A Forgotten Birthday

Ronald had been extremely busy for the past few weeks. In his efforts to move up in rank, he had accepted several extra assignments that left him tired and mentally exhausted. It was these events that lead to something that had never happened before… The young man had missed his own birthday. He noticed exactly two days afterward, staring at the calendar in disbelief. “April 21st… It can’t be April 21st already!” His birthday was the 19th, and it had passed without notice. He hurried to his mailbox, opening it to find several letters wishing him well on his birthday. It seemed he was the only one who’d forgotten, though William had neglected to mention anything about it either. 

Feeling sorry for himself, the young man, now an entire year older, settled down in the armchair with a bottle, sniffling about how work ruined everything.

adam’s birthday was yesterday, but as a lot of you know, there’s been so much happening for me during these past few months that i’ve hardly had the chance to sit down and do any writing here, and although i didn’t do anything on the day of his birthday, i didn’t forget it. going through another year and another birthday for him reminds me of just how long i’ve had him around with me, how special he is and how even after three long years of having him around here on tumblr, i never seem to get tired of coming back to him, especially now that i’m much more busy. this small bias list is to say a quick thank you to those who are always waiting to see me return, who express how much they enjoy seeing me pop up around here, who are very supportive and make me feel like i can always come back, no matter what. thank you.

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Could you write me a cute Mony one shot? If you don't have too many requests??

Sean had a few days off, just in time for his mother’s birthday. So he went back home for a little. He called you every night to ask how you were doing and tell you that he’d be back soon. He also sent you a picture with his dog and said “Me and Samson miss you!”

                    Mother’s Day ——

                           He’d lit incense and prayed to the tiny,
                           incomplete shrine inside the cabinet he
                           kept in his room; practiced a bit of Bach;
                           and was now making paper airplanes and
                           shooting them off into the summer breeze
                           from atop his apartment roof …

                                                 ( He’d given up on sulking on
                                                 days like this a few years ago. )

Happy Birthday Robby

My friend Robby lost his long battle with cancer a few years ago. Today is his birthday.

My partner in crime, my brother in battle, and one of my best friends. Ah yes Robby​ it’s your birthday again my friend. I miss you as always. I have so much to share with you when we meet again. You know we all have bad days where things don’t go well or we are upset. On those days when my positive attitude flickers you are one of the things I think about. Why am I sitting here feeling sorry when I could be laughing it off and finding something awesome to do. You probably would’ve had something clever to say in those situations as well. Always enjoyed your observations and sense of humor. Love you and miss you buddy. Happy birthday to you good sir.

Right guys, I don’t usually do this. But I need the Internet’s help! A school friend of mine, who was always laughing, always cheeky, always smiling, always being himself, was killed in March. His dad posted this on Facebook. I just need you guys to share this. Get this seen everywhere!!! Even if you don’t live here in Wales or the UK please share this!!! We miss this kid so much. Every day we think of him. Every day our hearts hurt because he’s not here with us. So please, help us. Help his family, his friends. Help Conner get the justice he deserves. Conner’s funeral was a few days before his 19th birthday. He was just 18. 18. Fuck, he had his whole life ahead of him, and someone took everything away from him. So please, I’m begging you. Help my friend get the justice ge deserves. He was such a lush young lad. I miss him. His best friends miss him. His family misses him so fucking much. Just please help.


Day 35 - Multiple Birthdays

Today is Giselle, Hazel, & Brooke’s birthday! So many kids growing up @_@ Please don’t eat the cake until everyone has aged up *fingers crossed* 

To start off the festivities Giselle was angry - she sure fits the Grumpy persona well…. 

Hazel was loving the celebrations… Daphne was sick so she missed out on everything

Brooke would only celebrate her birthday if they also celebrated Malcolm’s (his was only a few days away)

Malcolm & Brooke ran off to go make out 

And Skyler was feeling sad as she witnessed 3 of her children grow up today.

This event also marked the beginning of the second generation as the second heir is now a teen……

Hazel is the new heir. Tomorrow begins her legacy

Little rant

Had a dream last night about one of my friends who can’t be friends with females because his girlfriend feels threatened… (And I’m not speculating, he said it straight up.)

I miss him and its bullshit and I keep having dreams where all his old friends cross paths with him & his girlfriend. Even in my dream my arguments are well reasoned.. Threw away friends he’d had for 7 years.. That’s just controlling. We were all waiting to meet her & get to know her but instead we just never saw our mate again. I’m so angry but there’s nothing to be done so I’m dreaming about it.

