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Title: Sunsets

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Could you write and imagine where peter and the reader have gone into nyc & its later in the day and they go for a coffee date and then walk around central park as the sun starts to set? just something totally fluffy lmao thank you :)

Word count: 860

A/N: All i can say is FLUFF!!!

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“Peter hurry or we’ll miss espresso happy hour!” You shout making your way into the small apartment you always find yourself in after school.

Today Peter promised to take you to your favorite coffee shop down in the Central Park area, Birch Coffee “okay okay, let’s go.” Your adorable boyfriend laughed as he walked out of his room and to the kitchen where you were waiting.

“Finally! Let’s go.” You slip your school bag back onto your shoulders and head out the door of the small apartment.

“Hi, can i get a double shot espresso with a pump of vanilla flavoring and my boyfriend here will have the same.” you smile at the cashier while she rings you up. “Alright your total is $8.75.” you handed her a ten dollar bill Peter had pulled out of his wallet for you.

“You didn’t have to pay.” you blatantly speak to Peter as you grab your change from the cashier and make your way over to the usual spot the two of you sit at. In the corner of the room right next to a window that has the best view of the park.

“It’s the least i could do for my girlfriend.” Peter lightly grabs your hand kissing your knuckles causing a bright pink shade to spread across your face. “So whats on the agenda for tonight?” you ask while you and peter set your bags down on the ground next to your chairs.

“Well first,” Peter motioned at the inside of the coffee shop “Coffee and studying for that Spanish test tomorrow and then I know you love watching the sun set on the hill by the cotton candy vendor sooo,” Peters eyes made contact with yours “I brought a blanket and some snacks.”

You gasped loudly earning a big smile to come across your boyfriends face “I can’t believe-Yes oh my- yes peter!” Peter let out a small chuckle before you could continue you heard your order being called, “I’ll get it, you get your books out and start on Spanish.” you’ve always wanted to have a cute study type picnic in the park ever since you were young and saw it in all the romantic chickflicks  and now you had the best boyfriend ever to do it with.

“I can’t believe you’re actually letting me have my movie picnic with you.” A blush crept onto Peters face as he set your drinks down on the table. “Well of course, anything for the best girlfriend a guy could have.”

You quickly set your books on the table and grabbed your Spanish sheets from your binder, “Okay, lets get started.” you took a sip from your coffee before beginning.

“Right here is perfect Peter.” you sigh, your boyfriend has been obsessing over trying to find the best spot but for you. “I really don’t care where we sit, as long as I’m next to you I’m okay.” you smiled seeing Peter finally set his bag down and pull out the blanket he talked about.

“I just want this to be perfect for you.” He laid the blanket out over the grass. You took your flip-flops off and plopped down on the blanket pulling Peter down with you. “We made at the perfect time.” You whispered as Peter snaked his arm around your waist pulling you closer to him “Yes we did.” you smiled looking over at him to see that he was already staring you, “Peter the view is over there.” You pointed out towards the setting sun, “My view is right here.” Peter leaned closer to you and gave you a quick kiss on the cheek before getting up.

“Wait where are you going?” You stick out your bottom lip slightly “I’m gonna go grab some cotton candy really fast.” you watched your boyfriend jog over to the little cotton candy stand and place his order, Peter always loved watching the cotton candy getting made while you just sat there with your mouth watering at the sight of it.

You turned your attention back to the setting sun, this was defiantly better than studying at home.

“Here you are M'lady.” Peter waved the cotton candy in front of your face “Oh why thank you, good sir.” you played along as you plucked a small piece from the giant mass of candy. “I’m glad we came here.” you happily sighed leaning your head on Peters shoulder “Me too, Y/N.” you felt his hand trace circles on your arm, causing you to snuggle in closer to the boy you felt so lucky to call yours.

“I never want to leave this moment.” Peter whispered into your hair before giving you a gentle kiss on your forehead. “Me either.” popped another piece of cotton candy in your mouth.

“Thank you for being the best boyfriend ever. I’m so happy I get to call you mine.” you looked up at Peter to see him smiling down at you with the kindest eyes, he leaned down giving your lips a quick peck and in that moment you decided that you could never let Peter go, he was the one and you never wanted to leave his side.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you had any book recommendations written by Indian lesbians? I wanted to get a book or two for my gf's birthday

The ones I know of are 

  • Babyji by Abha Dawesar
  • My Story by Kamala Das, 
  • Facing the Mirror: Lesbian Writing from India by Ashwini Sukthankar
  • The Paths of Marriage by Mala Kumar
  • Goja: An Autobiographical Myth by Suniti Namjoshi
  • Stealing Nasreen by Farazana Doctor

Ones that I know of but am not sure of the orientation of the atuhor:

  • Kari by Amruta Patil (graphic novel)
  • The story “The Quilt” by Ismat Chughtai, included in several anthologies, first published in 1941(!)

I’ve read and really enjoyed Miss Timmins’ School for Girls by Nayana Currimbhoy, a bisexual book set in India by an Indian author, but the author isn’t a lesbian.

Hope that helps!