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Taliyah Amaya, a young woman of color from the South Bronx is MISSING. So many young girls and women have been going missing in the South Bronx like Maylin Reynoso. I know I have like no followers but please reblog especially if you live in NYC/tri state area!!!!! If you have any information call the number provided (929) 256 0471 or call the police.

UPDATE: SHE IS SAFE AND SOUND!! thank you all for sharing far and wide! 💚💚💚


American activist, Stonewall veteran, mentor, leader, and symbolic mother and grandmother to many. Growing up in Chicago, she became involved early on with the local drag balls, and came out in her teens without having the language to describe being trans. She moved to New York City when her family kicked her out, and tried to make a place for herself in the queer community there. When the Stonewall Inn was raided in 1969, Miss Major was there meeting a friend. She joined in with the ensuing riots, was knocked unconscious by the police, and awoke the next morning in jail. She would return to prison in the early 70s, where, placed with the men, she met leaders of the recent Attica riots who would greatly influence her later work with the prison system. She moved to California in the late 70s, eventually settling in San Francisco, just as the AIDS epidemic hit. She quickly dedicated herself to that cause, hiring other trans women to help care for the sick, and starting the Tenderloin AIDS Resource Center. In 2003, she joined the Transgender GenderVariant Intersex Justice Project before becoming its executive director. She has spent her life looking out for the queer community, particularly trans women of color in the prison system, and has earned a reputation as a pioneer and adopted mother to many in the queer community.


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Miss America Chavez

Marvel Comics, Miss America Chavez is a latin citizen of the Utopia where she is apart of the Young Avengers and Teen Brigade.  America has superhuman strength enough or equal to that of an Asgardian. She is capable of flight, has super human speed and is bulletproof. She is also capable of opening portals into other dimensions. Born and raised in the Utopian parallel dimension to two mothers; Mrs. America Red and Mrs America Blue. This dimension was in sync with the Demiurge. When she was six years old her home dimension was threatened with destruction. Her mothers Red and Blue sacrificed themselves to save her world. Wanting to emulate her mothers and to prove herself a hero as well she flew through a closing portal since her world had no need for heroes. With this act she ran away from her home and her responsibilities as future queen.   While traveling through numerous dimensions, she finally stopped at Earth-616 where she joined the Teen Brigade. After fighting with Loki who sent her to another dimension, she was rescued under the guidance of the In-Betweener. Reuniting with the Teen Brigade, they battled Dr. Doom and the Young Masters. Her and her team escaped and she began a romantic relationship with Ultimate Nullifier. After leaving the Teen Brigade, she traveled to Earth-212 where she was approached by Kid Loki, who tried convincing her to return to Earth-616 to kill the Scarlet Witch’s son, Wiccan for the good of all creation.    Instead, she planned on returning to protect him. She stopped Loki from killing Wiccan before an explanation could be given. She later teamed up with Prodigy the former mutant and X-man.

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Nocturne + AestheticsNicolette “Nicole” White

“I thought we would stay best friends forever, but we were young and naïve. Things change and I see you have forgotten about me. Moving to grunge city made you uppity and think everybody back home is beneath you, when you are still the same girl from Chicago.”


  • its the first episode after superman is gone so the ratings being good means proving that those sexist assholes that said the first episodes got good ratings bc of him, were wrong
  • intoduction of lesbian woc maggie sawyer which will be supergirl’s sisters girlfriend and they’ll be Gay^tm together in this episode!!!! im so excited yall!!!!
  • introduction of miss martian, also a woc that’s gonna be badass
  • lynda carter!!! former wonder woman!!! as the president of the united states :’”)) 
  • more lena luthor and kara x lena interaction which means more Gay^tm content

and overall y’all should watch supergirl bc its super female centric, has one of the best sister relationships i’ve seen on tv and its the core of the show, the males are not annoying!!! for once!!!, and in general the show pisses men off which lbr its a big reason to support it !