I guess I just remembered it’s his birthday in a few days & I’ve not seen him in a year.. Last full chat we had was a phone call about his girlfriend before they were official, he was telling me all about her and I was happy for him..

I guess I’m just really angry all of a sudden when I need to let it go and move the fuck on.

At least because I’m not the only female he has cut off, I have people who feel the same who I can talk to. Feel bad for him though, that’s not a good relationship :/

19 may, tuesday

 the promise

  hello there, this is a story of how I lost my best friend, my everything. well, was my everything. I’ve been really depressed lately and almost every single sad song I listen to, will remind me of him and I started having breakdowns and would just cry to sleep. I wouldn’t even eat anymore. besides, eating was my all time favourite hobby…. but hey isn’t that how you’re suppose to feel and react whenever you lose somebody important to you or who has made a great impact on you or whenever you feel at your lowest? anyways, we both stopped talking to each other a few days after his birthday which was on the 15 of april. truthfully speaking, I was the one who ignored him in the first place which I am obviously not proud of. I swear to god. I know perfectly that I was the one to blame. nevertheless, I miss him a lot… here’s a little dedication to him after knowing that great fella for 3 years.

  •  about him ;

  he was the one out of 3 billion people who without a doubt cared for me like a brother I never had. I’m probably exaggerating about the 3 billion people part but that is how he made me feel ; wanted, reassuring that I had somebody to talk to, that I had somebody who I could turn to and I somebody who will always be there for me but I just lost him in a blink of an eye. he is a friendly korean kid. he practically knows ALL the problems that I was facing. It was easy for me to let out all my bullshit to him because I was comfortable and I know I can trust him. he basically knows everything about me. he even knows which word I can barely pronounce. how embarrassing it that? he is sincere. he respects girls, definitely not boys. I can bet on that. he knows I like being alone from time to time. he knows I’m insecure. he was the very first boy who ever heard me cry. he is the only boy that I can pig out with. I’ll miss the times where he asked me whether if I was okay, that question was literally being asked at a daily basis…. it became annoying…. but I’ve learnt to appreciate it bc it showed how much he really cared. he was not the type that took no for an answer. he wouldn’t want me to go to sleep sad. if so,  he would seldom call or oovoo me whenever he has the chance to before he goes to sleep. and its true…….. he can sometimes be annoying, mischievous, playful, hated by others (but not me), > INTIMIDATING BC HE IS VERY INTELLIGENT < etc. he likes to swim at night. he’s one person I can never ever hate. not forgetting, this is so damn stereotype but he never fails to make me laugh even though I laugh at almost everything. he would stand up for me. he use to always amaze me with his factual facts during history class or any other class which was fucking mind blowing. he is very active in football & xbox. there are 3 very important things to that him besides his family and his crazy affection for dogs that he would always put first aka his top 3 priorities at the time and they were 1. best friends 2. studies 3. soccer/xbox. OH and he likes his hair to be fluffy like a lion. he made loads of sacrifices for me and he will always say things to not make me feel like a burden which I loved about him. another amazeballs equally about him was HE WAS VERY LOYAL. well……. used to be. he wasn’t the best at comforting. we liked similar music genre. he knows how in love I am with ed sheeran. he use to sit next to me whenever there was an empty seat in class. he would speak in funny accents to make the whole class laugh whenever the teacher tells him to read aloud. he has doutzen kroes ( one of the my favourite vs model ) legs! I swear upon my life. he wasn’t the best at everything but he was enough for me. if you think this is all i know about him, youre wrong because I’m just getting started. 

  • next ; about us

  we were best friends, just best friends nothing more than that. we both hated each other’s guts when we first met. it was literally like hate at first sight. im not kidding. we use to talk about the future, where we will end up, how he would visit me and it’s crazy how we’re only 14 and 15. we accept each others flaws. I never took a picture with before. I never got to give him his birthday present. I was never good in my studies because I have the concentration span of a goldfish. which means I have to work extra hard. before, we stopped talking to each other… I failed 2 of my subjects ( living from where I am. EDUCATION is bloody important ). this was self-evident that I did not study hard enough….. I wasn’t good enough…. I said things that will further disappoint myself. I started to believe I was an utter failure. fortunately for me, harry motivated me by sending me quotes etc. however, I didn’t want him to teach me even though he offered because its is damn intimidating. it was like sitting with albert einstein. we said we would do tons of things together such as visit rome but that’s never going to happen now.

