missing the last train

I have too much dark inside me, I could scream all night and
                                                     still the smoke wouldn’t clear.

I’ve cried blood, bled tar, spat salt water into the sink; 
all this grief and nowhere to put your hands but on me.

I want to take you apart like a castle in the hands of God
                                                                                  you say

and now dreams are the only place I hear your voice. I sang
myself to sleep behind the bathroom door, my feet propped up

on the porcelain bath. I don’t know what to tell you about the
rain and why it falls. there is nothing common sense in collapsing.

there’s nothing left but the railroads and a plug without a
socket. this is a metaphor for something too painful to talk about.

                                                   I missed the last train home
                                                                                    you say,

but I’ve never heard anything that mattered less. once again
I gave you all the speaking parts and you never learnt your lines.

I gave you all the speaking parts but you never know when
to come in. you’re unrehearsed. love is a distant act at the

end of a script you never planned to read. you’re falling apart
and even dawn has never broken like you. for safety, you have your

conscience locked in a box. your soul is a child you trapped in
the basement who never cries, just knocks very politely on the

underside of the trapdoor. you always do this. it always has to
end like this / with you stretching out your hands but I won’t take

anything you’re willing to give away for free. barefoot I’m scaling the
fence,  i’m running down the street; the red footprints in the snow

are the latter part of a telegram about mortality. i’m turning
over the body in your bed and seeing that it’s mine. here is

my blood in a wineglass, my heart on a stake:
                                                       if you must, be lot
                                                                            be orpheus
                                                                            be herakles.

maybe hylas thanked the waves for drowning.

Yves Olade, So Close to the Light You Catch Fire
response to the @nepenthenet prompt  “two faces”

Rather than... -(으)ㄹ 바에, -느니

Everyone has choices to make, so today we’ll look at how to express making a decision between different options. The two grammar points we’ll focus on are largely interchangeable, so we’ll look at them together and check out their individual differences as we go.

-(으)ㄹ 바에


This grammar point has two meanings

The first of those two refers to making a choice between some options, neither of which is really the best choice, but you end up going with the option in the following clause over the option in the preceding clause. That is, you can think of this form as translating to “Rather than X, Y.” This meaning of -(으)ㄹ 바에 is interchangeable with -느니’s first meaning. To emphasize the meaning a bit more, you can use a word like “차라리” or “오히려” in the following clause, or you can add “야” or “는” to the grammar form itself to make “-(으)ㄹ 바에야” or “-(으)ㄹ 바에는.”

The second meaning of this grammar form is used to indicate that since the situation in the preceding clause is already set or inevitable, you might as well do the thing in the following clause. In this case, it could be translated as, “Since X anyway, might as well Y.”


-(으)ㄹ 바에 can only be used with action verbs with the root in the present tense. Just add -을 바에 to verb roots ending in consonants (except ㄹ) or -ㄹ 바에 to verb roots ending with vowels or ㄹ!


  • 친구한테 계속 화를 낼 바에 힘들어도 용서해 주는게 낫지 않을까? (Rather than being continuously mad at your friend, wouldn’t it be better to forgive them even if it’s hard?
  • 믿을 만한 사람으로 알려지고 싶으면 거짓말을 할 바에야 책임을 지고 네 실수를 인정하는 게 나아요. (If you want to be known as a trustworthy person, rather than lying, taking responsibility and admitting your mistake would be better.)
  • 막차를 놓치고 택시를 비싸게 탈 바에 파티에서 일찍 나가겠어요. (Rather than missing the last train and taking an expensive taxi, I guess I’ll leave the party early.)


  • 어차피 지각할 바에 느긋하게 가자. (Since we’re going to be late anyway, let’s take our time.)
  • 기왕 오랜만에 핸드폰을 바꿀 바에 최신 모델을 사는 게 좋을 것 같아요. (Since you’re changing your cellphone for the first time in a while, getting the latest model would be good.)
  • 이왕 도시락을 쌀 바에 내 것도 준비해 줄래? (Since you’re packing your lunchbox anyway, would you prepare mine too?)



Like -(으)ㄹ 바에, -느니 also has two meanings.

As previously mentioned, the first meaning of -느니 is interchangeable with -(으)ㄹ 바에 in its first meaning. It is used when you want to express that in the given situation, the choice presented in the following clause is the best option to go with. Just as with -(으)ㄹ 바에, it might not be the absolute best choice, but it’s the lesser of two evils.

-느니’s second meaning is not the same as -(으)ㄹ 바에’s second meaning. Rather, it is used when you want to lay out opposing opinions or situations. You can use it when both of those things are about equal. One way to translate it might be “Whether X or Y…” 


When using -느니’s first meaning, it is restricted to action verbs in the present tense, just as -(으)ㄹ 바에 is. However, when using -느니’s second meaning, descriptive verbs and the past tense can also be used. Also, when using -느니’s second meaning, the verb is reduplicated and both have -느니 attached to the end.


  • 배고프다고 불평하느니 귀찮아도 마트에 가서 음식이나 사. (Instead of complaining that you’re hungry, go to the store and buy food or something even if it’s bothersome.) 
  • 뭘 원할 때마다 바로 나가서 저렴하고 쉽게 닳는 것을 사느니 좀 오래 걸리더라도 돈을 모아서 오랫동안 사용할 수 있는 품질이 좋은 걸 사는 게 어때요? (Rather than immediately going out and buying something cheap that will wear out easily every time you want something, how about saving up money and buying something of high quality, even if it takes a while?)
  • 미룬 과제를 하기 위해 밤 새우고 다음 날에 힘들어하느니 차라리 재미없더라도 과제를 미리 하는 게 나아요. (Rather than staying up all night to finish an assignment and having a hard time the next day, it’s better to do the assignment in advance even if it’s no fun.)


