your shirt still off like your dream, but you were on the ship. Your breath was fast as you were sitting up. Just then the small lamp turned on and you saw Cassian looking over at you on the bed across from you. “What are you doing up so late?” You asked squinting your eyes trying to adjust your eyes to the lamp lighting.

“It’s hard to sleep when your moaning out my name.” Cassian said shrugging looking at you. Your cheeks became a subtle shade of pink as your fingers ran through your hair. 

“Please, I was having a nightmare.” You said coldly as you tried to get your blanket to cover you up. As you brought up your blanket you had noticed your wound reopened. You cursed under your breath, enough to get Cassian’s attention.

“What happened?” He asked concerned. You pulled off your blanket and exposed your open wound. It was now bleeding even more. Cassian ran over you sitting at the space beside you trying to stop your bleeding. “I could have sworn that I did the stitching correctly.”

“Well you clearly didn’t.” You groaned in pain.

“Well you wouldn’t have a wound if you hadn’t been so careless.” Cassian spoke frustrated as he bandaged up your wound. “You should stop being so reckless.” He mumbled finishing up bandaging up the bleeding mess. 

“Why do you care so much?”

Cassian looked up at you, his eyes looking into yours. He sighed as his eyes moved their gaze to your lips. In all honesty Cassian had thought about kissing you. He even felt his heart leap as he faintly heard his name from your lips. Sure you two had a very professional, and at some point a sarcastic relationship. But somewhere along those times spent together he had wanted to kiss you. He wanted to be yours.

“Why Cassian?” You asked once more Cassian not saying anything at all. He sighed looking away mumbling what sounded like ‘night’. And then he walked to the bed and went to sleep. You just looked at him not saying anything, you then laid back and went to sleep wondering why Cassian cared so much.

That morning K-2SO had landed the ship back to Yavin Four. You got up put on the shirt you wore leaving to the mission, grabbed your things and walked outside of the hsip, not saying anything to Cassian. But he watched you. He watched you leave and leap into the arms of Alistair Frome, your partner. He watched you kiss him and smile brightly looking at him. And from the moment Cassian knew why he disliked Alistair. 

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Sometimes, new recruits could be amazing athletes - Field missions. Sometimes they could be incredibly smart - Scientists. But this one… This girl, what was he going to do with her? Not only had she waltzed in from the street, oh no, she was also a complete klutz. Basic training exercises she failed, meaning that she would fall face first into a pile of dirt. Not exactly the prestige agent Giovanni was hoping for. 

So he simply decided that she would be his ‘coffee girl’ so to speak. Hopefully, she would eventually learn from one of his four elites. They had all proven to be good tutors. But miracle workers? - Only time could tell.

So Giovanni called for her over the monitor, calling her into his grand office. His chair screeching as he stood up.

❝Okay. Listen. I want my coffee black with three dashes of sugar. And for the love of Arceus, don’t drop the mug.❞

That, she should understand.