I miss every person I have known
and lost, and I have to remember that
tomorrow, or a week or month
or year from now, I will
meet new people who will make
me forget that there was
ever anyone worth missing.

Until then,
I have to remember that
running back to the people I have lost
has never helped anything.

I may miss you but
I do not need you in my life

—  by r.e.s
Look at me and tell me you don’t feel anything. See me smiling and tell me it doesn’t hurt. Know I’m not writing about you and tell me you’re still the same person you were a moment ago. Go ahead. You can tell me what you want because I’ll know what you mean. That’s the thing about a person who used to love you. They get in your head, take off their shoes and get comfortable. Tell me you don’t miss me. You do.

Bullshit, you fucking miss me by k.p.k

If you miss me, I hope you miss all of me. Even the parts that weren’t pretty or smart or easy. I hope you don’t just miss that I was there to lend you lunch money when you were short or  I was around to let you copy my homework when I was your last resort or I hope you don’t miss that I was just a pair of ears when you needed to talk about yourself and I hope you don’t miss how I always let you pick me up then put me back on the shelf. If you miss me, I hope you really miss me, and even all of the bad and the ugly and dumb, because sometimes when people are gone, they’re gone forever and you might not really miss me, but you sure will miss someone.
—  November 4th, 2015 (K.P.K)
and if you ever miss me,
I hope you scream at the stars
for not granting your wish,
and you swear at the moon for
not bringing me closer to you,
and you curse at the sun
because you can’t see what I’ve become -
you were always so good at
hiding your emotions
but if you ever miss me,
I hope you have the guts
to let the universe know.
if you ever miss me,
I hope somehow you manage
to let me go.
—  if you ever miss me // r.e.s
i hope that one day,
someday soon, you see it.
because i did. i saw it in you and
i tried to show you, but
the mirror couldn’t reflect it.
and whenever you told me you
hated your voice, your legs,
your overactive imagination,
you’d laugh it off. but your eyes
would be cast downwards
and you’d rub at them quickly
and i know that you weren’t kidding.
god, i saw so much in you.
you hated thunder but you started
storms within me. don’t you get
it? you made me feel when
i was empty. you made me love
when i was filled with hate.
you made me hope
when i was defeated, and
now i’m back at the start.
i just hope you see it one day.
because when you told me you were
broken, i was angry at the
world for treating you so badly.
i was angry at everyone
who ever told you that you
were worthless.
i was angry at you for believing them.
i hope you see it one day.
all the good i saw in you. i hope
you see it and it makes you
shine. i hope you see it.
—  i hope you see it // r.e.s