If anyone wants a summary of #UltimateStoryTime this is the best I can do!! 😂 And I know this show is still going and I’ve already seen it twice, but I love it so much and I would literally kill(not really)to see it again!!! #MissThatShowMonday #doodle #drawing #artingitup #TerribleDoodleiKnow

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Sometimes I will just be going about my day and suddenly
for no reason at all - I will think of you and wonder where you are.
I try to imagine what you are doing and what you might be thinking about in that exact moment, at that exact second ….
Sometimes I dare to hope you might be thinking of me too.
That somehow – in some way - we are connected to each other by nothing more than thought alone…
And though I may never know for certain if that connection is real or imagined, the one thing I know without question is real in that instant  … is the overwhelming love I feel for you.

If only a shower was enough to wash off the things you did and said, but it’s stuck to me like a layer of skin.

God, I hate you for this.

—  Nicole Torres // what a dirty way to feel
I was doing great. I was doing just fine. I even started thinking that maybe this was just really a silly, little crush. That maybe I was looking at you, the wrong person. But then I saw you with them, and it broke my heart because I realized that I want you to be the right person for me so badly. I thought I was over you but it still hurts every time you get a little closer with another person.

Lauren and I would always talk about how if either of us ever got to meet Taylor, we’d tell her about our friendship and thank her for bringing us together. Now more than ever, I really hope that one day I can meet Taylor and tell her all about my lovely Lauren and the incredible friendship we had. Instead of wanting to meet Taylor for myself like I had in the past, now I want to meet her for Lauren. I hope luck comes my way sometime and helps me make this happen so that Taylor will know about the beautiful girl who loved her unconditionally until the end. I miss you Lauren, and I love you so much 💕🐸 @callsmeupagains