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Ben McDaniel’s parents believe two things: That their 30-year-old son dived into an underwater cave in Vortex Springs in Florida on the 18th of August, 2010. And that he is dead. What happened in between those two events has completely turned their life upside down.

Ben was an avid diver; his parents lived just a short distance from Vortex Springs and he was there weekly. While he frequented the spring, he never received sufficient training and wasn’t experienced. The spring consists of of a 200ft basin which leads to an underground cave system. At the entrance to the grace is an ominous sign, warning divers that continuing past that point could be dangerous. In the 1990s, 13 divers perished in the cave.

On the 20th of August, it was noticed that Ben’s car was still in the parking lot where it had remained for two days. Witnesses came forward to say they had encountered Ben on the evening of the 18th of August. He was descending down into the cave. He reached the lock gate which is only opened for experienced divers and tried to give the gate open. Eduardo Taran, an experienced diver who worked at the springs, witnessed this and opened the gate for him. This was the last time he was ever seen.

The spring was closed while his disappearance was investigated. There was no sign of a struggle at his car and his belongings say untouched. Over the forthcoming years, police and experienced divers alike have searched every nook and cranny of the cave system. Many divers are adamant that Ben isn’t inside the cave. Some theorise that he was murdered while others theorise he faked his own death. His family, however, are sure that he is dead and that his body still remains submerged. Nevertheless, his body has never been found.

On the 20th of April, 1989, 37 year old Patricia Meehan vanished after a car accident on Montana Highway 200. Investigators initially suspected Meehan had caused the collision and had fled out of fear, but a darker theory suggests that she suffered from amnesia as a result of head trauma and is still alive, not knowing who she is. There have been over 5,000 alleged sightings of Meehan, several of which were actually confirmed by police, but none of which led to her discovery. Weeks after the incident, a police officer reported that he saw Meehan sitting in a restaurant booth drinking water for five hours. When he approached the woman, she appeared disorientated and claimed she was not missing, and was in fact from Colorado. She then claimed she was from Israel. A similar sighting was reported days later; A diner waitress contacted police after she served a woman resembling Meehan coffee for 11 hours (from 12 a.m to 11 a.m). Employees asked if she was alright, but the mystery woman smiled and shook her head. With such an unusual set of events, it is unlikely that this case will ever be solved.

New Wave Diner

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The menu:

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Missing Persons Shrine

A man walking through he woods in Long Island found what he thought to be a murderer’s shrine. There were dozens of missing persons flyers posted on trees from actual missing persons cases all across the country.

The man, James Rankin, started recording a video of what he found.
“I might die,” Rankin warns his audience. “What the f–k is going on in here?”

He contacted the police and the police told him that they were Halloween decorations set up by someone living nearby. Rankin refuses to believe that and says the conditions seem to suggest that this has been there for months.

Rankin said the detective he spoke to watched the videos, and agree that the situation is “creepy, if not suspicious,” and that authorities would be investigating.

VIDEO PT 2 (returning to woods)

Missing Person - Richie Anderson

Richie Anderson from my home country is missing in America and his family are becoming increasingly worried. He had been living out in America and his family haven’t heard from him for two months. None of his friends over here have heard from him either and none of his friends in America have heard from him. He was reportedly last seen in the Oakland/San Francisco area in California.

If you have any information, please contact 702-881-8051 or haveyouseenrichie@gmail.com.

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On the 20th of April 1989 Patricia Meehan was witnessed driving down the wrong side of the road on a highway in Montana. She was seen by Peggy Bueller and her father, who quickly swerved onto the shoulder to avoid a head on collision but Meehan still managed to crash into the car behind. The car was driven by an off duty police officer who escaped the wreck unscathed. When she emerged from the wreck she noticed that a blonde woman had left the other car and was staring at her as if she was ‘looking straight through’ her. This woman was Patricia Meehan, who proceeded to climb over a fence and stand motionless, watching the wreck from the side of the road. Eventually she retreated into an empty field and vanished.

This was the last confirmed time Meehan was seen alive, and she has been missing ever since. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are bizarre, her landlord described her behaviour around this time as strange, and that she ‘seemed hyper’. One of the theories for her unusual behaviour at the scene of the crash is that she may have sustained amnesia and forgotten where she was - although this does not account for why she was driving down the wrong side of the road. 