  people say if you ignore somebody it either tells them that you don’t want to have anything to do with them or you’re just being an attention seeker or you’re just basically pissed off. but in my case I was pretty pissed by the fact that he was neglecting me and his best friends for his crush and I felt like he did not need me in his life anymore, he was acting like i was completely invisible. I was tired of always be the one to make a god damn effort to talk to him, I never told him how left out I felt because I did not want him to lose his crush for a best friend nor did I want to ruin it for him with his crush. I mean yeah, I should have told him how I felt instead of ignoring him but it was difficult. I didn’t want him to be in a situation where he has to choose between us. so, I took liberty on walking out on him. I wanted the best for him. assuming that I’ll be fine without him, I am absolutely wrong.

  considering he had a massive massive massive crush on this girl for about a year and a half now and he talks about her like she puts all the stars in the sky. which I honestly enjoy listening because it makes him happy plus, I’ve never seen a guy so genuine about a girl before but sometimes he gets a little carried away and it gets kind of annoying in a selfish way but fortunately he knows when to stop and continue talking about her….. I couldn’t help but just be supportive. besides, I wouldn’t complain anything about her because she’s one of my good friends too. moreover, she and I had sleepovers, hilarious chick flick movies and gossip sessions together. all in all, she is a brilliant friend. 

  so, on the same day that I ignored him. I blocked him on whatsapp however when i was walking to school he dm me on twitter wishing me a safe trip to school and I didn’t reply and little did I know it was the biggest mistake of my life.. I simply just chippered to myself and had thoughts on why do you still talk to me. all you can ever do to me was neglect? 

  I would never say that girl he loved was a threat or replacement or anything bad. but I could start to see that he was slowly leaving me at the same time, it was heart-breaking to have thoughts about him leaving me and all sorts of bullshit. 

  upon entering the classroom, I couldn’t even look at him…. the entire day. I was just so upset with myself and I was at my lowest that day because it was just another stinkin day where he’ll treat me like crap…. I just know it and I turned out to be right… from then on we both went our separate ways.

  even though it kills me to know that we are barely talking but from time to time I’ll still make an effort to care and think of obvious questions and statements to ask him face to face such as…. how was chemistry? good luck for maths! he would either give me a 1 word sentence or a effortless nod and the best one was he replied a ‘thank you’ which was good enough for me.

  knowing but not wanting to accept the fact that I’ve already lost him, he’s long gone, he’s not going to be there for me ever again and I’m not going be there for him. I really don’t what to give up on our friendship..

  now, at this every moment deep down I am happy for him because he’s hanging out with better people who treats him the way deserves to be treated. one of those people is his crush…. and I couldn’t be more prouder of him because at first he was quite shy around her so apparently believe it or not I was his super helpful wigman and I told him secrets and advice to get the girl of his dreams. I could always see through all his little actions that he was madly in love with her. and now, he’s finally making progress by sending her home, eating lunch with her after school etc. I couldn’t be more supportive. and one of the strong points about him was that even though he got rejected a few times he never gave up, he was committed to her for 1 and a half years, he had thoughts about giving but I kept reminding that he has gotten this far and shouldn’t give up on her. I just wish he didn’t treat his best friend like crap before this all happened and I pray that he would never put his crush on the same level as his best friends.

  I think the reason why losing him was so much more painful compared to any normal come and go friends was because I would have flashback of all the incredible and crazy memories we had together that will be etched in my mind forever. fun fact : he was my very first best guy friend I ever had and the longest one too. sometimes, not having him by my side makes me feel that…. maybe I just wasn’t meant to have friends. It’s going to be hard forgetting someone who had given you so much to remember. everybody now, keeps telling me ,,,, it’ll be alright… we’ll became friends again…. don’t worry…. but nobody actually genuinely gives a fuck.