  • 1등을 했으니 10등을 했으니 아예 대회에서 나온 사실 자체가 중요한 거예요. (Whether you placed first or tenth, the fact that you did the competition at all is what’s important.)
  • 교과서를 오늘 사느니 다음 주 사느니 학기 시작 전에 사면 돼요. (Whether you buy the textbook today or next week, it’s fine as long as you buy it before the semester starts.)
  • 수업을 인터넷으로 듣느니 직접 듣느니 기말 시험이 똑같이 나와요. (Whether you take the class online or in person, the final exam is the same.)
  • 봉사 활동이 재미있느니 재미없느니 남들을 도와주는 일이니만큼 보람이 있어요. (Whether volunteering is fun or not, it has value because it is work that helps others.)

That’s all for -(으)ㄹ 바에 and -느니! As always, here’s hoping this post was useful to you. Happy studying~

two ghosts | dylan o’brien x reader

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Same lips red, same eyes blue

Same white shirt, couple more tattoos

But it’s not you and it’s not me  

Tastes so sweet, looks so real  

Sounds like something that I used to feel  

But I can’t touch what I see

Y/N walked quickly forwards trying not to hit others with her suitcases. She messed up with her schedule, and was already late. Again. Her train would leave in five minutes and there was a pretty big chance  she wasn’t going to make it.  She glanced at her watch and took better grip on her bag and started running.  

“Oh shit, I’m so so sorry,” she apologized as she bumped into someone.  

“No worries, I’m fine”, someone with very familiar voice said. Y/N looked up and saw her ex-boyfriend, Dylan.

“Hi”, she whispered. Dylan smiled softly and picked up her suitcases she had dropped.

“Where are you going?” he asked. Y/N looked at her watch again.

“Apparently nowhere until tomorrow morning, I missed my train. It was the last one today”, she muttered frustrated. Dylan looked at her.  

“Wanna get some coffee with me?”  

We’re not who we used to be  

We’re not who we used to be  

We’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me  

Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat

Coffee break between two of them was kind of awkward. It used to be so much easier to just sit down and talk. Now it felt like there was a huge wall between them.

They had been dating for over a year until everything seemed to fall apart.  

“Where are you staying?”

“I’ll call to the hotel I was staying at and ask if they still have a room available”, Y/N said.

“You can crash at my hotel room if you want”, Dylan suggested.

“Is that a good idea?” She asked suspiciously.

“It’s just one night, you can sleep on the bed and I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

The fridge light washes this room white

Moon dances over your good side

This was all we used to need

Tongue-tied like we’ve never known

Telling those stories we already told

‘Cause we don’t say what we really mean

Only light in the room came from outside where bright city lights rose towards the sky. All Dylan could hear was cars driving by and Y/N’s soft snores. The situation felt weird. If this had happened months earlier he would be sleeping next to this particular girl right now, holding her tightly.  

He couldn’t help but stare how beautifully she slept. He never stopped saying how beautiful she was. Until one day, when it all went wrong. You sat down and had a long talk. Neither of you didn’t really know what went wrong between you two. Not enough ‘I love you’s maybe?

He wanted to tell Y/N that he never stopped thinking about her. He never stopped thinking she was the most prettiest girl he’d ever met.

We’re not who we used to be

We’re not who we used to be

We’re just two ghosts standing in the place of you and me

We’re not who we used to be

We’re not who we used to be

“Dyl? Why are you still up?” Y/N’s voice asked from across the room. Sheets scuffled as she got up and walked over to sit next to Dylan. He buried his face into his hands and whispered.

“I’m so sorry about what happened between us.” Y/N hesitated for a moment but then carefully took his hand so she could see his face.

“Hey, it’s okay. You didn’t do anything wrong, I don’t think neither of us did. It just stopped working, you know?” She whispered.

“I guess you’re right. But we were such a good team, remember?” Dylan laughed at the memories that filled his head. Y/N laughed too but then she got serious.

“This is gonna sound stupid but I don’t have anything to lose so.. Can I sleep next to you?” She asked. Smile appeared in Dylan’s face.  


We’re just two ghosts swimming in a glass half empty

Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat

Dylan woke up alone. Y/N was gone, so was her suitcases. He got up and saw a note.

“Thanks for everything, including letting me sleep next to you. Everything’s fine between us, right? Didn’t wanna wake you up, see you around x”

He smiled at the note, knowing it wasn’t the last time they met.  

And he was right.

How you spend Christmas together- HP Preference

Harry Potter: His 5th year at Hogwarts

The two of you spend Christmas together at Sirius Black’s home. Harry wanted to spend the holiday with the ones he loved the most, the family he still had left. Sirius loved you very much and enjoyed having you over for the break. It made him feel a sense of happiness seeing how much Harry loved you, it made him realise he didn’t lose everything seeing Harry was cared about so deeply by you. The three of you exchanged gifts and sat around the fire for most of Christmas day. Sirius shared stories from the past of Lily and James Potter and other hilarious tales from the Marauders Era, although you didn’t miss the tang of sadness in his eyes when he mentioned Lily, James, and even Peter. Remus and Tonks would come over around dinner time and bring tales of their own. After the excitement had died down a bit Harry would take you for a stroll around the neighborhood talking about whatever rose to conversation. You would probably stop at a coffeehouse and buy two steaming hot chocolates then bask in the glory of the bright Christmas lights that surrounded the area. Harry would constantly make up random excuses to kiss you and by the end of the night, when you returned back home, Harry and yourself would pass out in each other’s arm by the fire to which Tonks would snap a picture and taunt you for the rest of the week with.

