Hi lovely people!!! I know I was inactive for almost the past month but for now I’m here and I’m missing you all , and being a part of this wonderful community, my life still a mess like my tumblr theme which I don't know what happen to it ?!!!  but I will fix it soon, and by the way thank you for your sweet messages it mean alot to me and i will answer your asks soon too, just bare with me ;) 

ar-ci  asked:

Dear Arci,

dear arci, i hope mas maging super close tayo coz u seem so jolly & galing mo mag write. we met once, and sana more to come. hehe miss youu ang cute cute mo nung tsamu– lagi pala hahahahahaha good evening!!!

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Devi-nim! I've missed youu ๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐ I can't believe my school's about to start :< -suganon (can I call you Unnie? :3)

Already?? Wow… my summer doesn’t end until late September o: Lol yeah you can call me unnie if you want XD (you didn’t have to use “-nim” with me before though, since we’re not speaking Korean XDD)

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- Devi ;3;

mikeyssexslave  asked:

Hi Julie! How are youu?? Miss ya 😔 just wanted to say that I'll go to the uni this autumn in Zagreb, capital of Cro, abd most of the college students in Zagreb hang out in the famous cafeteria called "Žirafa" which translates to "Giraffe" and omfg I'm so ready for college life 😍😍😍😍 Actually I'm not, I'm super scared 😔 BUT ŽIRAFA

HEY HI HELLO YEEES TEA IVE MISSED YOU TOO! But now I’m completely home for good, all by myself for the next few months with my laptop!!! :D OMG THAT SOUNDS SO FUCKING AWESOME CONGRATS!!!  Žirafa sounds fucking rad like giraffe in Danish is called… Giraf

But now you don’t have to worry about your future ahah :D ITS SUUUMMER

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So glad you're back on tumblr babe I've missed youu! You NEED to make a beautofblack Instagram or something like that

Thanks love I just needed a break💖 IG is a great idea, I might do that! First step tho is to get an admin for this tumblr since it’s getting kinda hectic to manage by myself