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Missing Persons Shrine

A man walking through he woods in Long Island found what he thought to be a murderer’s shrine. There were dozens of missing persons flyers posted on trees from actual missing persons cases all across the country.

The man, James Rankin, started recording a video of what he found.
“I might die,” Rankin warns his audience. “What the f–k is going on in here?”

He contacted the police and the police told him that they were Halloween decorations set up by someone living nearby. Rankin refuses to believe that and says the conditions seem to suggest that this has been there for months.

Rankin said the detective he spoke to watched the videos, and agree that the situation is “creepy, if not suspicious,” and that authorities would be investigating.

VIDEO PT 2 (returning to woods)

It’s Barbour, actually (unfortunately he’s one of my older brothers, and no one ever fucking listens to me when I tell them he’s an abuser and predator /SIGHS), and yo if you live in Alaska (especially the Kenai peninsula area) would you keep and eye out for him and Rikki?? Please, I am begging. She only recently turned fifteen and no one deserves the type of abuse Ethan is capable and willing to dish out

Call the troopers immediately if you see them, but don’t engage at all. Ethan has violent tendencies and was recently charged with domestic violence

If you don’t live in Alaska, please reblog anyway, and if you have any questions about him, hmu in my ask box

This is on the state police feed and I’m freaking out because this is only seeming to get worse and worse the longer it goes on but please please please share this.

I know that sharing a picture on a random webpage on the internet isn’t going to immediately help but it might do something. It might reach someone who knows something.

I really want my cousin to be found safe and to come home.

50 years ago in Adelaide, Australia, Jane, Arnna and Grant Beaumont took the 5 minute bus ride for a morning at the beach.  Aged just 9, 7 and 4, the 3 young siblings were never seen again.  Several witnesses had seen the children at the beach, with some noting the presence of a tall, blond man, who at one pointed joined the Beaumonts to play with them.  Jane, the eldest child, later bought some food from a nearby shop with a £1 note, despite having only left the house with enough money for the bus fare.  Stranger still, during the investigation, the children’s mother mentioned Arnna telling her that Jane had ‘got a boyfriend down at the beach’.  Thinking the 7-year-old simply meant a playmate, Mrs Beaumont had taken no notice.  After vast media attention, paranormal investigations, and even letters offering the children’s safe return (these later turned out to be a teenage prank), no trace of the Beaumonts or any of their belongings has ever been found.

Their disappearance is considered a pivotal event in Australian history, credited with changing the way parents monitored their families, and altering the perception of the local community as a safe and secure place for kids.  Now aged 88 and 90, the Beaumont’s parents will likely die never knowing what became of their 3 young children.


Maura Murray, a 21-year-old nursing student from new Hampshire, crashed her car on Route 112 in February of 2004, and has never been seen since.  On the day of her disappearance, Murray had emailed professors at her university to inform them that she would be taking the week off due to a family emergency, although it later transpired that no such emergency had taken place.  Early that evening, after withdrawing money from her bank account and buying alcohol at a nearby liquor store, Murray crashed her car into a tree.  A bus driver approached her to ask if she needed any help, but she told him not to inform the police and assured him that she had already called AAA, although there is no record of any such call being made.  When police arrived at the scene around 45 minutes later, Murray was nowhere to be found.

In the 12 years since, few leads have been found as to Murray’s whereabouts, despite the involvement of the FBI and extensive searches of both ground and air.  The day before the 8th anniversary of her disappearance, a video was uploaded to YouTube by user ‘112dirtbag’, of a sinister looking man laughing maniacally into the camera for just over a minute.  The final frame of the bizarre video simply reads ‘Happy Anniversary’. Another video from the same user shows a ticket for a nearby ski resort dated 2 days after Murray’s disappearance.  Murray’s father had publicly theorised that she had probably been kidnapped by ‘some dirtbag on Route 112’.  Despite being called in for questioning, there was no evidence to arrest the man in question, and Murray’s whereabouts remain a mystery.