Ron Weasley: His 3rd year at Hogwarts

Despite most of his friends staying at Hogwarts for the holiday, Christmas would be spent in the warmth of the Burrow with Ron and all of his family. His house was by far the loudest yet most loving environment you had ever been apart of. When unwrapping presents Ron would sit by your side loving to watch your facial expressions to every gift. Molly would have knitted you a sweater and you’d feel too guilty not wearing it, so the entire day would be spent matching Ron in your twinning red sweaters. Fred and George had gotten a kick out of this and teased the both of you throughout the day. Early Christmas day, Ron and yourself would head out to the Quidditch pitch with his brothers and Ginny to play a few rounds. Ron insisted he’d go easy on you but after your team beat his two rounds, he went against his promise, as to which you still beat him. Later that day you and Ron would cuddle in his room together watching the snowfall from outside his window. His fingers trailed along your skin drawing small designings causing you to giggle every so often. Molly would swing by occasional to make sure his door was still open and the two of you weren’t doing anything inappropriate.

Neville: His 6th year at Hogwarts

Hogwarts would be your glorious holiday vacation point. You had originally planned to go to your home back in London together but after you both missed the last train ride back, Hogwarts didn’t seem like such a bad idea, not that you had a choice anymore. Another train left Christmas Eve but you both decided against it, loving the feel of a practically empty Gryffindor tower way too much. Christmas Eve, the two of your walked hand and hand around Hogsmeade window shopping and drinking icy cold Butterbeer together. Neville would spoil you with sweets at Honeydukes and buy you bags of tea that was sure to last you until next winter. With not as many students present, you managed to sneak past the spell walls and spend the night with Neville in his dorm room. The two of you didn’t wake up until noon Christmas day but when you finally decide to get out of bed, you rushed downstairs only to find presents under the tree in the common room with both of your names. It was surely a Christmas to remember.

Fred: His 1st year out of Hogwarts

After attempting to drive to Fred’s home and you almost crashing the car five times, Fred wrote his mother to tell her the drive was too dangerous. A record breaking snowstorm had swept through London and it seemed the only way the two of you would make it to the Burrow was if you were willing to drive blind through the snow. Molly quickly responded stating how sadden she was but that ultimately she understood and agreed with your decision. Fred ran to the store in the freezing weather and bought all the essentials for a great Christmas. Your home was already decked out for the holiday so you hauled all the presents back out from the car and displayed them around the tree again. It was your first Christmas as a married couple and your first in your new home. Fred moved out of his apartment with George shortly after you finished your years at Hogwarts. It was a first for both of you and feeling bad that Fred wasn’t with his family- both of your family, you were determine to make it a perfect Christmas for him. You made peppermint flavored hot chocolate, played out your favorite holiday tunes throughout the house, set up a list of movies to watch, started the fire, laid out all the ingredients for cookies, and put on your favorite ugly sweater. When Fred returned, his disappointed mood immediately washed away and his usually cheery self returned. He packed all the food into the fridge and ran upstairs changing into his matching sweater. Although it was only Christmas Eve you two began all the traditions. The day was spent making sugar cookies and decorating them, cuddling in bed together, attempting to go out in the snow and freezing to death, watch movies, making gingerbread houses, and dancing around the house to music. It was by far the best Christmas either of you had had.  

Draco: His 5th year at Hogwarts 

Draco dreaded the holiday time. Not because of you, no he loved being with you, but because of his family. He was more than embarrassed during this time and wanted nothing to do with you meeting his family. They had very strict mindsets and Draco didn’t want them getting to you, so instead of spending the holiday with his family, you two went to your families Christmas together. Draco was absolutely amazed at the warmth your family gave off and the acceptance they gave him. Your mother asked him a million of questions about his future while your father asked a million of questions about his future with you. Draco felt at home when he was with your family. You two went ice skating together, window shopped around town, and even made pies together with the help of your grandma. When Christmas day came, Draco was astonished to find gifts under the tree with his name on it. He was sure to be back next Christmas, and many more after that.

George: His 6th year at Hogwarts 

Christmas was spent at Hogwarts due to the Yule Ball. George asked you to be his date the moment talk began to flutter about the dance. Being his girlfriend you said yes of course but it was amusing to see the lengths he would go as in him jumping up on top of the Gryffindor dining table during lunch and asking you in front of the whole school. With the dance being on Christmas day, the two of you set out to accomplish all your typical traditions Christmas Eve. George woke you up at the crack of dawn and the two of you went ice skating, played a few holiday themed pranks, snuck into the kitchen to make a gingerbread house, drank eggnog, and pretended to be apart of the choir while they made their traditional trips around the school of Christmas caroling. After the dance the next day, George whisked you away to his dorm room complimenting you the whole way as he had done the whole night. George helped you change from your dress into his sweats and a tshirt, then slipped on a pair of fuzzy socks he had bought you as a side gift. The two of you snuggled together for the rest of the night not caring that the dance was still in full swing, all that mattered was the two of you were together, just like it would always be.

-Daizy xx  

His Wedding | seven

Summery:  Modern-Day(AU) Bucky and you are former exes. He moved on but you couldn’t. Since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will go fine with your two best friends, Steve and Natasha by your side.

