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we all know AU’s, right? well, for those who don’t, it stands for Alternate Universe. Basically, they take a certain aspect, and give it to all the characters in a game, or fanfic, or whatever medium. For example, theres underfell, where (almost) every character in undertale is evil. going off this knowledge, I have a bit of a complaint. it deals with the “AU” inktale. I put the quotation marks on au because I feel it isn’t an entire alternate universe. In it, there is a sole character. just one. who knows what happened to the others, but the only character, not only is one of the most popular characters in undertale, but is just a “creative” version of him. this….troubles me to say the least

now don’t get me wrong, I love ink sans style! but to say the entirety of his form is an AU, is a bit of a stretch. I feel like “AU”‘s such as inktale, and underfresh focus on drawing sans in a particular style, then just call it a day

not that theres a problem with that, but

can you really call something an AU if it only features one character? I mean, sure you can, but theres really no depth to the rest. like, “ok so heres ink sans…wheres ink frisk? or ink undyne?? or anyone else for that matter????” it really seems like a large chunk is missing

if you’re going to go so far as create an entirely different universe, I suggest you make *ahem* MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER to fit said universe. like I get it. sans is very popular with the fanbase. but hes not the ONLY character in undertale


hey tumblr. I would like to introduce you to the dutch Eurovision representative, Douwe Bob. In this song, Douwe talks about sexuality. He is, as you probably garner from the video, an out and proud bisexual. He is also a hilarious lil shit.

 A rough translation for the non-dutch speakers:

In the store of love, there’s a lot of different flavors

there’s something for everyone

Do you like bananas? Or peaches

Delicious with whipped cream, or sprinkles or chocolate.

Maybe you fall for a she, maybe for a he

maybe for both

he, ho, bi 

when you do it then you’ll feel the magic

he, ho, bi

you’re one of them. but which of the three?

(joke about different sexual sounding candy, doesn’t translate to english except for lollipop)

cinnamon stick, liquorice, lollipop, manneken pis* (not candy, famous fountain in the shape of a lil peeing boy. Don’t ask me ok Douwe came up with this idk)

you don’t know what you’re missing

if you’ve never tried it

Maybe you fall for a she, maybe for a he

maybe for both

he, ho, bi

when you do it then you’ll feel the magic

he, ho, bi

you’re one of them. but which of the three?

fucking, blowing, cunningulus (i can’t think of a better word. Yes he says this all while making eyes at the camera)

If you don’t want it, you should say so.

Both of you have to want it.

in the front, in the back 


what makes you happy?

what do you enjoy?

he, ho, bi

when you do it then you’ll feel the magic

he, ho, bi

you’re one of them. but which of the three?

you’re one of them. but which of the three?

you’re one of them. but which of the three?

cole’s odd things masterpost

i’ve seen people are having trouble uncovering all of the “odd things” cole does at skyhold and, having at the same trouble during some of my playthroughs, i wanted to make a masterpost that includes the locations of where you can hear the necessary npc dialogue. cole’s 5 odd things include:

  • stealing bread
  • stealing a wheel of cheese and crushed mint
  • leaving pealed plums on the windowsill
  • putting turnips in the fireplace
  • putting a ton of daggers in a barrel

each of these has at least two npc dialogues you need to hear to unlock the full dialogue with cole about it - to hear these dialogues, you need to fully explore skyhold each time you go there after moving in, like i mean you need to be extremely thorough each time you travel to skyhold until you hear every single dialogue

  • the bread dialogue starts in the kitchen where a npc says someone has been stealing bread and putting it on the battlements - then another npc near the surgeon (just inside the main gate) mentions a soldier who was badly injured is hanging on until winter and that he looks at the birds (drawn by the bread) every morning
  • the cheese and mint dialogue is the longest of the odd things, it begins in the kitchens where a npc mentions the missing items, next i heard the cook npc in the tavern on the second floor talk about seeing the cat in the kitchens dance (because of the mint), finally go back to the kitchens to hear a npc talk about how the cook was in a jolly mood and didnt hit them when they dropped their tools
  • i cant remember where the pealed plums dialogue starts but i believe the npc who starts it says the plums are attracting flies, then the next dialogue is from a npc in the tavern on the first floor who talks about using spider webs to treat infected wounds (the plums attract the flies which attract the spiders)
  • the npc who starts the turnips one is in the main building of skyhold right when you enter, across from varric, and they mentioned the smell of the turnips, next a npc outside of the blacksmith building (next to cassandra) mentions a soldier who died thinking he’d gone home because he smelled his mother’s turnip stew
  • on the battlements next to cullen’s office (where the multiplayer characters stand), a soldier mentions finding his dagger in a barrel filled with daggers, and then a npc just inside the gates of skyhold mentions an argument between soldiers almost escalating when one of the soldiers reached for their dagger only to find it missing

if you can remember where the pealed plums one starts, please reblog this and add it to the post! finally, here’s a few tips for when you’re wandering around trying to get dialogue to trigger

  • none of the dialogues occur in the garden, the library, leliana’s area, solas’ area, cullen’s office, josephine’s office, the blacksmith building, the barn, or the dungeon
  • sometimes you have to walk past npcs for the dialogue to start, so pay attention and don’t run off just because they didnt immediately start talking
  • i said this before but it’s important so i’m saying it again - you need to search for these dialogues every single time you go to skyhold until you find them all or you risk missing one

hope this helps anyone having trouble with cole’s odd things! feel free to reblog with your own tips or info i missed

imsoeverlarked  asked:

Hi! I really really love your blog! I was hoping you could give me a singledaddy!peeta for my birthday on November 25. Any rating will do, just fuck me up with some everlark and toastbabies please!! Thank you!

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Wishing you a most wonderful birthday! To help you celebrate, the lovely and gracious @katnissdoesnotfollowback has crafted this delightful little fic just for you!

Custody Arrangement

Rated: K


Back aching and head throbbing, Peeta’s shoes scrape the pavement as he trudges home. Hands dig in his pockets for the bottle of aspirin and he tosses back two dry right before pushing in the waist high wrought iron gate leading into the tiny garden in front of the narrow brownstone in which he lives. The rent was a steal four years ago, affordable with the addition of a second job. It also came with the added benefit of finally moving out of his mother’s home. Away from her constant judgements and interference. Away from the crushing memories of his father and the unending reminders that one stupid grief driven mistake led to the one thing he’d done in his life that matters at all.

He shrugs off the melancholy thoughts, rolling his shoulders to work the kinks from them. Second week pulling double shifts at the bakery is leaving its mark. At only twenty-eight, he shouldn’t feel this tired and worn. As he inserts his key into the lock, squealing fills the house, travelling to his ears and making him smile. He’d thought she was just about too old to be greeting him like that anymore.

“Daddy’s home!”

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