missing puzzle piece

Daddy thinking about being super passionate and gentle with his princess, Slowly making love while kissing and giving each other love bites. Our bodies stuck together like glue, Your legs wrapped tightly around my waist, Your finger nails gliding down my back leaving marks, Your warm breath coming out against my neck or into my mouth with every moan you let out, Pulling my head back from a kiss while softly biting on your lower lip before looking into your eyes, Stopping while all the way inside you to feel like we’re one as I softly kiss your neck up to your ear and whisper “I love you”. I want to make love to you, Princess. I want us to feel so close that it feels as if we were one human being, two puzzle pieces finally connecting. I want it to be slow and leave us sweaty and both completely out of breath to fall asleep in each other’s arms. I want to wake up the morning after in the messy clumped up sheets with your head on my chest and kiss you good morning. I want us to slowly wake up together while kissing in bed and probably make love again with the early morning sunlight peeking through the curtains and glistening on your soft skin. Slowly get up and with only underwear on go make some breakfast together, my loose shirt on you with only panties on underneath looking as happy as a kitten rolling around in catnip. Running your hand through your messy hair and smiling at me constantly. Picking you up as you wrap your legs around my waist to kiss you while our breakfast is cooking. Smiling like idiots while looking into each others eyes because we’re both just as happy as we could be on a Saturday morning. Time stopping as we hold each other and kiss, trapped in the beautifuly perfect moment.
—  Daddy to his little princess youngbabygirlprincess01
Missing Puzzle Piece || Open to anyone

“I’ll tell you why we need to stop the arguing.” Dany pull him by his arm. “Look at me.” She snapped, finally getting his attention. “Instead of leaving for the night, coming back and smelling of alcohol and perfume… Covered with lipstick stains on your neck… Stay for your unborn child.”


I don’t need you to complete me. I am not a picture that is missing a puzzle piece to be completed. I am whole and I can complete myself. You are there as a picture frame, to compliment my whole and lift me higher. Do you understand? I am okay without you, but everything is just better with you there.

-I don’t need you but I want you.


You know how everybody is always looking for the missing puzzle piece to life? Well I’ve finally found it.. You’re what’s been missing. You’re the puzzle piece that completes my life.
—  The things she says to me..