Word Count: 

Pairing: N/A (lmao)

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: language

Characters (by appearance): Reader, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff

A/N: I wrote this over night and the edited it right now. PHEW! But the wait is ove because this part gives an insight of Bucky’s POV. I know, fucking finally. I think it’s time ya’ll know what he’s been up to. Please give me FEEDBACK, YA’LL I LOVE READING YOUR COMMENTS/ASKS

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“His Wedding” Masterlist

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The signs as I know them irl

Aries - uncanny amount of salt inside one body; has no patience; actual sweethearts; once won an argument without even looking up from their phones to think of counterarguments

Taurus - individual asf; stubborn and annoying at that; has the best jokes; they don’t let you in easy but once you’re close they keep you; really nice behind their tough attitude

Gemini - two entities cohabit in their body, a good and a bad (find the good one, the bad one is terrifying); discreet until really comfortable; even then, still not very exuberant; once held a grudge for three days over emptying the dishwasher; knows when they are wrong and acknowledges it

Cancer - looks really shy and introverted, actually super cool and fun once you get to know them; keep their feelings to themselves, sometimes to the breaking point; hard to read; sassy asf; got into an argument with a Jehovah witness in the subway once

Leo - tired of livng asf; yet want to explore the world before they die (which is probably why they’re still there); wise beyond their years; have visited all the continents or plan to do it soon; what does missing your family feel like? they don’t know

Virgo - really smart; proud of their personnality; the ultimate memelord; say what’s on their minds; angry Virgo will fuck your shit up; sarcastic asf; overthinking

Libra - full of wisdom; very secretive but when you get to know them they’re the best; eats so much (??); whiny asf whenever something remotely annoying happens to them; laid into a pile of leaves when they were drunk; when curious about a subject they don’t stop til they know everything

Scorpio - confident asf; borderline annoying; won’t shut up about what they accomplish; can do anything if they put their minds to it; complain openly about their problems; social media freak; the most noticeable of the signs in a room

Sagittarius - loud and obnoxious; speaks their mind with no fear of consequences; talk shit get hit; once watched an entire season of a show in less than 24 hours; has five emotions and anger is two of them; complains a lot; secretly full of self-doubt

Capricorn - full of sass; zero time for annoying individuals; passed high school with minimum effort; wrong them once they’ll put a bounty on your head; takes zero shit from no one; once slept at the train station after missing the last train

Aquarius - full of amazing ideas; selfless and caring; will take you on the trip of your life even if you’re going nowhere; keeps files on everything so they know how to smash your arguments to the ground; will stomp on everything you love should you wrong them or their loved ones; is an embarrassment when drunk

Pisces - entire snapchat story is their pet; dye their hair a lot, probably as a macabre pun because they secretely want to die (?); 70-year-old person trapped in a young body; wine and warm baths ; probably sassy little shits at age 7 already

inspirations: @mygardenisasecret @doctorwhodunit @louloutheloup and many more


  • muse a is from a foreign country and doesn’t know how to speak the local language and is trying to order something at this restaurant muse b is at, too. so muse b offers to help and hey, is that chemistry going on between them? because people start thinking they’re actually a couple.
  • muse a and muse b were in love during high school and everything was good until muse a had to move to another country and now they meet again under whole new circumstances: muse a is still in love with muse b, but muse b is taken… and super happy with this other person.
  • this horrible thunderstorm is happening and both muse a and muse b are at this other town, soaking wet and cold, and they missed the last train to their home town. to make things even better, neither of them have enough money to pay for a night at a motel, so hey, i don’t know you, but wanna share a room for tonight? (extra: both actually feel hella attracted to one another and are single)
  • muse a sings like an angel but is really shy so they only sing in the shower. everyday, muse b, who is their neighbor, listens to their singing and thinks muse a is actually a professional singer. one day they meet at the elevator of their building and muse b really wants to ask for muse a to sing a song for them, or just compliment them. but how will they do so without making things awkward? and to top this situation, muse a is also a lot attractive.
  • muse a doesn’t know how to cook and finds out an a+ chef (muse b) has just moved into their building and everyday they smell the food coming from the apartment next to them, so they decide to knock on their door and ask them to feed them/teach them how to cook decently.
  • muse a is allergic to something (like dogs) that muse b loves and has on their apartment and they fight all the time because they’re neighbors and muse a can’t stop sneezing but muse b doesn’t want to give that thing up, but there’s a hidden sexual tension between them too.
  • muse a and muse b have this one night stand after drinking way too much at a party/bar/etc and the next day muse a finds out muse b is actually a person of note. meanwhile, muse b was totally enchanted by muse a and wants to find out who they are, but has no idea of how to start. no, wait. is that muse a the waitress in that restaurant i’ve just stepped in?! oh fuck.

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A/N: This is the first time i’ve wrote anything regarding the criminal minds fandom so I apologise if it isn’t the best, however I hope you enjoy it!!

Female!Reader x Spencer Reid

Reid’s slender fingers danced along his keyboard, swiftly typing up the last case file that had stained his desk for last few hours, ushering him to be finished so he could return home and catch up on some much needed rest.

The last few days had been rather hectic for the BAU, having been informed by their Unit Chief that their recent case files were to be presented in SES Strauss’ office, where she would inspect their work. It was evident that the late nights had taken a tole on team, wishing they were home with their families, revealing their ill-tempered mannerisms at such a late hour. Even Garcia was finding it increasingly hard to keep up with Morgan’s jokes, informing him on multiple occasions that he needed to remove himself from her coven of terror before his ‘baby girl’ would rip his pretty little face off, evidently proving the team needed time off.

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anonymous asked:

if you dont mind could u pls translate the tsukiuta ss last june 18 this year

Judging from the time this ask was sent, I’m assuming you’re talking about the short story with Aoi and Arata that has the fortune telling and 3 other parts? (If it’s a different one, then let me know). I usually don’t read the Tsukiuta SS, but wow this story is juicy~ (especially for you AraAoi ppl)

☆Irregular Fortune Telling☆

Shun: “Today’s lucky one is May; April be careful.”

Aoi: “Haru-san is in bed already, huh… And so is Hajime-san… Hmmm, but-”

Taxi Driver: “Is it that building over there?”

