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Missing Girl: Please Spread!

15 y.o. Katherine Rodriguez Navarrete has been missing since 8/16/2014 - Katherine was last seen wearing a blue and gray North Face jacket, black leggings, and blue, white, and gray Nike shoes. Authorities suspect she may be in Fairfax, VA.

Katherine is currently being classified as a runaway.

If you have any information please contact:

Det. Michael Croson at 571-237-4987 or Michael.Croson@herndon-va.gov

If I am missing any information or if there is something that I need to add, please message me and I’ll amend as follows.

Nearly One Year Later: Missing 18 month old Joshua Davis Jr. (TX) | Black and Missing but Not Forgotten


Described at the time as 2-feet tall, weighing 30-pounds, the 18-month old was last seen wearing a blue and red long sleeve shirt, with a grey long sleeve t-shirt, a beige and white onesy, jeans, and black and white socks.

If you have any information that could be helpful to the investigation of his disappearance call New Braunfels Police directly at 221-4100 or call Crimestoppers anonymously at 620-TIPS.


Autistic 20 year old missing

Mpenzi Tchashenyi was reported missing. Mpenzi is non-verbal, has been known to walk into traffic and functions at the level of a 5 year old.   The police are concerned about the well being of Mpenzi.

He’s black, 5-feet-2, about 110 pounds, with a shaved head and brown eyes.

He was last seen wearing a green jacket over a yellow shirt, brown pants and black leather shoes 

Anyone with information about Mpenzi or his whereabouts, are asked to contact the Hamilton Police Service Division One Staff Sergeants at 905-546-4725 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


This girl went missing around the MINNEAPOLIS AREA IN MINNESOTA. I have no relation to this but I just wanted to make sure everyone is on the look out. Just saw this on the bus stop. Please help look out and BOOST!! She and her dog went missing. No details are given, just that her name is Alex and she’s 16 years old. Please boost this please.

I remember SNL or some shitty skit show did a skit about All in the Family and the joke was ‘Archie can’t say any offensive things in present day because the world is ‘too’ PC now’

And I’m just like, that literally what All in the Family was about. Archie would say and think dumb shit and people would tell him that his opinions was shit. Like you made a ‘joke’ basically on what the premise of the show was.

anonymous asked:

U like light features more tho. Lets be honest :/

*sighhhh* I can’t even begin to tell you how inconceivably wrong you are. Some of the most glorious women I have ever had the privilege of laying eyes upon are dark skinned and not only beautiful but smart and talented too.

To give you just a few examples. Susan Heyward, Danai Gurira, Deshauna Barber and of course the queen of the high fashion runway. 

Danai is 38!!! i know my wrinkly ass won’t look as good as her at 38, Deshauna just became Miss USA 2016, Susan Heyward plays a character in the PlayStation Network’s first scripted original program powers, and Naomi Campbell was the first black model to appear on the cover of french vogue.

Do I like light features more than dark features? No. Do I like dark features more than light features? Also no. Should I have to explain this to an anonymous and quite frankly irrelevant stranger???? yup you guessed it, nope.

I honestly don’t know where to start with this but I’m gonna give my best review on this episode because it’s been a mess
• OK first of all brostavo can go fucking choke I don’t know who she is is she new?
• I miss Jake Fitzgerald📢📢📢📢📢
• Gustavo can choke for putting is crusty ass lips on Brooke
• yaaaas @ haley dyin
• Quinn Maddox can choke
• tag yourself im piper’s rotting body
• I miss Jake Fitzgerald 📢📢📢📢
• Jake just died like a week or two ago and Brooke is really gonna try to jump on stavo’s dick?
• the zoah sex scene was so fuckin funny • brostavo can choke idk her
• Did i mention i miss my beautiful poc son jacob fitzgerald 📢📢📢

I miss Dark Angel. Does anyone remember that show? Jessica Alba, Michael Weatherly, a young Jensen Ackles in the second season?

You’ve got a young woman of color as your main hero, an action hero no less, who isn’t sexualized but who is confident in her own sexiness. She lives in poverty, her best friend is a black lesbian, she works a menial job, and her main love interest is a disabled man who uses his wealth to fight back against the corrupt system.

She’s kind and tries to see the best in people, even occasionally the people who want to kill her. She doesn’t discriminate, she doesn’t hate on people because they’re different because she understands being different. She fights for the underdog but she doesn’t want to be a superhero, she just wants to live a normal life and she thinks that anyone who is different should be allowed to live their lives just as easily and happily.

Not to mention that she’s really fucking smart and a damn badass. But she doesn’t always win. Sometimes she loses and she loses bad and it affects her like it would affect anyone but she still gets herself back up and powers on.

Why did this show get canceled again? It was back in, like, 2003 or 2004, so I wasn’t really aware of how things worked in TV-Ville then, but I liked this show! Bring this show back!