missing women inquiry

Canada launches inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women

Canada’s government announced Tuesday the launch of a national inquiry into the country’s missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. The inquiry, which will start immediately, is slated to first engage survivors, their family members and First Nations leaders and representatives to determine its scope and logistics. The inquiry is a long time, but some key questions need to be answered immediately.

anonymous asked:

As a typical ndp, I'm pretty upset by the result. But, on a lighter note, what are the good things to expect from Trudeau Jr.?

-Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Inquiry

-Unmuzzle Scientists

-Better environmental reviews for industrial projects

-More funding for First Nations communities (particularly in education)

-Will actually try to combat climate change (though I’m not expecting them to be world leaders)

-Repealing bill C-24

-Repealing parts of Bill C-51 (I personally want it gone but this can be seen as a positive regardless).

-Repealing anti-union bills that harper passed.

-Ending the bombing mission in Iraq/Syria.

-Legalizing marijuana

-Restoring the long form census.

-Restoring mail delivery.

-Restoring CBC’s funding cuts.

-Getting rid of first past the post as a voting system.

Probably a few more things, but this is just off the top of my head.