Aoi: “Yes! …I’m really sorry, Arata!”

(#he didn’t have enough money for the taxi fare)

☆Aoi-kun Who Was On His Way Back☆

Aoi: “Sorry; I forgot what the train schedules are like on our days off and I missed the last train… Then after I got into a taxi I realized I forgot to withdraw some money for it…”

Arata: “You’re fine now. Aren’t you glad I’m not asleep yet?”

Aoi: “You saved me…”

Arata: “But it would’ve been fine if you withdrew money at a convenience store along the way…”

Aoi: “That’s true.”

Arata: “Such absentmindedness. Aoi, could it be…”

Aoi: *startled* *turns away*

Arata: “Like I thought, you smell of alcohol. You’re drunk so you took a taxi back.”

Aoi: “It’s true… I know I drank quite a bit today; That’s why Haru-san and the others are a bit cold to me right now.”

Arata: “…Well, I’m just glad you enjoyed yourself today, Drunkard-kun.”

Aoi: “…Heheh.”

Arata: “What’s wrong?”

Aoi: “It’s nothing… But just having this sort of conversation makes it feel like we really are adults now.”

Arata: “Yeah, it does. It went from ‘Arata-kun, come and playyyy~’ to ‘Please lend me some money for the taxi.’”

Aoi: “I really am sorry!”

Querencia (M)

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Pairing: Jungkook x Seokjin

Genre: smut, fluff [+ long distance!AU, baseball!AU, strong mxm themes, dirty talk, cum play, overstimulation of sorts, and a ‘flaccid dick getting hard in an asshole’ kink idk what you call it]

Word Count: 2,700+

Summary: Seokjin frowned, the distance between them definitely played a huge part in their lives - for most of the year Jungkook was off playing with his team for the season of baseball. If he wasn’t playing then he was training with everyone else. “Just another few days, I promi- Oh! That reminds me, you’re coming to the game too right?”

N/A: This whole mxm…is a whole new world for me and I don’t know how good this is, so please…help an innocent girl out omg. Feedback would hella be appreciated.

Querencia (n.) - A place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; where you are your most authentic self.

“Hi baby,” Jin’s cheery voice was heard by Jungkook on the other side of the line.

“Hey!” Jungkook grinned as he looked back at his boyfriend. Jin’s eyes raked over Jungkook’s wet body - he’d just taken a shower and was only wearing a towel around his waist, not bothering to change because he was too excited to talk with the elder.

“My eyes are up here hyung.” Jungkook grinned, running a hand through his damp locks.

“S-Sorry Kookie,” a faint blush started to appear on his cheeks, “But I can’t help it. You look like a three course meal.” The elders plump pinks lips shaped themselves into a pout at the thought of not being able to touch his beloved.

“Why are you always horny when I call you?” The younger smirked, getting comfortable on his bed.

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for #fill the train! i made a v creepy oc…. the conductor….

ok so shes basically the source of the weird fixer robots, shes completely unconscious bc it takes so much energy to operate them her brain waves are completely occupied with that, so the train takes care of her by moving her via the wires on her wrists. shes like a psuedo final boss type character that tulip meets, and when tulip beats her, the train starts glitching and changing more erratically… but really, the conductor hasnt had real control for a long while, she was just the power source of maintenance that may or may not be ai that gained sentience and decided to just start doing things its way… so ya lol the conductor has a lot of back story for me so im glad we’re doing fill the train again i missed the last one. 

to keep it

*sidles up*  So, it’s been…quite a rough few months for me, in general, but also writing-wise.  I’ve been struggling with writer’s block for MONTHS. It’s been awful, because I LOVE writing, and I couldn’t get anything to come out that I actually enjoyed writing.


I finished FFXV two days ago and I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS, AND I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY, OKAY.  So, my first offer to the fandom, an incredibly indulgent, Prompto/Noctis fic.  It can be read as platonic or as early slash, takes place around Brotherhood times.  If you’d be so kind as to comment and reblob if you like it, I would appreciate it!

to keep it (also on AO3)

Prompto couldn’t sleep.

It wasn’t unusual. Sometimes it was a restless, anxious energy that he couldn’t shake, nerves alight and waiting for-he wasn’t sure what, but it was like something hard-wired into him, to be ready to react at a moment’s notice.

Other times, it was nightmares, the ones that made him claustrophobic and panicky, and caused him to start awake. He didn’t remember much of those, except that they made his stomach clench, and in their aftermath he always clasped his left hand over his right wrist, inexplicably terrified that someone would notice the mark there, that he would be snatched away, to never escape a hell he only had vague impressions of.

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Kobayashi Unfaithful? (Tohru’s Overreacting Again)

I’m back!  Sorry for the delay.  If you’ve sent a Kobayashi prompt, rest assured I probably have it and will do my best to accommodate as many of them as I can.   I got so many, which is super cool, so thanks to everyone who has sent a prompt my way!  I can’t say I’ll necessarily be prompt with them (heh, get it?) but I’ll do my best.  Con season fast approaches and there may be many nights I’m trying to make a giant dragon tail instead of writing about one.

Speaking of, if anyone is going to be at either Colossal Con in Sandusky or Momo Con in ATL, you should absolutely hit me up and come say hi! My wife and I will be cosplaying our fav gays from Izetta and Dragon Maid and will also be paneling, so PM me if you’re going and wanna talk about nazi-fighting gays or dragon gays n stuff.

Anyway, today we have quite a few! We have 4. “I felt bad so I got up and made you breakfast.” as requested by an anon and @daily-nicotine; 7. “I wasn’t late, a cat tried to kill me and made me late!”; and 8. “You nearly killed me, tell me how that’s not a big deal” also requested by an anon.  Sorry to the self-same anon as I accidentally skipped #5 that was also included in the request until I was already done writing it whoops! 

