glad you guys are back. we missed you so much, our dorky kings♥

Just saw AOU for the second time.

And now a list of things I need more of in my life…

The Maximoff Twins

Tony Stark being sassy

Pietro and Wanda

Captain America ripping logs apart with his bare hands

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

Thor with his hair back

Pietro and Wanda Maximoff

How miserable do you want me to be? You don’t want me to be with anyone, yet you don’t want to be with me. You can’t stand the idea of me moving on, but at the same time you’re not ready to give us a try.

-What do you want? I’m only so patient.


If you’re going to break my heart, be gentle.
It doesn’t have to end in chaos and tears, there doesn’t need to be raised voices and slamming doors.
Stop the roaring fires, stop the traffic and quietly give my heart back to me.
Time isn’t a guarantee, and forever is a big promise to make, one I never expected you to keep.
Don’t be in a hurry to forget me, we taught each other so many things over the years, things that changed my point of view, things that changed me.
We walked this road together for a long time my love, but sometimes life leads us apart. I won’t soon forget the look in your eye when you woke up in the mornings, or the way you held my hand. Years from now I’ll smell your aftershave on the street and I’ll search for your eyes. Hopeful and heavy hearted I’ll hope to see you standing there, looking every bit as beautiful as the bright eyed nineteen year old you were when I met you. But you’ll be gone, long gone.
Maybe one day we can make this right, and live the life we dreamed of together. But as for right now, there’s lessons in this life we have to learn alone.
And while this hurts so much more than I ever thought it could, I’m grateful that I lived a part of my life with you.

Wild, crazy and unconditionally I loved you. So I leave you saying thank you, for making me a better person, for showing me what real love was.

You were my best three years.

—  Please, don’t go. Please baby, stay.

Tell me everything

Tell me all your stories, all your fears, all your worries, the first toy you owned, your childhood memories, all your regrets, your dreams, where you see yourself in 10, 20 years. Tell me your favourite colour, tell me all your secrets, your beliefs, your favourite place to eat. Darling tell me everything you’ve been afraid to tell anyone else cause you were afraid of judgement. I will listen I will always listen, I am here for you, you don’t have to go through life alone anymore.

—  Nari, I know you shut everyone out, but please let me in

With you, it doesn’t matter
if I’m all dressed up or
just be in my underwear.
I don’t care about
the way I eat or
how much I eat;
if I burp too loud or
on the other end.
I can laugh really hard
or cry just as hard.
There isn’t much difference
if I talk too much or
get a little weird,
or even not speak at all.
I’m free to get a little grumpy
or cuddly or pensive or horny.
With you, it doesn’t matter
if I stay in bed all day
or play video games or read a book
or dance in the rain or build a fort;
if I act my age or a silly kid.
None of it matters
because I’m home.

Because you are my home.

sometimes, i end up staring
at the ceiling for so long that i start
to believe i can see the stars
through it, clear as ever,
and i start trying to remember
all of the constellations, pointing
them out in my head. it still
doesn’t get me to sleep. but, it’s
much more calming than counting sheep.
i like to believe that the stars
hold all of the secrets of the universe
in their reflections. i like to believe
that the reason i can
never tell which star is ours is
because it fell, and maybe one day
i’ll find it on the ground and i’ll
trade all of my pictures of you for
this fallen star. ‘cause this fallen
star holds so much more of you than
i do. i like to believe that
you still search for it at night,
when you can’t sleep, and you whisper
your secrets in the hopes
that it’ll catch them and, maybe
someday, pass them onto me.
—  fallen star // r.e.s
When I walked away from you I thought I lost a part of myself and left it behind. I stayed up countless nights wondering what I could’ve done to get back what we used to have. I just wanted to feel your breath on my neck, the touch of your skin against mine while we laid there in the dark planning our forever one more time. I would have given anything to run my fingers through your hair and stare into your eyes, because those eyes? They had a way to see the deepest parts of me nobody had seen before. But I don’t have those nights anymore, really. Sometimes I will hear a song, or pass one of our old spots and have a quick memory.. But I don’t long for those the way I used to. I don’t compare every new person to how great you were in your highest moments or put them on a pedestal when they’re better than you at your worst. You taught me what I deserve and more, and now I only let the best though the door.