  • Q&A from ask.fm

In 10 years time if anybody comes up to you and ask, is there anybody you regret leaving? ans: I would answer harry and a another person.

what you would do differently if I had a second chance to be his friend again? ans: I would put him first. I know I can’t magically be his best friend again because I have to earn it. I would tell him how I really feel instead of keeping it from him and ignoring him. also, I discovered that ignoring somebody can sometimes lead to depression or suicide because the emptiness and loneliness can negatively impact a person so greatly. truthfully, that’s how I’m feeling at this very moment.

do you miss harry? ans: a lot 

have you ever cried over harry? ans: yes

If you could write a paragraph to harry what will it be? ans:

dear best friend,

  I miss you more and more daily. I wish you could see yourself the I see you, happy and cheerful because you finally got one less person to worry about. I wish you could love yourself the way I love you. and above all, I wish your life is everything you deserve. losing you was the last thing that I ever wanted to happen. goodbye old friend. I’m so sorry I had to break our promise after 3 years and that promise will forever remain a mystery. to be honest, we both took each other for granted. I’m not expecting you to come back to me. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I think it’s best for us to remain this way. I mean yeah, it’ll obviously hurt but you’re way happier.

  In conclusion, we should learn to appreciate the people who are here for us now before it’s too late. apart from that, we should never ignore the ones you love because you’ll never believe the outcome. to top it all off, we should never have the mindset where you think speaking to a particular person is a god damn chore, you might as well not talk to them.

best regards.

written by mel

Long time no see!

Hello my faithful friends! I had no idea anyone had actually been reading my Blog (beside a couple of incredibly lovely faithfuls - you know who you are!). But apparently a few people have been missing it and even inspired by it, so I thought it was about time to attempt to cover 2 months in only 1 page!

So here goes…..

We are still going relatively smoothly with our plans. Greg (postie) arrived at the back door again today grinning his head off saying “Need or Want??”. I happily informed him it was a pressie for D2′s ensuing birthday. He congratulated me on only coming to my house 3 times in almost 6 months! I thanked him and patted myself on the back!

Mothers Day came and went and it was honestly so lovely to be able to put forward a LIST of stuff I wanted instead of wondering what I actually needed or wanted because I had already bought everything I needed or wanted. Not buying ‘stuff’ certainly makes you appreciate something when you do get it. I was graced with the most beautiful black woollen Country Road jumper which made my day! And on top of that wonderful gift, I received the most beautiful, heartfelt homemade or school-stall bought gifts from D1 and D2. They had put a lot of time and efforts into their gifts and I could have cried about 50 times that day out of pure delight in my girls and husband.

Easter has also come and gone and that was a total BLOWOUT! We hadn’t planned for it to be a blowout at all. I had stocked up on meat and vegies and we’d bought enough Easter Eggs to stock our own Woolworths (I couldn’t forgo the annual Easter Egg hunt!!), so I was pretty settled with the idea of home-cooked meals over the Easter Break. Alas no, that didn’t happen for a single dinner over the 4 day break. If we weren’t entertaining friends from the city, we were being entertained by friends in the city. We wandered through the local Easter Parade eating whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted and we consumed bottles of wine and champagne willy-nilly. I have to confess that there were many appalling moments of total disregard for our ‘Needs or Wants’. Trust me, it all sank in on Tuesday morning when I was throwing out unused and old meat (I didn’t check the UBD’s and they only survived Easter) and found myself with a child who had incredibly quickly reverted back to the notion of buying for the sake of buying. Not her fault at all, so no blame is passed here. We’re back on track with that but it is still not as easy as it was prior to the Big Easter Blowout.

Another thing we have spent money on was the children’s winter shop. They have both grown out of everything and were in desperate need of practically everything, right down to knickers and socks! So this year we tootled off to H&M in the city, and this was indeed an incredibly smart move. Hubby ended up doing his business clothing shop there and the girls scored BIG! I bought a pair of $20 jeans as my last G-Star jeans (AKA ‘$250 down the drain’!!!) had a hole in the knee. Basically we had everyone clothed with an incredible amount of clothing for about (yet again!) ¼ of what we would normally spend - AND!!! We all look great in the clothes. They rip off all the big fashion labels as you know, so you don’t look like you’re budgeting when you are! Love it. This is a lesson I will never forget.

I am still struggling with de-cluttering as I am sure there is a hoarder squatting in my body somewhere that I can’t seem to find. Every day I look around and think to myself “I really need to get on top of this”…. and then I move on and do homework or do some cooking, play with the kids, read a book, talk to hubby…. I will get there I’m sure, it’s just not my big winner at the moment. A friend of mine put me onto  http://www.becomingminimalist.com/ OR https://www.facebook.com/becomingminimalist?fref=ts and this has been wonderful for me to read. JOSHUA BECKER doesn’t just talk about not spending, he talks about how accumulating ‘stuff’ is such a worthless exercise and why. He covers things like de-cluttering and learning to ‘fly’! I love something he wrote the other day “We are a culture that loves to acquire more and more. But no matter how great the sales, shopping will never deliver the things we desire most.” This is indeed something I have found to be incredibly true. Money can buy us a lot of things, but it can honestly never buy us love, peace and long-term happiness. If you get a sec, check out his stuff.