As always, you can find my Dragon Maid fics and other writing over here.

Kobayashi normally comes home a little bit late.

But today. Today she’s very late. Extremely late. Worryingly late.

She feels terrible. Tohru must be worried by now but the phone is dead and at this point it’s just easier to get home.

She can’t wait to see her, not that she’d quite let on to her, of course. But it’s been a hellish day, and then all of the to-do trying to get home. She expects a certain amount of trouble on the way home. It’s the middle of winter and they get a fair amount of snow here. Its been a  particular icy day today. But this? This was just ridiculous.

She sighs before opening the door. Only she doesn’t get to open it. Because the door disintegrates before she can even touch the knob and she has to hit the ground before she’s obliterated too.

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Walking into your office the next day, you locked the door. After finding various articles about the Renaissance, you had changed course and went back to reading up on psychological findings, by the time you closed your eyes, it was about 5am. So today, you cancelled your sessions and decided to work solely on filing for the higher ups. However, Namjoon had a different idea.

Whistling could be heard on the other side of the door as you continued to scan the various documents that your boss had handed you earlier that week. Hello, boys. You heard Namjoon’s deep voice, then a smacking sound as he walked straight into the door of your office. Hearing a bit of jiggling of the doorknob, you looked up and heard a few explicitives, then a knock. Y/N, I think you accidentally locked the door. Namjoon called through the door, but you just shook your head. She’s in today, right? He asked the guards that stood outside your door, but you didn’t hear them respond. Then you heard footsteps walk away from your office door. Letting out a sigh, you went back to the documents. But not without interruption.

Jimin came to the door and called out. Y/N? Namjoon told me that you needed me. You smacked your hand on the table. He knew that he could get you to open the door if he asked the others too call for you, but instead, you said a silent sorry to Jimin and ignored the younger inmate. Jimin knocked a couple of times, but then quietly left while mumbling. I guess she left for today.

Then Namjoon started to write notes and slide them under the door. I know you’re in there. … Why are you ignoring us? … Y/N, answer the door right now. You continued to ignore the constant bothering, until you heard him huff. Fine, you want to ignore me. He stood up and walked off. Gathering your things as you heard the clock chime, you were ready to leave. Opening the office door, you shrieked. I KNEW YOU WERE HERE! Namjoon yelled and you dropped all of your things.

Jesus Christ! I swear to God, you are the most infuriating patient I have ever had! What is it that you need me for today? You shrilled at him and Namjoon stared, wide eyed back.

I was just wanting to talk. He replied, but your face went red with frustration.

There are six other men that you can talk to, you don’t need to speak to me. You spoke through gritted teeth, but Namjoon shook his head.

You don’t get it. He tsked and you closed your eyes and took a breath.

What is it that I don’t get, Namjoon? Or should I say Mr. Modern Renaissance Man? You rolled your eyes and Namjoon’s ears turned red with embarrassment.

You saw that? He asked and you stared at his with no amusement on your face.

You wanted me to see it. Why else would you have written the damn note? You replied just for him to look at you with a bit of surprise.

You knew? He asked and you nodded.

What am I, stupid? You wrote your damn initials on the bottom. You scoffed. Oh and the article is wrong about you being a Renaissance man, what you are is a narcissist with severe delusions of grandeur. You stated and Namjoon looked mortified.

You take that back! He stepped forward, which perked your interest. Namjoon was always one to stay completely relaxed. He would beat you up with his words, but your diagnosis made him turn a tad violent.

Interesting. Namjoon, will you come into my office for a moment? You turned around, collecting the files that had splayed on the floor. Namjoon followed like a puppy and you closed the door behind him. Now, why does me calling you a narcissist cause you so much anger? You asked and Namjoon stood there baffled.

NO ONE LIKES BEING CALLED A NARCISSIST! He yelled and you crossed your arms.

Yes, but when you are one, the first step is realizing what you are and trying to fix it. You watched his brain flip and couldn’t help but laugh at the look of speechlessness. I figured it out. You said to yourself and Namjoon looked at you with curiosity. The enlightenment, I figured it out. You repeated and Namjoon looked shocked.

You couldn’t have in a night. He scoffed and you laughed a little.

The Renaissance, a time of enlightenment, you see yourself as a Renaissance man, therefore, you are going to enlightening me. So what is it that you would like to teach? You asked him and Namjoon shook his head.

No, Renaissance is a time for REBIRTH! It is literally from the French word ‘to be reborn.’ He put his head in his hands and you chuckled a little.

So are you telling me that the way to help those around me is to have my own Renaissance? You asked and Namjoon looked up at you.

YES! That’s exactly what I’m saying! He exclaimed with a smile on his face. I realized that you have been struggling with the guys and their results, but I think if we stage our own Renaissance, than it could help them see outside of their issues. He continued and you nodded.

And the best way to do that is to teach them about various things outside of their crimes. Such as art, literature, and so on. Wow, Namjoon, that’s a pretty interesting plan. You looked at him with a shocked expression.

Seriously, Y/N, don’t treat me like a child. I know I’m smart. He said and you threw your hands up.

I tried to give you a compliment and there you go being a narcissist. You muttered and Namjoon’s eyebrows scrunched together.

Watch it. He pointed his finger and you rolled your eyes. Looking at your watch you realized that the time had flown and you needed to leave before you missed the last train back to the city.

Namjoon, you will have first session tomorrow, that way we can talk about some things. I might be able to write a publication about this. This might change the way people handle criminals and patients alike. You told him with a smile and he nodded.

