missing teens

God I never thought I would ever have to do this. This is my 16 year old cousin, Kimberly Pedre. She has been missing since Wednesday night, 2/4/15. She has brown hair is 4'11". She was last seen at her house near Taunton School in Howell, New Jersey. No one can find her anywhere. Police were notified. If anyone sees her please contact Howell Police Department, or me directly, my tumblr username is be-low-average. Please, reblog, share, forward, etc. this post. Spread her face around. Our family is very distraught. Thank you.

This is my friends brother, Connor. He went missing from Albany on Wednesday. I thought sharing this to tumblr might help bring him home. Please reblog this, and If you live in New York please keep Connors face in mind

Again please signal boost this and help bring Connor home
This is the link to the page that I screen shotted

❗️UPDATE ❗️ Anna Smith was found September 13th, 2014 While sharing these posts and putting word out did not help us save her, please continue to share missing persons. Putting the word out in any way you can is vital in cases of missing persons. You never know who may see your post at the right time. I want to thank everyone who shared this post and I hope that we all can remember our beloved and crazy Anna 🌻

Anna Smith has been missing since Tuesday September 2nd. She was last seen at her dorm at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. If you have seen or have any income toon please call Campus Police at 828-262-2150!

Anna, if you’re out there, we are all going crazy! Please just come home. We miss and we don’t want anything to happen to you. Please come home beautiful.


Guys, especially to those in New England, please keep an eye out for this girl.  Her name is Elizabeth Marriott.  She also goes by Lizzi.  She was last seen and heard from on Tuesday, October 9th. I was with a friend who was texting her all weekend, and now she is missing.  

She is about 5’5” and has light brown hair.  She is a sophomore at UNH.  For more information, please click the link below and spread the word.  If you have any information, please call Chester police at             603-887-2080      


Never thought I’d have to post something like this, but…


The girl on the left is a sophomore in my Spanish class, and her and her boyfriend have been missing since January 2nd.

It’s entirely possible that they ran away together, but no one knows why. Their safety is extremely important to their family, friends, and peers, so please pass this around and keep them in your thoughts.

Hey everyone I have something really important!! 

These 2 girls from my school, Saylor and Tina went missing on Friday afternoon. They told their parents they were going to each other’s houses after the light up our town does. It is likely they hitch hiked or took buses.The RCMP last traced their phone’s to Burnaby, BC earlier this evening. 

If anyone has seen these 2 girls please contact me or the police or post on this Facebook page 

Please reblog this and keep an eye out if you live anywhere in the Vancouver general area! 

I don’t know these girls personally, but I’ve known Tina’s brother since elementary school and Saylor’s sister is in my grade too. Their families are very worried so please look out for them and spread this picture around