missing stories

Two years ago I thought my future disappeared with you, but today you begged for my dreams to become yours again. I never would’ve thought that my goals would be bigger now and that I’d be the one breaking your heart.
—  g.e.

I went shopping for some merch the other day 

yes, I love garrus and wrex

and at this point I’m convinced they’re my lucky charms because

- when I applied for a job I hugged my garrus figure for luck
–> a few days later I got the job

- I played mass effect out of boredom when suddenly wrex glitched and just lay on the ground and in that exact moment I got a message from the person who previously owned the garrus url and told me I can have the url now 

- I ordered all of that stuff above a while ago, but I got both, the garrus and wrex charms today, on my birthday

coincidence? I don’t think so. illuminati confirmed

@ambiguousrambles replied to your post “*sees a dog do anything* *loses my fuckin shit*”

My pup was making weird thumping noises earlier. I asked her what she was doing, and she came over to me with her ears down and tail tucked, acting all weird. Apparently she had killed a wasp by the front door. She jumped up in my lap and started licking the hell out of me bc I told her she was okay and a good girl and wasn’t in trouble. Dogs are great.

(my legit reaction btw) AWWWWWWW OMG SO CUTE??? DOGS ARE AMAZING?????

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL get a load of this

so my boss fricked the phone she’s using at work while trying to remove a call forwarding and she asked ME to fix it. long story short, I tried to fix it for like 2 or 3 hours until it was way past my home time but I couldn’t do it. so SHE said to ME “it’s ok, you can go home”

then today the accounting lady told me that my boss told HER “it’s so rude that she just left without fixing my phone” like BINCH first of all my job is NOT fixing your shitty phone, I’m a graphic designer, and second of all how dare she tell me THIS and tell another person THAT I swear to god this bullshit is gonna be the end of me

What if someone who is so constant suddenly disappears out of your life? Maybe that’s why, I don’t like getting attached. I don’t like the idea of giving someone the power to destroy my heart by choosing to walk away. I want to guard my heart. I want to save myself.

They say if you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, it’s yours.

Well I’ve been coming back to you every single time, but you still insist on letting me go.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #28 // @loveactivist
I miss you. I won’t admit that to your face, or over text, but right now my heart feels like it’s shattering over and over again and I just want you right now.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#60)

Don’t ever fall in love with someone that cannot be yours. I promise you, it’s better that way.

Because if you do, it’ll consume you, devour you to the point where you can’t breathe.

It’s heartbreaking, knowing that person will never belong to you.

But what hurts the most is…

Watching them love someone else that isn’t you.

—  S.V//@Sempiternal.poet on Instagram
Quote from an unwritten story that needs to be written soon.

‘What is it like to be in love?’

'It’s like being lost at sea for decades, when no one has come out looking for you, but suddenly someone showed up in the similar life raft as you.

And even though, you still may be lost at sea. You feel like you’ve finally come home.“

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #30 // @loveactivist
I miss you, I don’t have a best friend anymore, sure I have close friends, but no one is there like we were for each other. I hope you miss me too.
—  give me a call

“The bromance. The captivating couple”

Dong Wook. It was so nice working with you.I hope we can work in another drama again. I miss you.
- Mr Goblin, Gong Yoo hyung. We had beautiful days. I wasn’t lonely, thanks to you. If we could work together again. I think we can have more fun.