Namjoon watched as you left the house. A part of him was happy to see you so ecstatic, but it hurt him as well. Going to his room, he texted a superior. Stage one complete. She is like putty in my hands. He sent the text and put his phone down. He didn’t want to hurt you, he had grown to like you, but he needed to get out of here more.

Twelve Thirty || Soulmate!Joshua || Oneshot

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GENRE: angst (happy ending), some Jihan, some Jeongcheol, soulmate!au, non-famous, trains

WORDS: 1440

BLURB: I will always be here for you, no matter how alone you feel.

A/N: Happy 1M on ‘아주 NICE’~ Welcome a new and beautiful era!

Today was supposed to be a good day.

Joshua was supposed to be snuggling in watching movies with Jeonghan right now and making plans for the future. It didn’t matter that they weren’t soulmates. They liked each other and had been friends for the longest time now – it only felt natural for them to want to be together. Jeonghan always said, “If we ever do find our soulmates, we’ll figure it somehow. We’ll stay together, I promise.”

He promised.

But when Joshua stepped into Jeonghan’s apartment that night, he found his friend holding on to another man, kissing another set off lips. Smiling lovingly into another set of eyes. He felt his heart break in two.

The other man stood up abruptly when he saw Joshua standing there. Jeonghan’s eyes widened. He stood up. “O-oh, Jisoo. I forgot you were coming…”

Joshua’s eyes fixed onto a spot right behind the two of them, willing the tears to pause, just for a few minutes.

“Jisoo, uh, this is Seungcheol.” Jeonghan continued nervously. “He’s my…”

“We’re soulmates,” Seungcheol finished, grabbing Jeonghan’s hand.

Jeonghan looked up at Joshua apologetically, the words forming on his lips. I’m sorry, he mouthed. Joshua felt a lump built in his throat. He forced himself to keep calm.

“C-congratulations,” he managed to croak. “I’m happy for you.”

Then he fled out of there without a second glance.

He didn’t care that tears were streaming down his face and people were watching. He didn’t care either that he was heading onto the wrong subway, going in the complete opposite direction. He just needed to get away away away.

It felt like something was eating him up inside. The aching in his chest, the pain in his stomach as if someone had socked him in the gut. It bent him over and he couldn’t think. He felt embarrassed and stupid; as if ten years of friendship and caring for each other could overwrite the bond of two half-souls finally coming together.


Joshua let himself get carried away by the stream of people into a waiting train that smelt like sweat and disappointment. He was pushed to the centre of the car and he faced the window, grabbing on to an overhanging handlebar. It was unusually packed for a late-night train. Then Joshua remembered today was a public holiday and the trains would end service earlier than usual for maintenance.

Great. Another holiday he would never celebrate again.

Joshua had been let down so many times in the past he wondered if it will ever stop. It had taken him years to trust and open up to Jeonghan, each time deathly afraid the boy would get tired off him and leave him. But he never did and Joshua slowly started to believe that Jeonghan would remain a constant in his life. A bitter feeling flooded his mouth.

Now today, that too was a lie.

The train slowly started to pull out of the station and drowning in the chatter of all the people around him, Joshua had never felt more alone in his life.

Did Jeonghan see Seungcheol’s eyes flash gold and knew immediately he wanted to be with that man forever? Did they keep staring at each other until the colour faded, knowing full well that they were soulmates? Had Jeonghan even thought about him at all?

He shook his head and stared out the window, trying to clear his mind. There was nothing but darkness for a while. The train pulled up into the next station where another train was already parked, disgorging passengers on the opposite platform.

You were on that train.

The two trains lined up perfectly. You two lined up perfectly.


A flash of gold as your eyes met.

He froze. You froze. Nothing but those pair of golden eyes tethering the both of you to this Earth. Joshua’s heart beat wildly in his chest. This is it.

He had found his soulmate.

Finally, you two thought together at the same time, but there was no telling whether either of you had realized it.

Suddenly your train was pulling away in the opposite direction and he was losing you and the relief he felt was replaced by shock and fear. His eyes widened in horror. He pushed through the crowded car, trying to escape onto the platform but the doors were already closing then his train moved out of the station too.

Joshua slammed the door, shouting in frustration.

People stared but he couldn’t bring himself to care. You had been right there. Right time, wrong train. There’s always something wrong. He punched the door again.

No. He would not lose you.

He got off at the next stop and practically ran through the station to get to the opposite platform. He might even have crossed the tracks in his impatience if common sense hadn’t stopped him. He didn’t want to miss the last train back. The last train back to you.

When he got to the other station – the one where you two had just found each other – he ran through the crowds searching out for your face in desperation, hoping, hoping that you had done the same and came back too, wanting – no needing – to find him the way he needed to find you.

God he needed you so much.

But as the crowds dispersed, the probability of you searching for him became less and less. People filed out of the station until there was no one left at all. He checked the time: 12:30AM.

That had been the last train. If you weren’t on it that means you weren’t coming.

Exhausted, Joshua sat sunk onto one of the benches dejectedly, feeling tears gather in the corner of his eyes. He just sat there, letting the tears fall. For the second time that day he felt his heart break in two.

Would he ever feel love?

He didn’t know how long he sat there.

He only noticed when a pair of arms circled around his waist, a warm soft head resting on his back. The sob stuck in his throat. The touch felt so good, so right.

“Please don’t cry,” you murmured softly, feeling him relax beneath you, “I can’t bear to see you hurt.”

He turned around slowly and you could see the tears in his eyes. A single drop fell down his cheek and you wiped it away. You looked into his eyes and like before, they flashed a bright gold, before slowly subsiding into soft brown irises set in two beautiful cat-like eyes.

“Hello,” you whispered, smiling softly.