I did try a cheap hairdresser for a while and have since moved on to a pricier one. My hair looked terrible (and definitely like I was doing it myself… not good when you’re blonde!) and I felt terrible because of it (shallow I know!!), so I am now happy with my hair, but I’ve gone a shade or two darker to help push out the visits. This, I can handle!

What else???Oh, I am umming and ahhhing about a certain dress I would like to buy for an up-coming function… yes, this is killing me…. I’ve looked at it a few times online and almost bought it, but have so far overcome the crazy in me….. fingers crossed I can stay strong!!!

I’m also starting to enter my writing into competitions that have monetary prizes. So if I win any, I’ll be sure to let you know! This has been a huge step for me. Sharing your work is like baring your soul to a total stranger - scary shit people!!! But, I am getting more confident with my writing and as such, am stepping out of my comfort zone and actually sending work off. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to win a few awards, or at least ‘honourable mentions’ and start getting my name out there.

So I will try to write a bit more often than quarterly…… Almost half way through 2015 and still going strong. Thank you to everyone for your encouragement and faithfulness to our little experiment. 

Kiss Kiss Kathryn xx

I do not believe he did this to me. I am so hurt it is not funny. I have lost my guy best friend, he was there for me all the time. Even after we graduated we hung out a lot. After a few days after my birthday he came over and stayed the night and that was the last time I have heard from my “best friend”. part of it was my fault. I wish he wasn’t such a big dick about it and still talk to me. He even told me I was his best friend…this seriously breaks my heart. I want to hear from him, I want to hang out with him. I miss him so fucking much. I don’t know what to do, I feel so empty because a important person is pretty much out of my life.

I need lots of hugs please..

anonymous asked:

Really hoping he will be in London a lot in June and then maybe the 2 weeks in between US/UK too which I forgot about. I need more clique!! He is going to miss Nick's birthday again this year I think :( Still not forgave him for not spending time with Nick on his 29th despite the fact they weren't touring ugh god Harry he's your bae. What if they go to fashion week together again?!?!?!

Haha I can see him spending those two weeks in LA before the few weeks he’ll spend in the UK. But then we’ll have 5 shows in London with hopefully some clique interaction! And Nick’s birthday god I know… And then I learn a year later that he was with the Azoffs the day after… I hate him lmao. Aaand I was thinking maybe Harry could make his debut at London Collections: Men! In a perfect world, that is haha x

My way and how to live...

Finally, I was in the music store. Bought a sustain pedal♪

What can I say… the acoustic piano is much better, but there’s no a studio, therefore I have to practice with headphones. But… Kawai-san, I miss you. 

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^_ Celebrity News & Gossip: [HotCelebrityHollywood] Stephen Amell's Video With His Daughter Might Be the Cutest Thing You Watch Today

^_ Celebrity News & Gossip -

Facebook! Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes. Feeling awfully loved. Ultimately though… I really missed my family over the past few weeks. Circumstances put us on opposite coasts. When my filming schedule miraculously cleared up I just went to the airport and snagged a flight like it was a tube of toothpaste. Two wonderful days in LA. Now it’s back to the east coast. Packing only the essentials. Thank you again. XO

Posted by Stephen Amell on Friday, May 8, 2015

Stephen Amell had a loving birthday with his family. On Friday, the Arrow actor shared a cute moment from his big day in a video posted to Facebook. The short clip shows Stephen sitting on the ground and packing his luggage with his little daughter, Mavi, who celebrated her first birthday in October. Stephen explained the importance of their time together in the accompanying caption:

Facebook! Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes. Feeling awfully loved. Ultimately though… I really missed my family over the past few weeks. Circumstances put us on opposite coasts. When my filming schedule miraculously cleared up I just went to the airport and snagged a flight like it was a tube of toothpaste. Two wonderful days in LA. Now it’s back to the east coast. Packing only the essentials. Thank you again. XO

If you can’t get enough of the adorable actor, check out all the reasons you should follow Stephen on Instagram, and then find more celebrity families making social media supersweet.

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