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Found a bunch of old Dave Malloy photos on his website and decided to unleash them on you all. These were all about 2-6 years before The Great Comet. The first one is from Clown Bible, second and third feature a Dave from 11 years ago starring and musically directing a “99 cent” production of Miss Saigon. Last three are from his show Three Pianos, in which he wears a sweater. 



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WHat is the story about the dorm address and the chickens i haven't heard it before, please tell!

Oh boy anon have you been missing out. The toy chicken saga is probably my favourite bts story it is pure gold! so sit back and enjoy 

Basically this all happened on twitter

bts became obsessed with some gaming app called crossy road

and i’ve never played it but i assume the chicken is the mascot or something. so anyways bts really really liked this game especially the plushy chickens so they tweeted out their actual real life exact dorm addresses (edit: I’ve been told this is actually big hits company address not their dorms! Sorry for the confusion) to the creator of the game begging for chicken plushies. i am dead serious.

but it gets better!! so bts do get their plushies and look how happy they are

and once they’ve gotten what the needed they actually go and UNFOLLOW the creator of the game.

and the poor man didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out.

so yeah bts wanted the chicken plushies so badly they tweeted out their private dorm address for them and once they got the plushies they unfollowed the creator of the app. i am not even kidding. seriously you can’t make this stuff up. only bts. 

The most beautiful woman in the world, thought Quentyn. My bride-to-be, if the gods are good. Sometimes at night he lay awake imagining her face and form, and wondering why such a woman would ever want to marry him, of all the princes in the world.

“The silver queen is gone,” the ketch’s master told him. “She flew away upon her dragon, beyond the Dothraki sea.”

“Where is this Dothraki sea?” he demanded. “I will sail the Iron Fleet across it and find the queen wherever she may be.”

The fisherman laughed aloud. “That would be a sight worth seeing. The Dothraki sea is made of grass, fool.”

Quentyn Martell and Victarion Greyjoy are the Tragedy and Comedy masks of the Meereenese Knot. Their quests are identical, but the tones are oppositional, which allows them to illuminate one another. They’re clearly meant to be compared: the Dornish and Ironborn plots in AFFC (mirrored in so many ways throughout) culminate in the revelation of Quent and Vic’s quests for Dany. Not only that, GRRM links them via chapter titles: “The Iron Suitor” and “The Spurned Suitor,” only four chapters apart. That their roles are so similar speaks not only to Dany’s increasing centrality to all narratives but how in every narrative, some characters end up cogs in the machine. Quentyn and Victarion are tonally opposing meditations on what it’s like to be a redshirt. Both are puppets; both are doomed; both will die powerless, far from home, knowing only their failure in the final moments. But their perspectives on this mutual doom and the events along the way are entirely different, which allows GRRM to make a different set of points and elicit a different set of emotions. 

When Quentyn loses people along the way (his companions), it’s brutally personal and convinces him that if he fails, they died for nothing. When Victarion loses people along the way (his ships), he just sits there glaring at the horizon and winging about the inconvenience like a child missing his toys. When Quentyn gets involved with a dangerous badass with his own agenda (the Tattered Prince), it’s desperately sad–it reflects the death of his innocence, as well as the horrific parts of questing that the songs don’t warn you about. When Victarion gets involved with a dangerous badass with his own agenda (Moqorro), it’s bizarrely funny–it reflects his ignorance and short-sightedness, as well as his inability to understand when he’s being manipulated. Quent’s alienation from his surroundings is rendered mournfully: what I wouldn’t give to smell the sweet air of home again! Vic’s alienation from his surroundings is rendered sardonically: the ocean is the wrong color, dagnabbit! Quent’s perspective on the family member who sent him on his quest (Doran) is tragic; the kid dies trying to make Dad proud. Victarion’s perspective on the family member who sent him on his quest (Euron) is comedic; the Iron Captain honestly thinks he’s going to pull one over on the Crow’s Eye, what a joke! The same basic story, when told in a different fashion, produces very different results: wretched piteous tears on one hand, sputtering WTF laughter on the other. Even redshirts have range. 


Decide Toi Chapter 12 - A Stroke of Misfortune, go read the new chapter here!

Marinette couldn’t take it anymore. “I said go away!” She shrieked and swatted her hand out as hard as she could. Her knuckles hit Tikki and sent her flying, sailing away from Marinette until she slammed hard against the opposite wall and fell in a crumpled heap on the floorboards. She blinked away her own tears and grunted, getting her bearings. “Mari…” She croaked, but Marinette was no longer listening.

No; instead, when Tikki looked back up, she found Marinette listening to someone else entirely.

The purple glow of a an akuma mask illuminated bright against Marinette’s pale, rain-soaked skin, contrasting against the cold, grey sky. Her face turned dark, as she mumbled something to someone.

Tikki struggled to hear what she was saying and called out to her again, “Marinette!”

But Marinette had better people to listen to. Or, a better person to be exact. The promise of all her deepest desires fulfilled blocked out all other sounds and sensations. The rain was no longer a problem, there was only one thing on her mind. Revenge. It clouded over every other thought in her brain, blackening her mind, her vision, her body.

sooo If you missed the link yesterday, sorry, but I was going to post these eventually, so uh…you’ve been spoiled, sorry D: But either way, I’ve been very excited about this chapter, so please enjoy!