“You came,” he gasped, sounding shocked.

“Of course I came. I couldn’t wait to see you.”

He ran a hand through your hair like he needed proof you were there. Then he frowned, tilting his head. “Why… Why are you panting so hard?”

You grinned sheepishly. “Because my heart’s beating really fast now, looking at you.” He chuckled softly, still playing with your hair. “And also because I ran here. I missed the last train and I was afraid you would leave.”

He dropped his hand guiltily. “I almost did.”

“But something made you stay.” You lifted his hand and let it cup your cheek, leaning into it gently. In response, he stroked your jaw and leaned in closer to you. Your hands found their way onto the curve of his shoulders.

“It’s nice to meet you,” he whispered.

“It’s nice to meet you too.”

He licked his lips. The gap between you closed up.

“I know we’ve only just met but I need to do this,” he said before leaning down and kissing you. It was soft and gentle at first, but then he pressed harder, rougher, asking for more, and you wondered who the hell hurt him this way and why why why would they do such a thing to such a beautiful creature.

Somehow you ended up back against the wall and Joshua was panting hard over you. He hadn’t told you his name – you just knew.

“I won’t hurt you like that,” you promised, tugging on his hair, “Are you listening to me? I won’t ever hurt you like that.”

He nodded, panting raggedly. He was crying again but in relief this time because he had finally found the one he was waiting for – the one he needed.

It was you. Always had been and always will be you.

You ran your hands down his neck and he curved back, responding to your touch. You started massaging his gently shoulders and he began to relax, hands dropping from the wall. Slowly, a soft smiled formed on his lips and his eyes curled up into pretty half-moons.

“You okay now… Joshua?” you tested.

“All better, thanks to you… Y/N.”


46. Phil x Reader

Heya! I loVe your writing! Could you do prompt #46 with Phil my guy? If so, thanks! (:
“I think I’m in love, shit!”

You had just gotten to Phil’s place and you couldn’t be happier. Seeing him was the best pet of the week. The two of you have been seeing each other for about four months with the two of you being officially boyfriend and girlfriend for just under a month. Neither of had dropped the L bomb yet but it was going to happen sooner or later. It was mostly about who would most likely slip up and say it first. It had actually started to become a game for the two of you.

One night, in particular, the both of you were sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket watching some crap tv show that neither of you was truly watching. You were too busy talking about everything and anything. After a particularly funny story, you almost lost control and almost said the big words first. “You’re making me laugh so hard that my sides hurt.” Phil gave a poke the mentioned sides as you giggled a little more.

“At least you didn’t pee your pants!” The both of you laughed more and then sat in the comfortable silence before your phone started to interrupt the comfort. You had set an alarm so you would be able to get home at a decent hour. Unfortunately back when you set it you didn’t expect to want to stay forever. “Do you have to go home?” It was such an Innocent question filled with a deeper meaning. You had felt that maybe the relationship was a bit slow going but you quickly realised that Phil was just over cautious of pushing you too far or making you uncomfortable in any way.

“I really want to stay here forever. But I have to go home otherwise, I will miss the last train.” You looked down feeling a bit sad at the thought of leaving the warmth of Phil into the cold outdoors. Your train of thought was quickly interrupted by Phil pulling up your chin to better look at you.

“I want you to stay forever.” Mere inches away from his mouth it took everything in you not to finish the gap between the two of you. “I will pay for your cab if it means I get even another ten minutes with you.” The responsible you knew you needed to go home. The careless you could care less. You were in deep.

“Would you just kiss me already so I don’t say something stupid like I need to leave.” Phil obliged pushing his lips into yours. It started sweet but ended up in a battle of the both of you wanting to be more dominant.

You were the first to pull away from the kiss so you could take in a few deep breaths. “I think I’m in love. Shit!” Phil laughed into your lips as he pressed multiple soft quick kisses to your lips.

“I’m so glad you were the first one to break. Dan was sure I would be the first one.” Slapping Phil in the chest you pushed into another kiss. Letting your eyes close at the enjoyment as Phil mumbled “love you’s” into the kisses.

Completed Prompts


so a bunch of jojos walked into jujo bar monday night INTO (OVER) HEAVEN, i’ve captioned the individual pics to contain my screaming 

it really is a heartfelt shrine to jojo and an enduring act of pure love and dedication.. so much for ‘2 hours should be enough right’ lmao we were there til fear of missing the last train chased us out. loved the bar, love my jojodachi, love and bless DOR-san the incredibly dedicated owner, LOVE JOJO, HAIL ARAKI SENSEI MAY HE LIVE FOREVER 

Neuer out for eight weeks, confirms Rummenigge

Bayern Munich will have to make do without the services of Manuel Neuer for the remainder of the 2016-17 campaign, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has confirmed.

The Germany goalkeeper suffered a fractured foot when Cristiano Ronaldo completed his hat-trick in extra time of Tuesday’s 4-2 Champions League defeat at the hands of Real Madrid.

Bayern already announced an initial diagnosis on Tuesday and Rummenigge has now revealed the 31-year-old will be out of action for an estimated two months.

“Neuer has suffered a serious injury,” the Bayern chairman told reporters.

“He will be out of action for eight weeks.”

Neuer had only recently returned from foot surgery in the first leg against Madrid, having missed three Bundesliga fixtures following a training incident last month.

His latest injury means Neuer will be unavailable for Bayern’s remaining five Bundesliga games as they defend an eight-point lead over second-placed RB Leipzig, while he will also miss next week’s DFB-Pokal semi-final against Borussia Dortmund.

Neuer’s absence will probably see Sven Ulreich return to the starting XI, with the 28-year-old also deputising for the former Schalke shot-stopper during his previous injury problem.