There were over 5000 reported sitings of Meehan following her disappearance, and an extensive search was conducted. In spite of this Meehan has been missing for over 28 years.

The small village of Bennington, Vermont, is an unlikely scene for a missing person mystery. Nevertheless, between 1945 and 1950, five people inexplicably vanished. The disappearances involves a variety of victims including an 8-year-old and a 74-year-old. Arguably, one of the most infamous missing person from the area was Paula Jean Welden; her disappearance led to the formation of the Vermont State Police.

18-year-old Paula was an art student at Bennington College. On the afternoon of the 1st of December, 1946, Paula told a friend she was going for a stroll along the “Long Trail” which was a woodland hiking trail. It runs for more than 270 miles until it reaches the Canadian border. The Long Trail was an extremely popular walking spot but Paula hadn’t yet got a chance to check it out. On the aforementioned afternoon, she tried to get some friends to join her; unfortunately, they all declined. Nevertheless, Paula got dressed and made her way to the trail. She didn’t bring a backpack or a change of clothes - she was only going to be gone a short while, she planned. The last time she was ever seen was when she stopped to ask another hiker a few questions about the trail.

When Paula didn’t return home that night when her roommate went to bed, she just assumed that she was out studying. Her nonchalant attitude turned to worry when she woke up the next morning and Paula still hadn’t returned. A search party was assembled and the hikers who had spotted her along the Long Trail came forward after seeing her photograph in the paper. The search party then focused along the Long Trail, assuming she had got lost but to no avail. While there were hundreds of volunteers, the search was hampered due to the fact that there was no statewide law enforcement agency in Vermont.

A suspect came to light when a man who claimed he saw Paula hiking changed his story several times. He was said to have had an argument with his girlfriend before storming off into the Long Trail. He was a suspect once again several years later when he told a couple of people he knew where Paula was buried. He fobbed this off as a joke, though, and no evidence against him could be found. Eventually the case went cold and the whereabouts of Paula still remains unknown. A couple of months after her disappearance, the Vermont State Police was assembled.


In the early morning hours of June 27, 1995, TV news anchor Jodi Huisentruit called in to Mason City, Iowa’s KIMT station to say she overslept and was running late. By 6am, Jodi still hadn’t showed up to work and would no longer answer her phone. Her producer wound up filling in for her role on the Daybreak program, while the station also notified police to check up on her.

When police arrived at her apartment building, they found signs of a struggle near her car in the parking lot. Her car keys, a can of hairspray and one high-heeled shoe were strewn about on the ground. Neighbors told investigators that they heard a scream coming from the area some time after 4am. Another neighbor reported seeing a white van with its lights on parked there around the same time.

Jodi has never been found, and was declared legally dead in 2001. Virtually the only evidence recovered from the scene was an unidentified palm print left on her car. Investigators are still actively working the case and continue to receive tips to this day.

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Call the troopers immediately if you see them, but don’t engage at all. Ethan has violent tendencies and was recently charged with domestic violence

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Hi California (and West Coast) Friends. There is a girl who has run away from her home in the suburbs of LA, which is near me. I have heard of this from some friends and the news. I just reblogged a post about missing persons and have been enlightened as to the concerns that people may have about abusive relatives and whatnot. From what I gather and accounts of those close to her, this seems to be a purely stress related incident. The pressure that comes with being a high-achieving student is often immense and this speaks for her mental health, and though it is possible that her family puts pressure on her, self-pressure and high expectations are just as dangerous. I don’t want this to be a blame game or turn into some joke about the education-driven stereotypes that exist around Asians. I want to help get a girl with no money, no phone, and no contacts home, safe, where she can get the help she deserves. I am sure her family will be grateful. Thanks. 

I’ve seen two missing persons posts in the past week that google hasn’t confirmed for me. No news articles or reports. Both of them past 24 hours missing and still nothing. One of them, when googled, only brought up tumblr reblogs of the post that I was trying to verify.

I think it’s safe to remember that while sharing missing persons posts can be helpful, it is important to verify that the posts are true rather than spreading misinformation or endangering someone’s life (abusers can make these posts to track down their victims).